Estrogen in Meat, Dairy, and Eggs

Estrogen in Meat, Dairy, and Eggs

“Estrogen in Meat,
Dairy, and Eggs” Recent observed feminization of
aquatic animals has raised concerns about estrogenic compounds
in water supplies and the potential for these chemicals
to reach drinking water. While much attention has been focused
on the environmental impacts of xenoestrogens, the endocrine-disrupting
industrial pollutants, relatively little research has
examined the ecological consequences of environmental loading
with ACTUAL estrogens. This is somewhat surprising given
that the potency of some estrogens can be thousands of
times more estrogenic than typical endocrine
disrupting chemicals. Estradiol, for example, is at least 10,000 times
more potent than most xenoestrogens, and dietary exposure to natural sex
steroids in meat, dairy, and eggs, is therefore highly relevant in the
discussion of the impact of estrogens on human development
and health. And chicken estrogen is
identical to human estrogen— they’re identical molecules. So it doesn’t matter if it
ends up in our drinking supply from women taking birth control
pills excreting it into their urine, or cows excreting it
into their milk. The source doesn’t matter;
the quantity does. And a child’s exposure to
estrogens in drinking water is about 150 times lower than
exposure from cow’s milk. So our day-to-day estrogen levels
are more likely determined by whether or not we happen to
eat dairy products that day. Human urine is often
cited as the main source of natural and synthetic estrogens
in the aquatic environment, but the level of estrogen even in
the urine of heavy meat eaters, who have significantly
higher levels, pales in comparison to the estrogens
excreted by the farm animals themselves. Pigs, sheep, cattle, chickens produce
literally tons of estrogen every year. Women may excrete
16 mcg every day, but farm animals may
release 10 times more. In the case of pregnant cows,
thousands of times more. Animal waste may contribute an estimated
90% of total estrogens in the environment. Five gallons of runoff water
contaminated with chicken manure may contain a birth control
pill’s worth of estrogen. Estrogen levels in
poultry litter are so high that when farmers feed
chicken manure to their animals to save on feed costs, it may
trigger premature development. Poultry manure has been among
the highest hormone content, quadruple the total estrogens,
and 9 times more of the 17 beta estradiol, the most potent estrogen, which could
be considered a complete carcinogen, as it exerts both tumor initiating
and tumor promoting effects. Who cares, though? From a human health standpoint,
do we care about feminized fish, or the appearance of
intersex cockroaches? The problem is that the hormones
get into our food supply. Endogenous steroid hormones
in food of animal origin are unavoidable as they occur
naturally in these products. It’s not a matter
of injected hormones, which are banned in places like Europe
in order to protect consumers’ health, they are part of animal metabolism,
and so as a matter of fact, all foodstuffs of animal origin
contain steroid hormones, and the presence of hormones in food has
been connected with several human health problems.

38 thoughts on “Estrogen in Meat, Dairy, and Eggs”

  1. Sounds like we are getting a lot of estrogen from our "recycled" water sources.  Since it isn't removed from the water at the cleaning plant – any restuarant or "tap" water we choose to ingest contains it.  Doesn't  "cancer"  feeds off this hormone too?

  2. Brutal! I'm just speechless. Although I'd like to see dietary studies conducted on human populations. Maybe xenoestrogenic activity isn't as bad after all.

    Do you remember the soy (phytoestrogens) scare?

  3. And these anti-vegan crusaders are so "worried" about phytoestrogens from soy? Hah, insane. I hope you also love & respect animals, Dr. Greger, not just about health. Can you answer that for me?

  4. I am not sure if you have already made a video (I couldn't find it after a search on your website) about soy estrogen? I understand they are not xeno but I have seen a lot of acne breakout after incorporating a soy smoothie twice a day (no diary). I never had breakouts not even during my teens n especially not on my cheeks (used to  get the odd one on my forehead or so) so is there a link with soy estrogens?

  5. I always thought it was a little strange when people say they avoid soy products because of the estrogen.  Now I can say I avoid all animal products because of the estrogen.

  6. I wonder where most of the estrogen is. Is it mostly in the blood? Because I know a lot of religious slaughter practices require that the animal be drained of blood before consumption. Would be interesting to know. 

  7. So with that said.. Should most males go on TRT? 
    I fortunately can afford to eat quality foods and take quality vitamins and go to gym etc… but it costs a lot of money.. and for most people that would impossible.. luckily my test levels are great because I can afford to take care of myself… but for most it is its a matter of money, time, learning and laziness… however if they took a trt shot every week… it would be much cheaper and easier.. What are your thoughts?

  8. I'm feminine enough and happy not to add any of those extras hormones that meat, dairy and poultry foods deliver.  WFPB (Whole Foods Plant Based) diet!

  9. so crazy. reason # 28746194831864834 to be vegan and i guess to grow ur own food huh? ugh CHANGE NEEDS TO COME NOW!

  10. If this doesn't get you headed toward veganism, I don't know what will. The profit makers sure don't give a fuck about us or the animals. Thanks Dr. Greger.

  11. I eat a ton of meant, drink tons of milk, and eat eggs all the time. My test is sitting naturally around 920 ng/dl. I think I will be ok.

  12. Wooow. Now we know why girls hit puberty so early now a days. And this estrogen must also effect teenage boys!

  13. So this is what soyboys become when older… bald, weak, he must have been consuming secretly animal products, he looks feminized :)))

  14. Hello, i am eating a lot of almonds. Is that bad for my estrogen level? Because i have heard that almonds have a lot of that estrogen? Thank you for answers!


    It is absolutely physiologically IMPOSSIBLE for men to produce estrogen! They do NOT have ovaries!

    Testosterone CANNOT convert to estrogen!!!

    Estrogen CAN NOT ever be consumed from food because the stomach and digestive tract acids kill it!!!

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