Future Whey Is Now Vegan | Bulk Nutrients

Future Whey Is Now Vegan | Bulk Nutrients

I’m Ella Martyn, Bulk Nutrients
ambassador and WBFF Fitness Pro and we are excited to announce that Future Whey
is now 100% vegan. As you know Future Whey represents the
latest in supplement technology we’ve utilized 100% free form amino acids to
create a drink that’s refreshing and tasty and packed full of pure protein in
the way of pure amino acids. It’s 90% pure protein from free form
amino acids. it’s 100% dairy-free which means it’s
great on the digestive system. It’s formulated for muscle growth and recovery. It’s
quickly absorbed so Future Whey is great for intra and post-workout. It’s
light and refreshing and the creaminess of whey is replace with a light crisp taste.
The flavours are unreal in classic Cola and tangy Lemonade. You’ll be hooked in
no time. Grab yours at bulknutrients.com.au.

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