Hello everyone. Welcome back to day 4 of our Irish Road Trip Adventure. Today we are leaving Galway, heading south to Cork. Along the way we’re going to stop and check out Galway’s famous oyster culture, but before we leave we’re making one last stop here in Galway City. When we travel, we love to check out local designers and get, you know, like a local style for ourselves. So Fall is coming It’s getting a little bit chilly. So we’re going to head over to a place called the Tweed Project, and they’re basically taking traditional Irish tweed, re-imagining it, and coming up with new styles. So we’re going to go over there and check it out Just down this way. Let’s go. Hey, Alex. Nice to meet you. What is the Tweed Project? How did it get started? So…it was a commitment to Irish tweed and Irish linen, and Irish manufacturing and creating a collection that we both admire in a kind of Margaret Holloway, very classic and kind of contemporize the nature of Irish fashion. The only thing that has changed is instead of hand looms, people use electric looms now. It’s still the exact same process that it has been for generations. There is a movement within a certain group of people who are admiring small well produced clothes, ethical fashion, slow fashion. We want to keep it small, you know, a small atelier making beautiful clothes, you know, for life. Well, extremely nice ladies. Cool shop, and probably one of the prettiest houses I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, they were out of the style scarf that we were going for, but no worries, we’re going to be doing some more design content in Dublin. So if we get some style then. For now it’s time to say goodbye to Galway and head down the coast to search for oysters. So we got here. We’re at Moran’s oyster cottage, which is in a 250 year-old thatched house and is the seventh generation of people in the family doing this oyster business. I imagine they do the oyster business right in front of us here. It looks like we’re in a big kind of tidal inlet. It’s called Moran’s on the Weir. So we’re going to eat some lunch, and then go harvesting some oysters ourselves, once the tide drops. Priorities! You are the seventh generation that’s been living and working here, right? That’s correct, yeah It goes back 300 years. It was a pub. It was a house on a moor So Michael, what do we have here today? We have the oysters, of course, right beside me here. I’m really excited to have these the seafood special. This dish it has a little bit of everything: prawns, crab, smoked salmon The brown bread is from the bakery upstairs, baked fresh everyday. Wild clams, garlic crab claws garlic mussels and steamed mussels just done in a white wine. Very simple a little bay leaf, garlic butter, and that’s it. Guys, I’m going to be completely honest oysters are not my favorite food. But, these look really good. I’m going to give it an open mind. Open mind and an open mouth. Exactly Here we go Down the hole. wow That was good, man. Seriously Silence This is some Galway gluttony. I’m loving it. Absolute destruction. Murder Oh my gosh. That was insanity. That was one of the most decadent and delicious seafood feast of my life. So now we’re going to go with Phillip. He’s the manager here. He’s going to take us over to the nearby oyster beds to see just how this environment makes for such perfect oyster harvesting. Nice to meet you. How’s it going? good Nice day for it? Yeah, it’s a nice day. It’s dry. So what are we looking for today? So we’re after I’m going to show you the native oysters here, the native wild flat oyster. We have the Burren to the south. We have Connemara to the north. We have the field of (?) and the hole lot mixing with the Atlantic coming in twice a day, 5 meters up and 5 meters down. Take the oysters themselves and their filtering up to 11 liters an hour. 4 or 5 years to maturity So filtering 11 liters an hour, you really have the essence of the ocean. So you really have something fantastic when you eat it. We’ve got shipments going to Dubai, to Malaysia Singapore and across to the other side then across to Canada. All right. One more for the road, and then we’re down to county Cork.. 3-2-1- Cheers, guys. I’m going to miss this place. We’re coming back. OK, so we’ve just made a B-line from Galway down to Cork County, and we’re going to be here for the next three days. Cork County is the birthplace of Ireland’s food renaissance. It’s big in the slow food movement. And over the next couple of days, we’re going to explore that. We’re starting tonight in Cork City and exploring more tomorrow, as well. So we’re going to check into the Isaac’s Motel and have dinner tonight at their restaurant, the Green Restaurant We’re actually going to have a 7 course tasting, to be exact of all the local, seasonal dishes that they’re creating there, even though we’ve just had a seafood feast. That was a couple hours ago, and we’ve made room for dinner. It’s like when we were kids and our parents had my brother, I said, ” but Mom, Dad. How are you going to have enough love for both of us?” They said, “we just make more room.” and I think the same thing for dinner. How are we going to have more room for that second dinner? You just make more room. Just got to Cork. Pulling up to the Hotel Isaacs. right now. I’m going to go have dinner at the Green’s Restaurant by the waterfall. Where do we park, is the question? That is a question I unfortunately right now cannot answer, Bro. This is nice Nice There’s a fat waterfall in the courtyard , and the restaurant’s right there. Well this is amazing. We literally have a table in this patio with a waterfall coming right down in the middle of the city. It’s a gorgeous location. I’m really excited because Cork is the food capital of Ireland, and we’re going to pop the cork right now with Prosecco and an 8 course tasting menu. We just have to forget about all those oysters and clams and mussels we had for lunch and just start feasting anew. I think when we finish this food marathon, we’re probably going to need to run a real marathon. But, we’ll think about that that later. Later. To three wonderful days in County Cork. Sláinte (Cheers, in Irish Gaelic) This is a little bit of espuma, like foam. Foam of what? Lychee, coconut, and milk Oh. It’s like an explosion in your mouth. Cider sauce with a celeriac slaw and cider jelly and popcorn scratching. Slowly braised veal This is a Spanish Rioja Crianza. Enjoy Oh, that’s great. Well Salud. Salud, hermano! “Es demasiado rico por nosotros.”
(This is too rich for us!) Hey That’s you. Yeah, that’s me. High five on that. Delicious. Amazing meal. Definitely, we were blown away by the food here in Ireland. We have great produce. Unbeleivable Some of the producers, the vegs they are growing they are producing are just unbeleivable It’s really, really nice You’re very humble, though. No, it is true, If you buy the best ingredients it’s very easy to eat good food. So we’re going to go have a night cap across the street at Sheldon’s. Are you going to join us? Yeah, why not? Shelbourne’s. I don’t want to get that wrong Let’s go for it. So we’ve had a lot of Scotch Whisky, American bourbon. Can you tell us what makes Irish Whiskey, Irish Whiskey? Irish Whiskey is special because we make it. You might notice that whiskey in Ireland is spelt with an “e” That’s just to differentiate between everyone else that we’re better. The law in Scotland is that whisky has to be in the barrel for three years; in Ireland it’s three years and one day, just to show that we do a little bit more. Our whiskey is generally triple distilled We don’t we’re not as peaty as a Scotch Irish Whiskey is a lot more accessible to tourist to drink. I think a lot smoother and much tastier whiskeys in general. Is it true you guys have a 96 or 100 something. We have more than 110 different Irish whiskeys. Have you had them all? I actually am the only person to have them all.. No way Yeah. How’s your liver doing? My liver’s OK. I space them out I don’t drink all the time, but I do like my whiskey. You grew that moustache for drinking 100 something whiskeys? That’s the only reason I have my moustache because of whiskey Well, it’s been a really insane, decadent day and it’s fun. We’re going to sign it out because if not you have whiskey to drink. We do Guys, if you like the video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers for travel videos every Tuesday and Thursday and we’ll see you guys tomorrow, food tour of Cork. In the meantime, remember to stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Sláinte! Cheers.


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