Food Panda | Business Model | How Food Panda Earns?l | CASE STUDY | Hindi

Food Panda | Business Model | How Food Panda Earns?l | CASE STUDY | Hindi

Hello friends, my name is sahil khanna and you are watching intellectual indies and today we’ll talk about Foodpanda their business model and how do they earn Like everyone is familiar with the business of foodpanda That it’s a food delivery system Means they’ll be around restaurants in the your locality and you can order anything from any restaurants at your home/work The need that they are trying to cater is that you don’t need to find restaurants or go outside You can order directly from your phone. Ratings of them And restaurants with the best rating Now you can order food from that restaurant. He can pay according to the desired price. Basically he can find the food he wants to eat at an affordable price. That’s why application was build So this is good for consumer Now let’s talk about their business model How do they earn? See let’s discuss their expenses The no. of restaurants they’ve tied up with They offer 20-25% discount to them If you are getting a thing in 100rs Foodpanda gets in 80Rs Or in 78 Rs It depends on their discoount Now foodpanda says They can give discount on that amount too. That’s why some restaurants give discount and some don’t Let’s consider 20% discount only After this, when you open the application of foodpanda Their you are already getting 20% off. 20% off Why would you go to the restaurant? Why wouldn’t consumer use it Obviously they’ll prefer foodpanda Indirectly foodpanda tranferred the work of restaurants to them. and there were cafe who were in loss They offered surplus discounts Increased his sale and it was a win-win situation Here Foodpanda is offering you 20% discount Means no profit no loss. Right? No Once in while you’ll get message where you’ll get 15% discount. 25% discount. Basically everyday. If you don’t receive any discounts. Add any food to the cart and delete it You’ll get the message. So on average 10% more discount. Means 80rs and 10% of 80=8 rs 72 total Now they sometimes charge for delivery and at some locations they don’t charge So that delivery person get 40-45rs tip. It depends on the day And there are many employees. But if you opt their fast delivery Then you have to give 25 rs. Here again they took the loss of 15 rs. So how are they earning? Expenses of employees Website running cost Cost of building Biggest expense is in advertising You see ads on tv and banners Ads on Google adwords Facebook ads So if you order somthing from foodpanda worth 100rs after applying all the coupon codes. So Foodpanda spends 30-40rs extra on you Why and how? Here let’s talk about ola and uber In india, cab wasn’t famous People prefered auto Because they have this perception of it as expensive But after ola and uber, they offered free rides. People get used to it And people perception changed that if they can get 6rs/km in cab at the same price of auto. The rate of cab was 10rs. If you research on this, you’ll get to know that in the past , rates of taxi was same(10rs/km) But ola and uber first brought awareness among public and created a need in the public that they can travel in ac cab. Same thing is applied by foodpanda. They are getting us addicted to order food from our home and we can compare the prices of food in one single application But i personally think In indian food market, consumer doesn’t care If they get discount from foodpanda then he’ll buy from foodpanda. But in future when their discounts are over. They’ll go somewhere else. Just like ola, i have taken many free rides from ola. Now when their discounts were over People switched to other thiings. You’ll always have options. Here You have one advantage. First mover advantage Does foodpanda have first mover advantage? Zomato is the same BUt foodpanda did create some differentiation But zomato is not offering much YOu’ll see many restaurants with this tag zomato certified. But we never see anything of foodpanda. You’ll see only this that foodpanda is connected with this restaurant but not certified. If you want to order at hom.e So this is the whole story that i shared with you after full research>You tell me , is this a profitable business or not. Will they be in profit in future? Answers of these questions are on you Okay friends, video ends here. I hope you liked it If you have any doubt or any confusion Do tell me in the comments section. Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.

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  1. Maine order Kiya order divered Nahi Hua status check Kiya delivery ho gai wah re foodpanda teri Lela bahut hi gandhi service hi na to customer care no hi foopanda ka Jesse pata chalta hi bahut badi froad company hi or na hi delivered boy ka no mila or na hi delivered boy ne mujhe call Kiya mene kafi baar call Kiya fir call ata hi mene kaha foodpanda se bol rahe ho kahta hi Mai reebok company Mai job karta huu or mera name ranjeet hi kahta hi no band karana padega mene net par customer care no dekha mila too wrong no hi froad company hi foodpanda sir

  2. Yeh Banda profit earn ke baare main to kuch bola hi nhi, yeh apna paisa banane ke lijyey you tube main ulta pulta video upload kr raha hai.

