Do Fruits Make You Fat? Don’t Be Afraid of This Food Group

Do Fruits Make You Fat? Don’t Be Afraid of This Food Group

You’ve probably seen an ad like this, and
think that bananas are the cause of your belly fat. And if you didn’t know, fruits are mainly
carbs. Everybody’s talking about cutting out carbs, so we should cut out fruit. Am I right?
No, no, don’t do that. Your body’s not going to like that.
I’ll show you how you can enjoy fruits and still lose weight. If you want to learn how
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The only way to lose weight is to be in a caloric deficit. If you’re new to the channel,
I’m happy you’re here. My name is Vivyen. I’m an online fitness and nutrition coach,
and my clients eat whatever they want. I make sure they’re in a caloric deficit and they
lose weight, so long as their metabolism is healthy.
A caloric deficit is basically eating less calories than your maintenance calories. Let’s
say that you maintain your weight on 2000 calories, and you’re able to lose weight on
1700 calories. So long as you eat 1700 calories in a day, you will lose weight, regardless
if you’re eating fruits, brownies, or chicken breasts. Comment down below if this makes
sense, or if you have any questions. Fruits can actually help you lose weight,
because they’re filled with fiber and water, which helps you feel fuller longer. They’re
also jam packed with vitamins and minerals, so that your body is functioning properly,
like a well oiled machine. And, they’re sweet, so they are really nice to eat.
And, so what if fruits are carbs? Carbs are just one of the three macronutrients that
fuel our body. And, if we go back to the bucket thing, one gram of carb is four calories.
So, if you fit fruit into your daily caloric deficit, then you have to lose weight. It’s
the law of thermodynamics. You can’t break a a law. It’s like trying to break gravity.
You can’t break the law of gravity. Nope, I tried.
If you want to know how many calories and macros you should eat to lose weight, then
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So, we know that fruits are good for your health, because they have fiber, vitamins,
and minerals. But what about bread? Is bread good for your health? Will bread make you
gain weight? If you want to find out, hit the notification bell so you don’t miss my
new video next Thursday. I really like fruits. I don’t know if I have
a favorite, but I really like mangoes and apples and white nectarines. Oh, they’re so
good. Comment down below if you have a favorite fruit.
Thank you so much for watching. I’m grateful for you, and I hope your life is filled with
gratitude too.

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