Food taken off boy’s lunch tray over $9 debt

Food taken off boy’s lunch tray over $9 debt

the blonde lady then say anything took away my cheesy breadsticks and sauce put them over there then took out bread cheese on bread out of the fridge and put it on my luck try Jefferson sharp knack came home Friday August 30th with a note stating his account was in a negative something green local schools administrators say is protocol but what happened the following Tuesday on Jefferson’s ninth birthday left his grandmother in tears she says her grandson was humiliated in front of his classmates he would take the food off of between you can tree serve it you’re gonna throw it away and not feed the child that doesn’t make sense to me Diane Bailey says after her grandson came home with the notice of negative funds in his account she spoke with a school administrator to straighten out the issue her grandson’s enrollment in the free and reduced lunch program had not been finalized yet the superintendent of green local schools says policy changes are already being considered we are reviewing specific we’re considering the idea of raising that debt cap from fifteen can make sure that you know the student experiences positive in the lunchroom Crysta seals the principal at Green primary school says the lunchroom staff has been addressed following Tuesday’s incident [Music]

14 thoughts on “Food taken off boy’s lunch tray over $9 debt”

  1. Bless his heart! The grandmother did the right thing by bringing attention to this! This is terrible… no child should be left to be humiliated and hungry… period

  2. We still have another year of free lunch for everyone due to Harvey, thankfully… the throwing good food away is the part that's messed up, especialy after serving it to him! That's just cruel!

  3. It doesnt seam like the people care even after the fact. Lets do some basic math for them. If the cap on debt is already $15 an you owe $9. How much money do you have left before they will not serve you lunch? $6 boys an girls. So why was he denied at $9? Maybe they should teach the lunch lady how to add an subtract.

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