Duterte promises Japanese businessmen he'll 'kill' their problems

Duterte promises Japanese businessmen he'll 'kill' their problems

president zigu theater promises Japanese businessman Wednesday he would quote kill any problems they encounter in their ventures in the Philippines every Japanese investor in my country however small or however big I can assure you that if there is any complaint regarding hindrances obstruction or outright corruption let me know Duterte arrived in Tokyo Tuesday night for DK's international conference on the future of Asia and a bilateral meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe a the Nikkei forum is a gathering of leaders and economic experts in the Asia Pacific the meeting with Abbey will likely discuss defense and security economic cooperation infrastructure development and Japanese assistance for the development of the new bansemer Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao Duterte reportedly traveled to Japan with a 200-person delegation in the light-hearted tone philippine ambassador to japan jose larell v says tuesday the presence of some twenty cabinet members in a trip was a reward for the 2019 elections he says code you know you asked me personally what is this purpose this is a reward for the past elections why do you bring 21 or 20 cabinet members here I think the president is so elated with the results of the midterm election that this is an affirmation of his administration in the last three years it's like a reward thanks you've done your jobs Mallahan yang denies this presidential spokesman Salvador Piniella says Wednesday the presence of invited cabinet members is necessary for the trip

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  1. Hahaha naka focus yung rapler sa intriga d nila tinitngnan kung ilang bilyong investment ang papasok sa pilipinas mga gungong n media d n pwepwede ngayon yana

  2. oi.. rappler.. halata masyado kulay nyo.. ressa, ressa na pang gagago… journalism ba tawag nyo sa sa mga ginagawa nyo?? kayo ang tunay na fake media ng pinas.. mag sarado nlang kayo..

  3. Rappler why are you NOT REPORTING THE AMOUNT OF BUSINESS DEALS SIGNED BY PDU30?you uploaded fast and furious negative news but SLOW in positive development of PDU30s governance!

  4. And I am willing to bury that problem!!hahahaha and why didn’t you aired Panelo’s reason why it is necessary? But you HIGHLIGHTED JOSE LAURELS REMARKS???? Rappler rappler change your style of reporting !!!

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