(ENG/SPA/IND) [#ThreeMealsaDay] Goldeye Rockfish and Seafood Hot Pot Served | #Mix_Clip | #Diggle

(ENG/SPA/IND) [#ThreeMealsaDay] Goldeye Rockfish and Seafood Hot Pot Served | #Mix_Clip | #Diggle

(Chambada ♥ Chajumma’s
Seafood Pot) (Coming home with heavy buckets
and a light heart) Well, well
(A confident voice) – Wow~ So how did you do?
– Check it out Did you catch something?
What are these? – Wow!
– Wow, what are these? (A giant trout) Is that a trout? Is it? Wow~
(Feeling proud) (How big is it?) [Na PD] Where did you catch that
giant thing? [Na PD] It’s bigger than what you
caught yesterday Wow, this thing is incredible What do you think is the market price
for this thing? They said it’s a really big one
compared to average trouts – Stay right there! (Let the party begin)
– 46cm Okay, stay there What is it?
(Confused) Okay, one, two, three! (Finally putting up the
congratulatory banner) You did it~ (Surprise event for Hai Jin the fisherman)
[♬ BGM “Moon Fairy – Infield Fly” playing] (It may not be a rock bream) (but it’s enough to make them happy) I’m not gonna cook the big one tonight
(Dinner menu: grilled fish & seafood pot) I wanna save it for later
(He’s gonna fry the giant trout next time) [Kyesang] Wanna take them out?
(Kyesang & Ho Jun, the mussel duo) (Cooling them in cold water) I’ll take them out of their shell and
hand them to you (Division of labor, Kyesang takes
the mussels out of their shells) (And Ho Jun de-beards them using
scissors) (A mountain of mussels) I appreciate the gesture
(Hai Jin is touched by the surprise event) [Seung Won] The… pepper… – [Hai Jin] How many?
– Five green ones and five red ones (Picking five of each color) (and delivers them to Seung Won) Thank you, thank you! (Peppers) (Green pumpkins) (Scallions) (Vegetables for the seafood pot) (Leftover octopus from yesterday) (A generous amount of dried shrimp) – [Seung Won] Are the mussles ready?
– Yes (Putting a lot of mussles on top) (A luxurious seafood pot in the making) Now (Drying the leftover mussels) I don’t think there’s enough space (Lining up each and every one
with care) We have a lot of food
(We also have goldeye rockfish!) (Seasoning the rockfish before
grilling) (Sprinkling the salt) (What are the lemons for?) (Putting the lemon pieces on top of
the rockfish) – [Na PD] To get rid of the fishy smell?
– Yep (Wrapping the fish with tinfoil) (Using the leftover lemons for
decoration) (Let’s start grilling!) (Very calm) (Cooking the backside thoroughly) That looks so good (Getting nice and brown) (Wow~) (Putting in more oil to make them
more crispy) (3 combo: lemon, tangerine, flower) (Beautifully decorated plate) (Grilled rockfish is finished) Open the pot, please
(Starting on the seafood pot right away) (Mixing soybean paste into the
kelp broth) (Mixing spicy pepper into the base soup) (Marinated shrimp) (Stir, stir) (Tasting it to see if it needs more salt) Okay, I’m gonna throw these in now (Vegetables +Seafood going in) (Looks delicious) Let’s see if they’re all cooked
(Who wants to try?) (Oh, me!) Wow! [Seung Won] Good, right? (Scooping up the vetables and seafood) Give me the pot, I’ll do it (Fill up the pot with hot soup) [Seung Won] Okay, it’s ready
(Time to boil the pot!) Now, bring the trivet [Hai Jin] Oh, this goes on top?
(Their handmade-trivet) (Putting on the pots one by one) [Seung Won] How is it going? Well? (Manly) Amazing! The trivet’s a huge hit! [Hai Jin] I’m so happy
(The pots are starting to boil) [Seung Won] Wait, the soup is
going to spill over! (Just a little more!) (Almost like burning the pots) (They’re finally ready) (Moving the pots carefully with tongs) Over here! That’s it – Geez~
– Well done! (The seafood pots are ready
thanks to Hai Jin’s hard work) [Hai Jin] Let’s unwrap the tinfoil (Lifting up the tinfoil that was
keeping the fish warm) (Nicely grilled rockfish) [Seung Won] Good, good
We did a great job (Sizzling seafood pot with
plenty of seafood) [Hai Jin] Look at them still boiling [Seung Won] Yeah, the pots keep boiling (And young radish kimchi on the side!) [Seung Won] Kyesang, isn’t this
a weird experience? [Hai Jin] And kind of pathetic [Kyesang] I’m getting very emotional (A warm and emotional meal
they all prepared together) [Kyesang] Great work, everyone (Trying the seafood pot before
it gets cold) – [Ho Jun] Is this octopus?
– Yeah, try it [Kyesang] Wow, it tastes amazing – [Seung Won] Good, right?
– So good! – It tastes better because it’s warm
– Tasty! [Hai Jin] That is delicious
(Scooping out a plump mussel) (Blowing on it before taking it
straight to his mouth) (Making them all warm inside) [Seung Won] Delicious
(Goes great with the wasabi) [Seung Won] A lot of work went into this,
but this is worth it – What’s this called?
– Goldeye rockfish (Tasty) [Kyesang] We actually made
three meals a day

