EASY QUNOA SALAD RECIPES ‣‣ 2 vegan meal prep ideas

EASY QUNOA SALAD RECIPES ‣‣ 2 vegan meal prep ideas

(bright music) – Hello, my friends,
welcome back to my channel. If you’re new here, my name is Alyssa. Today I am sharing two
delicious quinoa salad recipes. I know we’re a little bit still in winter. It’s actually snowing outside (laughs) as I’m filming this in Colorado. But I personally love having
salads all year round, and quinoa salads in
particular are perfect for the wintertime because I find that they’re a lot heartier, and you can also serve them
warm, so they’re cozy too. So today I’m gonna show you two different quinoa salad recipes. One is a pomegranate quinoa salad, and then one is a roasted
vegetable quinoa salad with a delicious toasted
spice vinaigrette. It is so flavorful. You guys are going to absolutely love it. So if you wanna make either of
these recipes as we’re going, the links are right down below this video. You can just click those links. They’ll take you over to the blog. They have all of the
instructions, ingredient lists, and everything you need
to know to make them. I also want to pause
quickly before we dive in and encourage you to subscribe
if you are not yet a member of this awesome community here on YouTube. It’s super easy to subscribe. There is a red button
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that’s all you gotta do. Just click that button. Otherwise, let’s go ahead
and get into today’s recipes. So we are starting with a
pomegranate quinoa salad, and we’re gonna start with our dressing. We’re gonna add some white wine vinegar, as well as some lemon juice, tahini, a little bit of freshly grated garlic. You could also use garlic powder. Red pepper flakes, salt and
pepper into a small bowl, and then you can just
use a whisk or a spoon to whisk this all together
until it is smooth and creamy. If it thickens up too much,
just add a splash of water, but it should be thin
enough that it’s pourable. Set that aside, and we’ll move
on to our salad ingredients. So we are going to add our
quinoa into a mixing bowl, along with some finely chopped up kale. We’re also gonna add in
some crispy chickpeas. These I actually just bought at the store, but you could also make
some if you wanted. Link down below. Some pomegranate seeds,
as well as some walnuts. And then you can just drizzle
the dressing over the salad and use a wooden spoon to mix it all together
until it is combined. If you wanted to bulk this up even more, you could add in some avocado, or you could use another
form of protein as well, top it with grilled
chicken, maybe grilled tofu, and make it more of a
hearty meal-based salad. Either way, delicious, great texture, really nice balance of salty and sweet, and it’s also really healthy. So then for our next recipe, we’re gonna start by
roasting our vegetables. We’re gonna add our vegetables onto a pan. I am using cauliflower, Brussels
sprouts, and green beans, but you could use any mix
of vegetables that you want. And then we’re gonna just
drizzle them with some oil. I’m using avocado oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Rub it all together until they are kind of covered and coated. And pop that in a 425 degree oven for about 30 minutes or so. While that’s roasting, we’re
gonna make our dressing. So we’re gonna dry toast some spices because it’s gonna really help
elevate the flavor of them, and then we’re gonna add
them into our dressing. So the three different spices that we’re using are
whole coriander seeds, whole cumin seeds, and whole fennel seeds. And then you can just toast
this for about 30 to 45 seconds until it gets nice and
golden brown and fragrant. Some of the spices
might even start to pop. That’s when you know it’s done. Immediately remove it from the heat and transfer it into either
a blender, spice grinder, or a mortar and pestle. I do recommend actually the spice grinder and the mortar and pestle. That works better than the blender, but I didn’t have one at the
apartment here in Colorado. So I added mine into a blender, and then we’re gonna add in the rest of our dressing ingredients,
which are olive oil, white wine vinegar, some lemon juice, salt and pepper. Pop the lid on your blender, and you can blend it up until
it is smooth and creamy. Now, if you are using a mortar and pestle or a spice grinder, you don’t
have to use your blender. You can just whisk this
all together in a bowl. Just grind up your spices
and then whisk it in with the rest of the ingredients. Once our roasted veggies are
done and our dressing is done, we’re gonna prepare the salad. You’re just add your cooked
quinoa into a mixing bowl. Add in your roasted vegetables,
as well as some chickpeas. And then I also did some sunflower seeds and some pumpkin seeds
and the dressing on top. So I have some substitution
ideas in the blog post if these recipes or these
ingredients don’t work for you. So check out the blog
post if you wanna see what else I recommend using
instead of these ingredients if some of them don’t work for you. Either way, this salad is
another one of those options that’s really great for protein flexible. It’s delicious with any other
type of cooked protein on top, chicken, shrimp, steak, tofu, you name it. It also keeps really well in the fridge, and it has a really unique, but super delicious and robust flavor. (bright music) And there you have it, my friends. I hope you enjoyed our
quinoa salad recipes. I know you guys love
healthy vegan recipes, and these two are perfect for that. They also are really great
as a meal prep option. You can make them ahead. You can also add your protein of choice. So they’re one of those kind
of protein flexible meals that we’ve talked about
before on the channel. You could add grilled tofu. You could add baked chickpeas. You could add chicken if you eat meat. So I really love using them as a base and kind of building a meal from there. So I hope you guys enjoyed them. I fu did, please give
this video a thumbs up. And if you wanna make either
of these quinoa salad recipes, I have linked them already
down in the description box. They’re up on the blog, ready and waiting for you to try them. So find those links down below, and don’t forget to
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watching today’s video. And if you have any other suggestions for any videos in the upcoming months or any recipes you wanna see,
let me know in the comments. I hope you have an
awesome rest of your day, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye! (bright music)

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  1. Delicious yes ofcourse!.. love with this combo will try..some seasoning & some spread sauce with me but quiona other ingredients are missing well never goes wrong when comes to quiona love it 😊🎉🎉yah it's a perfect receipe for this freaking winter👀👀

  2. Love your recipes. I use a small lidded ball jar to mix my dressings. Just shake. Does a better job of emulsifying plus you can store extra dressing in them.

  3. Tried the Moroccoan Lentil, not so great. Followed the recipe to the T. I've been to Morocco, didn't exactly find anything Moroccoan in the recipe. Also the written recipe and what the vlogs shows does not exactly match.

  4. These look perfect! My fiance and I recently bought a house and we're spending a lot of time working on it but we don't have a microwave or any cooking stuff there yet so meals that I can prep at our condo and are great right out of the fridge are perfect.

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