Easy Blender Salsa Recipe – No Chopping Required!

Easy Blender Salsa Recipe – No Chopping Required!

– This salsa recipe
requires minimal effort since your blender does all the work. (upbeat electronic pop music) (sultry Latin jazz music) I love restaurant-style salsa. When placed in front of me, I seem to inhale the entire bowl. I love to make my own, and
this recipe is super easy, anyone can make at home. In our blender, we’re going to place our fire roasted tomatoes, our petite diced tomatoes, our onion,
(bowls clanging) jalapeno, garlic, cumin, salt, lime, and cilantro. We’re gonna give this a
quick pulse to combine. (blender humming) And then, on medium speed until you have the
consistency that you like. (blender humming) My friends, we have salsa. You’re gonna want to refrigerate
this for about an hour. But right now, all I need is a chip. Wasn’t that easy? For the recipe, make sure
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5 thoughts on “Easy Blender Salsa Recipe – No Chopping Required!”

  1. the title says no chopping required but the vegetables were clearly chopped and diced prior to putting them in the blender.

  2. Laura whre I live there is not can of roasted tomatoes…..with what could I replace it…or something similar use….what do you think about dry tomatoes in oil?

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