Garden Vegetable Soup – A Fast, Healthy and Delicious Raw Food Recipe

Garden Vegetable Soup – A Fast, Healthy and Delicious Raw Food Recipe

For a portable lunch, I like to
make a garden vegetable soup and a dip or pâté with
cut-up veggie sticks. These foods are a nice
change of pace from salad, and they’re very
easy to take with you. You can put a soup
into a jar and then drink it, and you can put the dip
and the cut-up veggies into small containers and
eat them like finger food. Garden vegetable soups are
also a great way to get more greens into your diet
because you start off with a blender filled with greens and vegetables, but then you blend it down
and it concentrates them. There’s a lot of delicious
soups in my book Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People. Some of my favorites include
cream of zucchini soup, garden vegetable soup, cream of tomato,
cream of cucumber, and gazpacho. But I want to teach you how
to improvise your own soup based on what you might
have in the refrigerator. There are six basic components that go into
any great-tasting blended raw vegetable soup. The first component is some kind
of watery vegetable and/or greens. Watery vegetables
because they blend easily, and those include
tomato, zucchini, celery, also red bell pepper. Romaine lettuce, you
could use, too. Other greens that you could
use are spinach, chard, kale. So watery vegetables
and/or greens. Try not to mix together
too much red and green. One tomato in an otherwise
green soup is going to be fine, but if it’s equal parts red and green, you’re not going to
have such a great color. So keep it mostly red or mostly green. So that’s your first component. Second component is water. We’re going to thin out
our soup a little bit. It’s not a salad dressing, and you don’t
want the flavors to be too concentrated. So second component is water. Third component is
some kind of citrus juice. Lemon, lime, or orange juice is
really going to perk up the flavor. And the fourth component is a salty seasoning. You might use a natural
salt, such as sea salt, and you can also use miso, which
is a fermented soybean paste. And miso gives the soup a nice, deep
flavor similar to stock or bouillon. The fifth component are
any pungent seasonings. Things like fresh herbs,
spices, onions, garlic. You might put a little
curry powder into a soup. So that s a fifth component,
your pungent seasonings. And the final component
is some kind of fat. That’s what’s going to make
the soup really creamy. I like to use avocado in
raw garden vegetable soups because it’s creamy, but it’s light. But you could also use olive
oil or soaked nuts and seeds. So let’s go ahead and put
together a garden vegetable soup based on some of these components. I’m going to use a blender for this soup
to get a nice, creamy consistency. I’ll begin with those watery
vegetables and greens I talked about. First, I’m going to
put some zucchini in. I’ll just coarsely chop this; the
blender will take care of the rest. No need to peel the zucchini. You get a lot of vitamins and
other nutrients right in the peel. I think I’ll add a little bit of celery,
too, another watery vegetable there. I’m going to add a little bit of tomato,
not enough to change the color of the soup. It’s still going to be a green soup, but the tomato will give a nice flavor. I’m not going to remove the seeds. Since this is a blended recipe,
you won’t even notice the seeds. A lot of times, when I’m
making a salad, though, I do go ahead and just remove the
seeds of the tomato with my thumb and fingers because it’s not
always a pleasing texture in a salad. But for a soup, just go ahead
and leave those seeds in. All right. So we got the
vegetables in there. Now some greens. I’m going to put some
spinach into this soup. Kale would also be
delicious, and so would chard. And I’m also going to put
some fresh basil in here. Basil is also a pungent seasoning. It’s a fresh herb, but I’m
using a good bit in this soup. It’s going to function like a leafy
green, in addition to the spinach. And just so I can get things blending, I’ll go ahead and add the second
component now, some water. And now for some of my seasonings. The citrus juice: I’m going to go
ahead and add some lemon juice. For salty seasoning, I’m going to use
both a little bit of natural sea salt and also a little bit of that miso. The kind of miso that I most
like to use is mellow white miso. You can also get red miso, but
it has a little bit of a stronger taste, and I just want it to be
very mild for this soup. And now for the pungent seasonings, a little bit of crushed garlic and a little bit of green onion. Green onions are milder in
flavor than red or yellow onion, so it won’t be too strong. And I like a little bit of spice, so I’ll just put a little
bit of cayenne pepper. Just a little bit. All right, let’s go ahead
and blend those ingredients first before we add our fat. I like to add the fat at the end
because avocadoes, especially, are a little bit delicate and
if you over-blend them, it can adversely affect
the flavor and the color. So we’ll go ahead and get
all of this blended up first. That looks great. It s a
nice, vibrant green color. That’s one thing I love about raw
foods in general is they’re so colorful. So now for the avocado, I’m going to cut
this avocado in half and give it a twist to
separate the halves. And to remove the pit, all you do is
put the bottom portion of your knife plate right into the pit and just give it a little twist. It comes right out. And now I can just scoop that
avocado half right into the blender. That’s nice and easy. And I’ll just go ahead
and blend that again, remembering not to over-blend the avocado
because we don’t want the color to change. We want it to stay that nice,
bright, vibrant green. And we’re done. That’s a lot faster than
cooking a soup, isn’t it? And this is a nice, thick soup. I like it that way. Of course, if you wanted it thinner,
you could just add a little bit of water. And to take it with me for lunch, I’m going to pour this into a jar because that’s easy to transport and
I can just drink it if I’m not in a place where I can sit down
and eat it with a spoon. Take that with me for lunch. And of course, you can also serve it as a
first-course to any lunch or dinner in a bowl. It’s a nice, silky, creamy soup. If you wanted it to
be a little bit chunky, you could go ahead and dice or cut into cubes
some of those vegetables that we blended in, and just add them right to
the bowl for a nice garnish. And here, you ve got a delicious
change of pace from salad: garden vegetable soup.

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  2. @eldrama2 right now it's winter, so can't do the soup..I miss my warm/hot food. In the summer I can do the soups etc..Right now I have included vegan cooked food, like steamed veggies and steamed potatoes. I think I will do like 60% raw and 40% cooked vegan, works for me now. I like shakes, like for breakfast, I make a banana shake with almond milk, very filling. Good luck

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