41 thoughts on “Famous Veg Meals Hotel in Vijayawada – Anjaneya Villas | Indian Meals”

  1. I ate in this hotel and the taste of the food is soo good.the service in fast and excellent.overall for me this is best place in Vijayawada to eat andhra meals.

  2. AS a good gesture I want to feed two-FIVE poor people for free every day for which I will loan Rs.2000 to 5000 without any collateral only honest desire to feed two- five poor persons a day is the key.I want to extend the offer to Ten Owners so that I can feed 20-50 people every day.Please call me at wahtsapp 9712409976 .Feed the poor in Hyderabad.Feed as long as you keep the money.

  3. Food is good at this hotel. There is one server who misbehaves with women while serving. When I complained at owner counter, he said the server is mental. This cannot be reason to escape. Harassing women who come to eat , v bad service. The owner and that server shud be charged for harassing women.

  4. This hotel food is good. But there is one server who misbehaves with women. Harasses women while serving. When I asked the owner he jus shrugged it off saying that server is mad. That is not a reason. Stupid hotel owner n his stupid service.

  5. Ok, I see in the comments opinions about not using a spoon. I understand it's a cultural way to eat with their hands. My question is why? Not why as in why not use a spoon but, why as in the history and explanation of this cultural way?

  6. I am from North India but I love south Indian food. People there are also very nice, calm and friendly than North Indians.

  7. I have traveled many countries and eaten local foods.. I believe south indian food is one of the best.. for both taste and health reasons.. with all those spices etc.. main drawback I see is the amount of white rice people eat.. it used to be OK in the past.. but the lifestyles have changed and this white rice is killing us (BTW, I am from south too, Vijayawada.. same place this restaurant is located in). I wish we slowly change to brown rice or some high fiber grain. Otherwise fantastic food.. mouth watering even to just look at it.. 🙂

  8. My house is near to this hotel…Here food is meaningful and reasonable…..Taste wise convincing and good. Go and have the food here.

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