Floating Rice with Friction Experiment (Floating Rice Bottle)

Floating Rice with Friction Experiment (Floating Rice Bottle)

welcome back to kids learn science my
name is Ken today’s experiment it’s a floating rice with friction as always
adult supervision is required what you need for this experiment is rice a
bottle and a chopstick or pencil we set off this experiment you need to make a
funnel or get a funnel I made a photo a lot of paper by rolling it up and put
the piece of scotch tape on it and then pour your rice into the bottle so you
can grab your regular rice I’ve got brown rice it doesn’t matter what kind
of rice pour that right into the bottle so it’s completely filled so to start
off I will fill this up we’re going to have a one-question surprise quiz as yes
or no answer and it’s self grading can I miss the bottle of rice by putting a
chopstick or a pencil straight down into the bottle of rice and pull the whole
bottle up off the ground so go ahead and make a prediction but remember don’t
underestimate the power of friction it’s something that happens every day but we
don’t notice it so here we go we got the bubble race we’re taking a chopstick and
we push the chopstick all the way down and pull up and it looks like the
answer’s no pop push down a little harder pull up and it does not pull the
bottle up third time and it will not so if you predicted it wouldn’t you’re
wrong actually and we’ll and I’ll show you as you see as I made multiple tenth
and start to slam it down the rice can packs more into the bottle which will
therefore makes us put more rice into the bottle
so I’m filling the bottle with more rice and compacting it down as I go so there
can’t be any more rice to be fit in there so every time I get full to the
top I push down on my finger and I also give it a couple slams at the table to
compact that rice down even farther so I keep doing this until it completely gets
filled and then once it gets filled we’ll give it a second shot and we’ll
see it if we’re able to pick up this rice and here we go or get a second
attempt then tada we can do it it answer is yes we can pick up a bottle of rice
the first time the reason we weren’t able to do it is because the grains were
next to another but there was a lot of smooth spaces in between air pockets in
between each terrain and the other grains when we pack the rice more tightly the
friction between each piece of rice and its nearest neighbor increases at some
point the friction between the chopstick rice and bottle was so great it was
strong enough to resist the slipping and pick up the rice bottle which is pretty
impressive here I poured it into a measuring cup we could see it a little
over two and a little over two cups of rice in that compact rice bottle so when
we emptied it out I was able to see that add about 1/4 cup of rice of more in the
compactive which had friction on our side I hope you enjoyed this video
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