Fresh vs Frozen Fruits and Vegetables (Grocery Shopping for Fruits and Vegetables)

Fresh vs Frozen Fruits and Vegetables (Grocery Shopping for Fruits and Vegetables)

– If you find yourself
throwing away rotten produce, at the end of each week, you are basically
throwing away your money. I have a solution for
you, buy frozen produce. Many people are shocked when they find out I eat frozen veggies. This is because somewhere along the way, we were taught to always eat fresh and stay away from the frozen aisle. Fortunately there are studies to show that frozen veggies with
fruit have just as much if not more nutrients as fresh produce. Before we get started, I
have a free resource for you that will clarify what’s
healthy and what’s not. Download the three biggest
lies you’ve been told about weightloss in the link below. The second you pick an orange from a tree, it automatically begins to lose nutrients. Unless you’re growing it
from your own backyard, by the time it’s packed,
shipped and delivered and ends up on your kitchen counter, most of the nutrients are gone. A lot of the produce
that we get in America isn’t really grown in America. It’s grown in other countries. So by the time it is
harvested in that country and makes its way to our grocery store, it’s a lot longer than you’d think. The longer that fruit or
vegetable stays in transit, the more nutrients it’s losing. When you flash freeze fruits and veggies you lock in the nutrients right away. It’s an incredible process and a lot of people don’t understand that it’s not dangerous,
it’s perfectly healthy. So don’t avoid frozen produce. Frozen produce is cheaper
and they last so much longer. Look, people they just
avoid the frozen food aisle and I understand that. You definitely wanna
avoid the frozen pizzas, and the frozen Lean Cuisine
meals and things like that. But definitely don’t avoid that aisle because there are so many
frozen vegetable items in there that will be
perfectly fine for you. Everything you can
imagine from green beans, to broccoli, to cauliflower,
to Brussels sprouts. So many great options and for a fraction, a fraction of the cost. I know it’s hard to believe because it’s been
ingrained in us for so long but not everything the
industry tells you is true. If you wanna weed out the
lies and take the guesswork out of figuring out what’s true, download my free resource
below and get connected. If you like this video,
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2 thoughts on “Fresh vs Frozen Fruits and Vegetables (Grocery Shopping for Fruits and Vegetables)”

  1. My child (2yo) gets upset when she doesnt get her broccoli with her lunch. We love frozen veggies!!!

    Frozen broccoli & riced cauliflower are the go to items for us!

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