Dr. Mom BLOWS UP Passover (food) (with science)

Dr. Mom BLOWS UP Passover (food) (with science)

Hey everyone, I’m Dr. Mom
I’m Tzofi and today we’re going to
blow up Passover Ready? Shake out the giggles.
Ready? brbrbrbrbbrrrrrrrr Okay, Tzofi. Are you excited
that it’s almost Passover? Yes. Do you like the Passover food?
No How about matzah balls?
That’s gross How about gefilte fish?
Eeew You like matzah? – yes
Nobody likes matzah! – giggles What do you think we should do
with these Passover foods that we don’t like? Blow them up!
Let’s blow them up! Yay! We’re going to shoot these foods
out of a rocket and we’re going to freeze them
with liquid nitrogen and explode them Awesome?
Yes. Awesome. So we have here calcium carbide and what happens is when
calcium carbide reacts with water it releases acetylene gas
which is highly flammable we’re gonna add water
and we’re going to light the gas on fire to fire the matzah balls right out The second thing we’re going to do
we’re going to take liquid nitrogen and freeze our matzah balls,
eggs, and gefilte fish and then we’re going to smash
them and break them into bits Do you think it’s going to
make a mess? Probably. Do you think it’s going to
make a fun mess? Yeah!! Liquid nitrogen is so cold anything we put inside it
freezes immediately Ready to try and
smash the egg? Oh my god!
It’s frozen! Ok so, we’re not going
to touch the egg I’m going to put it here
and then Ohh! It’s really frozen
It’s really frozen. You ready? I don’t like matzah balls Runaway matzah ball Ewww ewww ew ew
here fishy fishy fishy fish Bye bye gefilte fish Oops!
Bye bye table. Aaaahhh. *screams* Ew. It’s in my pocket! Ok Tzofi, do you feel like we
sufficiently blew up Passover? Yes! Goodbye universe!
Happy Passover!

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