100 thoughts on “Do dogs like Vegan or Meat better?”

  1. My 10 years old Maisie has been vegan since last October. We adopted her last June and she had allergies, vomiting, horrible fur. She gets cbd oil for dogs. All her allergies are gone, no more puking and her coat is back in one of her bald ears while the rest of her fur is so shiny.

  2. they can, but it's unhealthy in the long term for them. they should eat raw, they are healthier and live longer that way.

  3. Vegan for humans .. Meat for dogs and cats… Let's not our personal judgement and opinions overtake the food chain cycle. I am a Vegan but my dogs and cat eat meat everyday. That's normal. Ofcourse they enjoy fruits and vegetables but for a canine meat should not be replaced

  4. Vegans make me laugh they dont want to eat meat but try to replicate it in every way and its not the dog prefers the vegan burgers they just went to that one first.

  5. These dogs looks so happy with life they are so lucky to such an pawsome owner like u thanks for doing what u do rocky

  6. You should do a video with Rosanna Pansino and bake cookies for your dogs and for her dogs, Cookie and Blueberry Muffin.🐶

  7. I am a vegetarian & know puppers are carnivore so I never feed my vegan food but I know they want me to share as it smells the same 😉 Love you Happy Homer…..I need to just adopt you 🐾💖🐾

  8. The impossible burger is disgusting! They said it would taste like a regular burger but it really doesn’t. Mine tasted completely like peanuts, an overpowering taste of it at that. I know it’s vegan and I shouldn’t have expected much but saying it’s going to taste like a real burger and that there’s no difference is a lie. It was definitely an experience I would never like to try again 😂

  9. I think Flip liked both burgers. He could only eat one at time and happened to be near the Impossible Burger—so he went to that one first.

  10. Flip is so cute how did u manage to get a dog that beautiful
    ( dogs are my favorite animals IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE Mr. Kanaka and my other favorite are animals related to dogs) do u like my icon its * in a baby voice * a cute wittul pug

  11. I’m Vegetarian 🌱I’m Sorry No Way I Would Put My Dogs In Vegan Lifestyle I’m Sorry 😐 If People Out There Feeding Their Dogs Vegan Lifestyle
    Dogs are meat eater and I work in a Dogs Cats and Wildlife shelter here In Australia 🇦🇺
    Ps Rocky I Love What You Do Mate ❤️

  12. My bestfreind has an adorable Sweet seinor dog and she is really old so if they are looking for a new pup when she passes, i will recomend adopting from one of the shelters you sponser because they have gone to Texas and canada and who knows where to get dogs

  13. I have to tell that only one what was really chosen was that eaten by Chivaua, because he smell both and choose. Other was choosen just by side .. if you swap the side both dogs will eat beef …

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