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  1. Dorian Yates was natty vegan. Everyone knows this. He's a rare breed like Rich Piana. Most people are fake natties where as Yates and Piana are fake gear users. Dorian's physique is 100% obtainable naturally.

  2. Bs hyperbole……… even pharmaceutical grade androgens cause permanent systemic psychological and psychological changes and there is no going back….. most are ordering erroneously labeled “gear” online and inject it…. brilliant!

  3. Putting the kidneys aside, the elephant in the room in this interview is cardiovascular damage. Blood lipid profile flipping, left ventricular hypertrophy and coronary artery disease.

  4. He said in a recent video he has to keep taking a small amount of steroids cause his body stopped producind natural testosterone after all the gear he took therefore its dangerous for his health to have low testosterone soooooo in this video he was lying

  5. I think the effects of steroids are overrated to scare people form taking them just like what they say about marijuana too. Every drug is dangerous including paracetamol if taking excessively

  6. Sorry, I like Dorian and admire him but he is utterly delusional if he really believes neurofen is more dangerous than multi stacks of black market steroids taken by bodybuilders. Two young guys in my gym alone died from steroid abuse. He is justifying his long term steroid abuse.

  7. Dorian Yates fucking liar. When juice monkeys take Nurofen whilst on steroids or GH DOES – it does cause kidney failure. Look at Ronnie coleman, arnie, mike mentzer, momo benaziza, etc – they all have serious ill health problems or died cos of steroid use. FACT.

  8. As the body ages less testosterone is produced… so injecting a safe amount of test can only be beneficial… Surely no more harm than an ageing man on prescriptions for age related illnesses…

  9. Shrivelled balls and no natural test so you can look bigger for a while. Competing perhaps. Average joe at the gym, just why?

  10. comparing roids with nurofen..is dude for real. Ibprofen is fine if used correctly, any over the counter drug is harmful if take more than the prescribed amount. This guy is irresponsible.

  11. steroids will kill you eventually. They affect you at a molecular level and could cause cancer later on in life.

  12. The problem here is the guys who take the juice just to pose at the gym or on the beach to try and attract pussy (most women don’t find it as attractive as many guys like to think). Steroids and other bodybuilding drugs suppress natural testosterone, so unless you are very careful and use a proper PCT you’re going fuck with your natural endocrine levels and one day it will be time for your body and hormones to take pay back.

  13. Tablets destroy your kidneys man. Even creatine can destroy your kidneys. But he didn’t put shit into prospective. These people will never be 100 percent honest. Why is he in shit shape? He’s seen in the gym every day but looks like crap? Because he’s have a heart attack if he was training at even 20 percent of how he used to train. Sure pain killers can fuck up your kidneys but that is a weak argument in fact a stupid argeument! Steroids will eventually kill you. Next time you interview this guy ask him how many of his friends are dead or can no longer train due to steroid abuse

  14. To everyone here: If you aren't competing on the Olympia/Arnold Classic stage and you think you need steroids you are mentally messed up.

  15. The interveiwer is a BJJ black belt yes? I forget his name. About steroids, what is the best one to use if you wanted to jumpstart increasing muscle mass? Like if you were skinny and out of shape then started hitting the gym to look and feel better….is there a steroid one can use for a short time to assist in the process for a better physique? Thanks for any answers.

  16. I am shocked he admits to taking PEDs. I thought the official positin of the IFBB is that no PEds of any sort are used by its competitors.

  17. He claims his anabolic steroid abuse has had no detrimental effects, but it completely shut down his endogenous testosterone production and it never recovered; he said as much in another video. He's fortunate that he lives in a country where he can get TRT for the rest of his life with minimal personal expenditure due to the NHS.

  18. Sorry but Dorian is at best being willfully ignorant and at worst outright lying. I know people who are infertile, who are mentally damaged forever off just one cycle of the recommended dosage of steroids. People die all the time from steroids, and every one person that gets a physical injury from steroids, 100 more get mental illnesses provoked by them. Steroids are just not healthy or normal or acceptable.

  19. Yeah, I'd use steroids if they were legal. Not to the extent that pro bodybuilders did/do but I'd still use them.

  20. Steroids will ruin your endocrine system making you dependent for life.
    They will also enlarge your heart increasing the likelyhood of a heart attack when you are 40-50.
    Also lower IQ and cause depression creating over emotional (emo) weepy men from all the extra hormones.
    Shame on all steroid users who lie like this and downplay the negatives. That is worse than heroin addicts who will warn you never to take it.

  21. He's not being honest though is he. There's a long list of bodybuilders who died from heart problems and there are plenty with kidney problems too. He was lucky. That's all.

  22. LEGEND Mr Dorian Yates, if your considering using steroids and worry about the facts, do not take any other advice other than what it is in this video. Steroids have the worst stereotype and this is given by people who are ignorant to the world of Body Building. If you abuse them, you deserve everything you get however, if you respect them and use them correctly – it’s an amazing journey.

  23. Thing is, all the people whom I've heard died or suffered life threatening conditions from steroid use really were taking the piss.
    1) Aziz Shavershian cruised test, tren and clenbuterol and also used street drugs like cocaine.
    2) Steve Michalik, a famous hypocritical anti-steroids advocate stacked as many drugs as he possibly could and and at ridiculously high doses, and like Shavershian he cruised them year round.
    3) Arnold Schwarzenegger is more of a mystery but a lot of people say he was on Dianabol pretty much constantly from the age of 16.
    4) Rich Piana.. well I think everyone is familiar with the extent of his drug usage.

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