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  1. 요즘 어촌편 1 2 고창편 정주행 하느라 날샘~ 또봐도 재미지고 힐링 됩니다~ 다시 뭉치셔서 멋진 작품 만 들어 주소서~~~

  2. 삼시세끼를 보면서 항상 힘든일을 도맡아 하시는 유해진님이나 툴툴거리지만 정이 넘치는 차승원님이나 인간적으로 참 좋은 사람들이라고 느껴집니다

  3. 차승윈. 유해진. 이런분들이 내생애 절친이고싶다! 완전힐링될듯! 둘조합 세상없는천상커플

  4. 유해진 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 물고기 못잡으면 기도 못펴고 막 슬퍼하는데 큰거 잡아와서 기세등등 엄청 행복해보임 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  5. 차승원 배우님은 사람이 너무 고운게 느껴짐… 레몬으로 그릇 데코하고 손으로 생선 크기 재보는 손짓을 보고 느껴짐… 표정하고 눈빛에서도 연약하고 고운 느킴이 풍겨나옴…

  6. 어이없지만… 실제로 일어났습니다….

    고생도 그냥 고생이 아닌… 그런 예능….★

    <나PD보다 악랄한 손호준 20년지기 실친들?? >

    EP.1 >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maask2uZqIk

    <'이거 몰카지?' 붕붕마블 2탄 투척!??>

    EP.2 >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grOrmYb8w6Q

    <볼링장에서 역대급 신난 손호준! 이런 모습 레알 초면;;>

    EP.3 >> https://youtu.be/gigjQuXuLKU

    호주니의 고생은 여기서 끝이 아니ㄷr….★

  7. 0:58~ 1:14 삼시세끼 어촌편 시즌2 최고의 장면같음…참바다씨 신경쓰는 차줌마의 맘이 느껴진다고 해야하나….호준이 웃는것도 너무 행복해보이고

  8. 시청자 입장에선 식당같은 장사는 일단 부담되는 면이있으나, 시골이나 섬같은 곳에 자연벗삼아 차,유, 남자들같이 직접해먹는 삼시세끼가 은근한 로망이 될 수있다

  9. 정선편보다 어촌편 1,2가 가장 기억에 남네요 ㅎㅎ 스페인하숙같은 프로그램도 좋지만 만재도 한번 더 안될까요?ㅎㅎ

  10. 개인적으로 고멤은 최고의 조합이였지만 …개스트는 존재감이 그닥이였던 어촌편… 난 개존잼시간도둑뚝딱으로 보긴 했지만~

  11. 차승원님의 모습을 보니 가족에게 다정한 평소의 모습이 그려집니다. 또한 유해진님과 투닥거리는 모습이 보기 좋습니다. 앞으로도 방송에서 좋은 모습 보여주시면 좋겠습니다. 응원합니다.

  12. 삼시세끼는 솔직히 초창기 어촌이 다함
    이때는 진짜 예능 약간 사람미 약간인데
    지금은 너무 예능에만 몰입하는거 같음., ,

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