Food Is the Solution

Food Is the Solution

Wanna hear a convenient truth? The solution to saving the planet is actually
pretty easy. Here’s the deal: The way we farm and eat today
is insane. We grow crops, which is good. But then we funnel those groups through tens
of billions of animals to make protein. It can take about 20 pounds of crops to produce
one pound of meat. That’s just inefficient. First, it means converting wild land into
farm land. We’re cutting down rain forests to grow food…for
chickens. Today, 1/3 of all the land on Earth goes to
producing meat. 30 percent! Of the entire world! For meat. It’s not pretty either… Now, this process of funneling crops through
animals? It also uses huge amounts of water. Hundreds of gallons for a single pound of
chicken, dozens of gallons for one egg. And when you add all this up, it equals an
even bigger problem. Factory farming? It’s causing climate change. The UN says meat production emits more greenhouse
gases than all the cars, trucks, planes, ships and trains in the world combined. And that doesn’t even include seafood! We’re pulling so many fish out of the oceans,
scientists say we aren’t going to have any left by 2048. That’s not that long! But hey, don’t just take my word on this stuff. As our population grows, we have to start
doing more with less. And we are. We actually have an easy solution already
available. Rather than funneling plants through animals
to make protein, we can just use the protein that’s already in those plants. Plant-based foods are way more efficient to
make, and way less polluting. I’m talking tacos. I’m talking veggie burgers. Chickpea salad instead of chicken salad. Cauliflower buffalo wings. We can save the world just by eating more
of these foods? Now that’s a convenient truth. And countless people are doing it! They’re doing Meatless Mondays. They’re eating smaller portions of meat. They’re trying one or two veggie meals a day. Wanna join this revolution? Be part of the solution? It could not be easier. And I’m going to show you how. At lunch, or dinner, or whatever the next
meal you’re gonna eat is. Just remember: more plants, less meat, greener
planet. You can save the world with every bite. Food is the solution.

3 thoughts on “Food Is the Solution”

  1. Fruits, Veggies, nuts and seeds, grains and legumes- they all have such a variety of flavor and textures! And so much easier on the wallet!

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