  3. Itna ghatiya he na food panda aap jan bhi nhi sakoge dilevry to let atti but iska food me cocroch our mouse bhi paye gaye he mene khif dekha hai food panda se dilevry mat karo or ye sala jo video bana raha he usko food panda ne paise khub diye he sala harami kahika

  4. Aby chuttu foopanda restrurant se 15%to25% charge krta hai
    Means k 15% k hesab se 1000rs k order pe 150rs foodpanda k hote hain jo resturant ne foodpanda ko pay krne hote hain….
    Apki reserch sahi nahi hai…

  5. बेटा तुमसे न हो पायेगा। बहुत कुछ है फ़ूड पांडा के बारे में पर एक बात नही काम की नही बताई तुमने। बस कंफ्यूज किया।

  6. Sir abhi india ka sabse bara chor campany hein food panda mein food panda ka delivery boy form bohat sara banda k paisa mar diya panda ne mumbai and kolkata mein strick chalraha hein is problem ko lake ajiz sir ne vi video banayhein panda k lake i am form kolkata

  7. Case Study | Business Model | How Business Earns | Startup Business Model | Hindi:

  8. yeh long time tak chalne wala business hai …
    aur ek samajhdaar insaan jinhein paise ki qadar hai voh hamesha yeh business kar sakta hai siwaaye unn bewaqoofo k alawa jo thode time k liye kama kar sochta hai k areiy maine bohath kamaliya

  9. Can u discuss the main point of this video… Understand something but question is same what u say lastly… This is my thinking that your video is like mustry… Complete but not complete… This is why, others countries videos most popular than our videos & thats why they make more subscriber than ours…

  10. Sir l ike ur videos these are really helpful…..plz freelancer app k business model py video bna den…… Wait rehy ga

  11. Ghalat bataya sub.. koi be banda just future base per itni investment nai karta hai.. or itnaaa risk ho jis main as you said coustomer kisi ka saga nai.. ya booohhttt earn karty hain.. 1st restorent registration ki fee hoti hai jo her restorent ko pay karna parti 2nd her order jo be in k through hota hai wahan per be inko 5 to 8 % profit inko jata

  12. Bhaiya plz case study on secondhandbook online website ka business model, kya y profitable business model hai. According to me ye business idea ek generation backward hai because today's world believe in online study, listening study, PDF,ppts and any other type of digital notes.according to me ye stable and long term chalne walla B-model nhi hai. Y bhot jyada lossy model ho skta h

  13. koi bhi business man aaj ka profit dekhata hai Kal ka nahi agar unhe har ek delivery pe sab expenses nikal ke Rs.10 bhi profit nahi hota to itane saal vo loss making business Kyu karate.

  14. Bro, please make a detailed video on Gurgaon based startup….'Magicpin'….and Delhi based parking providing startup 'Get my parking'…..It will be a great help for me and other startup owners…..

  15. First I would like to thanks for nice video…in my point of view it will work…Foodpanda strategy bcz India is fast growing country and as well as fast adopting western culture…that means Foodpanda concepts will more adopting by people in future….bcz … unconsciously we r attract in every section of life in western culture…and … ready made foood is also the part of westernization etiquette…that's all… thanks

  16. Actually this kind of business concern like a cunning fox they're eyewash our total all level human society thare main object is soing big plate from in front of bank and take bulk loans and after few year on red light in there business. Similar like Dimond marchent Nirob Modi Bijoy Malia etc in vison of coraption they achieve there misson.

  17. Ye loss me ja rhi h foodpanda, but how is earn foodpanda, no idea sir ji, future मे profit hoga,

  18. Vai me Nepal se hun.
    Business Teri samaj se bahar he.tera es video me bachchhe ke jaisa baat Kam xod gharke aaspaas nali safai kar

  19. ye sab startup fail honge kyuki vo logo ko machali ki tara jal me fasane ki koshish kr rhe hai , lekin indians are very price sensitive vo fasane vale nhi

  20. Nope….But i think If they start their own outlets then they will earn profits in the long run otherwise they will go bankrupt

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