Does My Wife Know Black Culture and History? – Trivia

Does My Wife Know Black Culture and History? – Trivia

– You already know what the drill is. I’mma ask you some questions. First question. What is a Bebe kid? (dramatic music clash) – A bad kid! – Oh my God, what is–
(laughs) Dang, you look like you
was about to beat somebody! (claps)
(laughs) – You got, ’cause you didn’t think I was gonna get that right! – Oh my goodness! – ‘Cause I knew that one, yeah! – That shocked me.
– Yeah. – Right out the gate, I tried to throw that one right at you. The next question. Where did T’challa live? (gasps)
(dramatic music clash) – Wakanda! – Oh my goodness! That was a easy one. (laughs) – Yes!
– That was a easy one. You can’t, well, you
can’t just say Wakanda without doin’– (thumping tribal music)
(record scratch) (laughing) – Wait, nah, that was more
like a Powerpuff Girl. Do not, no, no, redeem yourself, don’t hide behind me. Redeem yourself.
– Okay, ready? (thumping tribal music) Wakanda forever. – That’s not the, I
mean, that’s part of it, but what else do they do? (thumping tribal music)
– Wakanda forever. (laughs) – Wait, so you mix
Wakanda with black power? – (laughs) Oh, sorry! Oh, wait. (thumping tribal music) (dramatic music clash)
– What, are you about to do a dance move? What is this? – I don’t know, what do you mean? (thumping tribal music)
(grunting) – Oh! (thumping tribal music) – The heck? You’re definitely not
bein’ in “Black Panther 2.” (laughing) Well, and I’ll give you a point for that, so that’s two points.
– Yess. – Next question. This is a Black History question. Who was the first African-American
heavyweight champion? (record scratch) Was it A, Muhammad Ali? B, Evander Holyfield? C, Rocky Balboa? Or D, Jack Johnson? – All right, all right, all right. So automatically, I take away two of them. – Okay, which ones do you take away? – I take away Muhammad
Ali and Evander Holyfield because I know what they look like, and they’re not overweight.
(record scratch) – You said they’re not overweight? What, this is the heavyweight title, that’s the class that they fought in. Muhammad Ali and Evander
Holyfield were both heavyweight– – So you’re tryin’ to give me hints? – No, I’m not, I’m just– – Okay, can you name the last three? – Rocky Balboa or Jack Johnson. – Now, I feel like it’s one of them because you don’t think that, I feel like you think I
would’ve gone for A or B, so I’mma go with Jack
Johnson, my final answer. – That’s your final answer? – Yes, yeah. – You are correct! (shrieks) Wow, I cannot believe that! Man, Jack Johnson!
– Yes! – That is very correct. – Yeah, you can’t mess with
me, three out of three! – All right, let’s throw
this one up in the air. What floor did Bruh Man live on? (record scratch)
– Oh, Mattie. – What floor did Bruh Man live on? – Mattie. – Everybody knows what floor Bruh Man– – Just give me a hint, who’s Bro Man? – He was on the show, Martin. – [Glory] Martin, I knew it. – Okay, so what floor
did Bruh Man live on? – You know, you can only
give me multiple choice. – You wanna have multiple choice? – Yeah, I do. – All right, did Bruh Man
live on the third floor? Did he live on the seventh floor? Did he live on the fifth floor? Or did he live on that eighth floor? – Oh. You see, my first guess
would’ve been third. I think it was the third. – You final guess is third? You think Bruh Man lives
on the third floor? Urngh!
(buzzer) Bruh Man lived on the fifth floor. – Fifth floor! – Go ahead and say that on camera, what your thing is, how
many floors did he live on? And you don’t urngh
(buzzer) because Bruh Man never
held up five fingers. He always held up four fingers. – That was a trick!
– And he said, Bruh Man from the fifth floor. – Man, go to the next one, you know that was a trick question. – It wasn’t a trick one! – Yes, and you know I
never watched Martin! – How you never, everybody know Bruh Man. And you know what Bruh
Man always wanna eat? (sighs) That’s a, this a bonus one,
you can redeem yourself! – Spam. (thump)
– Well. – Really? – No. – Oh. – He always lookin’ for some sammiches. All right. Just sing part of the song, “Lift Every Voice.” – Mattie! Who sings it? – What do you mean, who sings it? That’s the black– That’s what our national anthem is, that’s our, the black anthem! The official black anthem. – Can you give me a
hint, like start it off? Yeah, I’ll sing the first bit– – Like first lyric, all right. ♪ Lift every voice ♪ ♪ Higher than the mountain ♪ (dramatic music clash)
(laughing) – Oh no! Oh, but I’m gonna have– That might be, that was kinda positive, I can give you another shot. (laughing) ♪ Lift every voice ♪ ♪ And rejoice ♪ – Keep goin’. ♪ Farther than you can see ♪ (laughing) (snapping) (laughs) – What the heck? I have no like context or hints for this. ♪ Lift every voice and sing ♪ ♪ ‘Til earth and heaven ring ♪ (snapping) – You wanna finish the lyric?
(laughing) Finish the lyric! ♪ Lift every voice and ♪ ♪ Sing ♪ ♪ ‘Til earth and heaven ♪ ♪ Ring ♪ ♪ Ring with the harmonies of ♪ ♪ Heaven ♪ (laughing) (beep) – I think we should do a
dance move for this one. – Whoo! I’mma win this one. – The streets wanna see
you do the Harlem Shake. – Are we ready? – Represent it. (beatboxing) (thumping beats) Whoo, child, what is? (thumping beats)
(laughs) That’s your Harlem Shake? All right, all right,
(record scratch) babe, stop, stop, stop. Stop. – What, you show me! – That joint looked a
little rough, you know? You feel like you need a
something or something? – You show me! – When you go to get
love, when you get like, I need a massage. First of all, like I said. You gotta, you gotta
dust off that shoulder. Ooh! ♪ Break down ♪ – [Glory] That’s what I did! ♪ Break down, break down ♪ – And you got, your mouth was part, you was lookin’ too focused! Hey! ♪ Break down ♪ – [Glory] Mattie, I was doing that! That’s a point! (beep) (goofy music) (beep) – No, this! – (laughs) I just can’t
move as smoothly as you! Come– (thumping beats) – Left-right, yo. ♪ Break down, break down ♪ – There you go. You do it a little bit. And then do it fast. (thumping beats) Oh no,
(laughing) you’re twichin’ way too much. I’ll leave that you all if you all wanna give
her a point for that. Last question, multiple choice, black history, do you get it? Who invented the traffic light? Is it A, Garret Morgan? B, Thomas Edison? C, James Clerny? Or D, Jim Brown? – Jim Brown. – You said that way too confidently. – I’m confident. – Jim Brown?
– Yes. – Is that the blackest name
out of all the people I picked? That’s why you went with Jim Brown? – No! I can swear, I remember that, I remember learning that somewhere. – That’s because they honor
Jim Brown at the Super Bowl because he is a football player! He’s runnin’ back, man, he didn’t make– (record scratch)
I mean, Jim Brown, I ain’t tryin’ to knock your intelligence, but I’m pretty sure you
was truckin’ people, you wasn’t tryin’ to
truck the traffic light. The answer is Garrett Morgan, man! – Oh, Morgan-ah! – What you mean Morgan-ah?
(beep) You failed miserably and
now you gotta figure out how you gonna redeem yourself. – I’ll redeem myself in the kitchen. – Oh! Oh, bet! Bet! Bet! Let’s see about dat!

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