100 thoughts on “Dog Meat Market Nagaland India | Hornbill Festival 2017 | Vlog 3.1 | Peppy Traveller”

  1. Though the ppl are pretty and hancy the way they treat on animals not only dog it seems cruel ….sad to see 😢😢

  2. Dog meat is delicious marinade with lemon ,soy or teriyaki sauce, three table spoons sugar,salt to taste coriander leaves ,ginger and garlic .slowly grill over hot charcoals cut into bite size pieces dip in lemon juice and eat.goes best with tapioca.

  3. Nagaland is one of the motherfucking state in india..they are Jungli.fucking nagas die soon..coz you eat innocent dogs

  4. अगले जन्म में तुम भी एसे ही अपनी मौत की प्रतिक्षा करोगे


  6. When dogs are killed everyone is all worked up. What about the chickens and pigs and cows and goats. Slaughtered everyday. How absurd and nonsensical.

  7. Foolish people,why sell dogs!??!idiots, beef normal common sence was gone ☹😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😾😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  8. There are certain animals which are capable of displaying some form of human nature like feelings ,emotions .And if it displays emotions as near as human then u shouldn't eat it because thats cannibalism… And that animal nature will start manifesting in u if u don believe this u can see how caniballist behave in movies or in real life.we should consume food (1) firstly keepin our health in mind and (2)secondly in a most human way possible ..I am not sayin by this we should be vegetarian or vegan for this… But am saying we should consume food with minimum cruelty.. as possible..

  9. I respect nagaland but why kill that dog and eat if you did'nt respect dog than see dog will also not respect you
    dog are also living thing only they did'nt speak but understand everything

  10. In dogs ki Kiya galti thi jo Inke sath Aisa anniye Kiya ja Rai 😢
    Aur baki animals ne Kiya bigada hai kisi ka 😒

  11. N this is all fucking still going on continuesly in india… mother fucker…. Nagaland is a shit land… such a dick mentality people. eating dogs??? what the fuck is this. we hv to report this. our pm modi g he hv to take a strinct acting against this shit land. u all Naga disgusting people wait n watch karma will hit u back. bhosdike sala harami log. yeh Nagaland ko hata le madarchod atom bomb se uda de bhosdike.

  12. My heart paused when I saw the dogs tied up..
    But we can't force people what to eat n what not to eat. 😔

  13. Guys come on we cannot dictate someone else's dish on his plate. I also m a dog lover and I pet every dog that I see when I go out because I love them. I also have a male dog who cannot be sold at any amount because the happiness he has brought to my family is invaluable and the bond between him and our family is beyond measurable. However, the point is we are no one to decide what to eat and what not to. The Government of India wants the whole of India not to eat beef anymore and many have lost their lives for this reason and I know this is foolish. Let people eat what ever they want if it doesn't harm you.

  14. according to the all comment sections why dogs. i have a question are all of u vegan or not. if not then you guys are pretending to be merciful.

  15. They can eat anything they want , some people eat some not , like in india some eat beef some not. , its There choices

  16. I will eat up the naga people cutting them into pieces and also chew up their skin when they are alive stop killing dogs you fools

  17. Bunch of hypocrites in the comments crying about the dogs when they pay people to kill pigs, cows and numerous other animals everyday.

  18. you might curse me for eating pork too…but Dogs and pigs are different…Dogs are raised with love…eating pork is culture…My people are better than this…these are just some arrogant ones that give Zero Fs…a dog maybe just a part of your life…but for a dog…you're his whole life

  19. Dog meat is best. Good foe health. If you don't eat that's absolutely cool, if you eat even better. We are free to eat whatever we like. One's opinion cannot be shoved .

  20. Well In Kerala and most of South indian state they eat beef and in nagaland the eat dog ,pork so whats wrong

    In hinduism cow is sacred and in islam you can't eat pork everyone have culture so it's ok

  21. its very shameful.Eating the creatures made by God for taste cannot be considered civilized.I am against eating meat of any creature.Its not a culture.They cannot speak but they also feel pain,dogs are so faithful and in the video if we look carefully then we can see the fear and an urge for help.There is no excuse and explanation for such inhuman practice.We talk about humanity when it comes to a criminal and that criminal is punished according to the laws.If we cannot feel pity on such helpless creature then how come we will be able to undertand the pain of a human.I would rather like to die of starvation then earning money by butchering such helpless creatures.Its not only about this video,I am against it whether such practice is prevalent anywhere in the world and I also hope that most of the people understand that killing any creature made by god for our fun and taste is a shameful act.

  22. Don't be selected humanism …. We eat dog , we eat cow , we eat goat , we eat chicken . we are human the most dangerous animal . we are murderer

  23. I am from Nepal. I was feeling very sad when I was watching your video. I felt compassion towards that beautiful animals that they are selling for meat. Beautiful dogs were kept in seg..how they felt painful till death..beautiful birds were in cage…toads were in big bowl..hens leg were tight in stone..why this people even didn't felt mercy towards this animals..if I would there..I will buy all this animals and free them in the forest..Rip..hope Buddha will bless them

  24. Seeing those dogs tied in those rice bags just waiting to be killed
    Man the thought of that just breaks my gear

  25. Why don't foolish Indians eat human meat from their dead relations ? Wrost coutry ever that doesn't deserve to exist

  26. I don't see anything here that isn't done by people outside nagaland or in fact, in the world.
    If you aren't vegan, you can't condemn someone for eating a certain kind of meat that you don't eat. Pigs and cows have higher iq than dogs and are exposed to higher emotional stress when they are raised and killed the way they are.
    I don't eat dogs, but I eat chicken and pork and beef. So I don't go around judging and criticising people who eat cats, dogs and rabbits. And these animals look like that are all in quite reasonable conditions compared to other farm animals raised all over the world. Go check pig, cattle and chicken farms.

  27. Im a naga…n i dont eat dogs…i love them…its so heartbreaking to see this kind of thing happening in Nagaland…

  28. I think nagaland are so poor they don't get meat so they don't spare even dog n mice dogs are men's best friend by the way uneducated nagas

  29. Congratulations to you all, Evil 😈 Satan from hell writes:
    Thank you for making my job so easier than i think, thank you, you all are welcome to my world of fire 🔥.. Same like this i will burn you, i will cut you into pieces, i will smash you with big stones, i will cook you, even sometimes i will eat you too, but one thing you have to note it down 👇, in my world, there will be no sunday, i mean to say there won't be an end ok 👌 and it will be run everyday for the thousands and thousands years ok.. With Love and care Evil Satan 😈

  30. India is an unique country were we have
    Nepali Gurkha people
    Who Worship dogs
    For Kukur Puja.
    And there comes the NaGas
    Who kills dogs
    For Pet Puja.

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