Gezond eten voor KINDEREN

Gezond eten voor KINDEREN

a very good morning , welcome to a new week vlog Danny wanted to have a carrot , so he is eating it right now oh it is already finished! is it good? a empty bowl what I wanted to show you, is what Danny likes to eat a snack and mostly in the morning already after he has finished his sandwich first some vegetables he really likes carrots , so made some sticks and the cucumber I will cut the same and then add paprika he doesn’t really like tomato , so we don’t do that and trough the day he mostly also eats a banana and an apple but the apple he wants to eat as 1 piece here it already is then he can get it himself but he already took 1 bite of it first eat this.. and when I am finished with cutting then I divide it in the bowls and one for now the carrot is already finished and then a bowl like so , two for tomorrow and the day after then I don’t have to cut it then so that saves time easy the bottom I always give to the guineapig or Danny can also do it do you want to give it to Punky? no.. me.. oh yes look look oke we will look with you look with you to Punky oh he likes that also already a carrot me.. do you want to eat paprika? yes some paprika for Danny come here you go come look inside I will crunch will you crunch? yes, crunch he likes the sound of eating hard foods go ahead and eat come crunch there is still sandwich here crunch crunch nice right mama will also cut some for a sandwich hello kitty that is my melody hello kitty it looks like hello kitty with the bow it is a bit damaged wait a minute eat well Danny mama will cut some more there is a light it sounds a bit strange it works Danny also say something? no, I don’t dare you don’t dare to? oke oh this that makes a lot of noise this yes that used to be from mama lights on? the lights don’t work anymore the lights don’t work anymore it has nothing to do with the batteries I think what does she have in her hands yes it is the camera yes I thought what do you have in your hands is that a camera? yes I can film with it a very small one Danny I think the lights are broken they are very old at one point the lights won’t work anymore those lights.. we can look upstairs, but it is now to cold there oh yes when there is a light we can search upstairs and you know there are lights somewhere yes that is true nowdays people don’t have it anymore but grandpa can all still make it put it inside oh yes yes then it cannot go away the box with Miffy on it yes it is a box with miffy this boy you can be grateful for him hello everyone , we will eat some nice sushi and I just thought that Danny always wants to eat with chopsticks and I had bought these in Japan Danny also wants to look it are special learning chopsticks open it yes we will open it it is with Miffy there are those rings on it then you learn how to hold the chopsticks the right way no no, go away go away?! shall mama show you how you can put your fingers inside in the rings no then you should put your hands I think I had my pinky wrong that there that there and then the ring finger here did it wrong.. should be the middle finger then you can open and close it it is difficult oke, sushi lets see if it works first open then close and then eat good job good right alot yes alot yes I have these chopsticks and she also has these I have a lot of them and I also have a bunch fish eating eating fish have a good meal have a good meal don’t look so angry I don’t look angry, I look difficult don’t look so difficult I don’t look difficult , I look very normal yes well this is what we have especially put the string in the soy sauce.. oh yes that is smart, this string well we have normal salmon sushi that is then Californian roll this is kappamaki with cucumber , avocado and this is a salmon roll with cucumber avocado and egg inside and a bit wasabi and soy sauce glutenfree and with less salt I hope it taste good because I have it new gluten free and less salt? and less salt so that is good for you well, thanks for watching again I hope you liked it do the thumb up if you liked it and become a subscriber if you aren’t yet then I see you next time again, bye bye will you wave? oh bye

4 thoughts on “Gezond eten voor KINDEREN”

  1. ~Wat is de favoriete "gezonde" snack van jouw kindje? Of die van jezelf?

    ~CC button for English subtitles : what is the favorite healthy snack of your child? Or of yourself?

  2. Nu heb ik trek in sushi xD Wellicht zijn banaan stukjes met noten boter wel lekker voor kindjes. Ik vind ze iig wel lekker :p

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