30 thoughts on “Drew Barrymore Talks 'Santa Clarita Diet'”

  1. I think it is leftwing progressive humor, they act normal while distroying the world and murdering innocent people. Just like liberals do in real life! 🤔😃😆😄

  2. If you guys like this show you should also try watching IZombie!!!! That’s my #1 favorite right now and Santa Clarita Diet is right next to it 💕

  3. Finished it all two days ago and I'm watching it again today. I never rewatch shows like that so soon.

  4. That is so sick! Of course, Hollywood thinks cannibalism is funny, which it isn't! I don't watch zombie shows, I quit going to the movies/buying DVDs, & I quit watching most TV shows altogether, Ellen included! You're trying to desensitize us to these disgusting practices! I don't want any part of it!

  5. Elenns wife is on santa Clarita diet and that show was bomb even though they ended on a cliff hanger where's my next season

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