Does Your Thyroid Need Meat?

Does Your Thyroid Need Meat?

Hi Sarah Peternell here with Family
Nutrition Services. I wanted to answer a question that I get quite frequently
from a lot of my clients and also from a lot of messages from some of my
followers on social media including Instagram the question is if I have
Hashimoto’s do I have to eat meat does it sound like something you’ve said to
yourself or maybe asked one of your practitioners before in my opinion the
answer is yes I do work with a lot of vegans and a lot of vegetarians who have
Hashimoto’s or other thyroid conditions who do not eat meat I find that they do
not get as well as fast as those who do consume animal protein and I just wanted
to be really honest about this because I do have people who choose not to work
with me because I I tell them that if they ask for my opinion hey I’m a vegan
can you still work with me and I tell them yes of course I can but I do want
them to know that they will not get as well as fast as people who are eating
animal protein and there are several reasons why this is true the first thing
is that your thyroid gland is made of tissue and a lot of cells this gland is
very very sensitive to all of the environment around it and it relies on
the replenishment daily of the essential amino acids that really can only be
replenished at that level through animal protein so it’s something that I want
people to think about when they’re really considering whether or not their
health is something that they want to get back and that they really don’t want
to face critical symptoms they don’t want to face these terrible symptoms and
side effects that maybe they’ve been used to for a long time take a really
good look at your diet take a look at what might be missing I support a
plant-based diet in fact I think that eating is many
as many fruits and vegetables whole grains legumes if that works with your
system is really one of the best absolute diets out there but I do also
believe that people with Hashimoto’s need animal protein in order to
replenish the tissue of the thyroid gland protein is what helps the thyroid
gland to heal when you have autoimmune disease of the thyroid your immune
system has been attacked attacking that tissue leaving little tiny holes and
chunks and nibbles I remember on my very first ultrasound of my thyroid my eyes
were popped open wide and my jaw was hanging down because I couldn’t believe
what I was seeing that she was showing me on the ultrasound my thyroid looked
like Swiss cheese I had so much damage done to my thyroid in my late teens and
early 20s before I was diagnosed that I literally was missing part of my thyroid
gland and that’s pretty common I think I think that atrophy of the gland
inflammation of the gland and even destruction of the gland can take place
and the variable amino acids and the protein that we get from animal sources
high quality animal sources like I’m talking about from grass-fed beef I’m
talking about from like wild caught fish including salmon organic poultry
pasture-raised eggs other proteins that maybe you don’t think of sometimes
including bison or lamb even ostrich meat I know it sounds crazy and organ
meats in particular these all have really wonderful benefits for your body
helping to repair the main thing is that your body probably isn’t getting enough
protein to begin with your larger muscle groups are using up a lot of that
protein and your digestive system is also using up a lot of those amino acids
in order to heal if you have leaky gut so the thyroid kind of gets you know
overlooked and missed in the process and so eating enough protein and of the
right types of protein is one of the fastest ways to get better so I am going
to be talking more about some of the macronutrients in some video series to
come I really want you to stay tuned for this information it’s important it’s
helpful and I think it’s something that’s
lacking when doctors sit down with our clients and they talk about the benefits
of potentially nutrition and how it can help heal the thyroid gland it’s not
enough just to focus on the vitamins and minerals in a supplement form that you
should be taking although those are important too it’s really important that
you know the right balance of protein fat and carbs and what each of these
groups can do for you and then where to get them from so today I just wanted to
answer that question for all of you who are out there asking me hi Sarah
I have Hashimoto’s do I really need to eat meat I just want you to know that my
answers yes I think you will heal faster and you will feel better and your body
will thank you for putting that protein into your body so check out the
resources page is my website there’s a link there to an awesome company called
butcher box and it they it’s literally the way that our family survives we
order meat from them every single week you’ve probably seen some my other
videos some of my recipes that I’ve been preparing and videotaping for you guys
we use the butcher box because everything is sustainably sourced
humanely harvested organic grass-fed free-range and it’s very affordably
priced and we get a pretty big sized box for our family of four so we have a lot
of omnivores in my family and it’s just really a great deal so I’ll be talking
more in the in the weeks to come and in the videos to come about what you need
to know about the right macronutrients to help heal eating the right
macronutrients to help heal your thyroid so thanks for watching and go back and
visit some of my other videos if you haven’t seen those that are up there
I’ve got some great new recipes one for a smoothie one for great brussel sprouts
even your kids will love and I’ve got lots of other information about
Hashimoto’s including one that I just posted recently about whether or not you
should be taking CBD oil if you have Hashimoto’s so check them out and I’ll
see you soon thanks

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  1. Check out this link to Butcher Box – a very affordable way to consume more healthy, high-quality animal protein:

  2. Great information Sara! This helps explain a lot about the need for protein in thyroid health! Thank you!

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