26 thoughts on “Dr B M Hegde Excellent Health Secrects Latest”

  1. हेगड़े जी,
    आप मेडिकल की दुनिया के सन्त हो ,।।

  2. this is the first time i have heard you sir, you have given me more hope than you can imagine. thank you . my life i think takes a new meaning from now on

  3. Wow! Best explanation of hatred and bad health. Genius truthful man. Genius is ability to stick to the truth in the face of criticism or even abuse from other human beings.

  4. Why DOCTORS are not trained or educated for health care management and why the emphasis on treating the illness. Illness follows if HEALTH is not maintained carefully.

  5. Sir plz teach your BJP workers about love and affection………do u want a only hindu India……then Hindus will fight each other…….we do not need Hitler in this country….. because u ask vot for BJP…….

  6. I value Dr. Hegde much more than father of nation. His knowledge will help every one to be healthy there by they can save money from the criminal waste on conventional drugs. Other doctors can not say against and escape but here he can argue and prove his findings there by the truth will come out in public instead they just keep quiet. People must understand him and have good health of course following our traditional ayurveda and siddha medicines

  7. Dear Dr. Hegde, I have one specific request please. Many youngsters who are obese are largely getting in to "Meal Replacement Powders" (ex: Herbalife) kind of stuff. This is really dangerous to health. Can you please make one Video Sir. If you talk about it, people will take life seriously. Thanking You Sir…

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