alright guys first I got the water
boiling for the potatoes and some eggs and I got the oven already hot because I
got one of those newer ovens and it just takes forever to get hot but these are
the ingredients that I’m making because I’m making the seafood boil in um
bloves sauce so I’m gonna go with these ingredients real quick so and all of
this stuff is online guys on bloves channel so I already have the these
spices right here because it was just easier to do it and prep it the night
before but yeah I got parsley guys I’m trying to go slow cuz I don’t want to
confuse y’all if y’all a beginner cooks though so this is parsley you want that
as garnish at the end of it the next thing I got is cayenne pepper that was
ingredient for um B loves sauce I have ground ginger this was an ingredient and
you can do fresh ginger as well but I just chose ground ginger because
obviously it was easier guys to use so that red crushed peppers I use this I
use it here in there for like my own greens and stuff like this is something
that most people probably having their cabinets and I’m just gonna keep on
going like I said I’m going slow for y’all um lemon pepper this was a
seasoning and this is interesting because it’s pepper and it’s lemon you
know a lot of people use this for lemon pepper at wings so yeah this is a
ingredient for her sauce black ground pepper I know how they all have this
y’all really cooked most people have black ground pepper but
yeah onion powder this is a season I use this black pepper and I’m garlic just
about everything that I bake every meat that I bake whether it’s chicken or
anything I use these three seasons so these are my main
seasons but yeah onion powder this is in her sauce chilli powder I only use this
when i make chili really but yeah this is ingredient here her sauce also
paprika I use this sometimes it’s got a little you know under underlying smoky
taste to it but this is another ingredient and garlic powder that’s one
of my favorite season is I use all the time old bay yeah this is a basic basic
seafood seasoning as you see it got the chicken and shrimp and the crab so most
people use this season season when they’re cooking seafood whether it’s
fish or shrimp or whatever but yeah and I used Larry’s I just use a little salt
though so yeah those are her main ingredients for the seafood boil
this is the oven bag right here I’m gonna use it’s called
turkey bags you get this one food line and I got some Worcester sauce hot
sauce vinegar and I know this seems like a lot of guys because it is but
it’s gonna be worth it I got chicken broth some chopped up onions and some
already chopped up my my garlic see I already chopped up my garlic guys my butter of course you got to have the butter
for the butter sauce so I’m not using the sticks I got the
tub I’m just gonna measure it out okay so that’s what we’re gonna start it guys and this is all my seafood right here
you see I got these two um king crab legs packs they are from UM Walmart I got
I’m using three bags of shrimp and I’m using two two things of Turkey the
turkey sausage cuz I don’t really mess with pork or beef like that and that’s a
little lobster tail that I had left over from my last video so yeah that’s all my
seafood right there that I’m gonna be using guys all right guys I suggest you
get a bigger pot I was too lazy to rinse out my biggest pot but right in there is
the corn the potatoes are at the bottom and the sausage is boiling right now you
just gotta let it boil down about 15 to 20 minutes and I got some s cuz I am
doing a mukbang so um yeah I’m just letting that stuff boil right now
and next I’m gonna start working on the bags all right now so you see I have my
butter right here in my measuring cup so I’m gonna start off with some organic
bone broth chicken broth I’m gonna put I say about a cup in here
id say about a cup sorry for the splashing guys just ignore
that okay yeah bout a cup to a cup of and a half
of um chicken broth give me a lot of flavor
Next I’m gonna use garlic fresh garlic guys so I’m going to go ahead and give
it some of this fresh garlic of me here it’s splashing y’all gonna get um yeah
used to this splashing this is a lot of ingredients yeah it’s like everything is good next im going to go in with some
fresh onions then I cut up I prepped a lot for this guys if you want to prep
it will it’s a life saver to prep all the seasonings that I mixed up guys as I
said this is going on bloves um on her um channel that she made about the
sauce she got an actual video about the sauce so yeah that’s my seasonings right
there and I’m making another one for my husband so that’s what I’m gonna use
everything’s I’m just portioning this out let’s go get that a little stir look at
that stuff a little stir stir it up yeah I’m gonna take a lemon and just squeeze
this thing right here I need to get one of those lemon squeezer things so
probably don’t do this because this is a very fresh lemon anything it’s hard to
pretty hard to squeeze oh yeah it’s a very fresh lemon guys it’s not the
easiest probably need one of those lemon squeezer things I like fresh lemon better
than lemon juice though I don’t know it just tastes better to me
so yeah lemon juice next im gonna use some Worchester sauce couple drops of
that some apple cider vinegar this works
really well I use this here and there about two tablespoons of that franks hot sauce guys I love this
stuff put it on everything like the girls say in the commercial do it a few
dots of hot sauce so yeah thats my sauce for the most part my butter
sauce please get that a little stir and I just let yall get a good little look at
that if y’all can’t already see it that’s what I’m gonna be um boiling the
seafood in so next I’m going to UM go ahead and start giving the bag prepared
alright guys so right now just placing the crab legs in the bag that’s what I’m
doing first because I just rinsed them off first so there they go
sitting there in the water I’m just rinsing them off just um making sure
they’re super you know residue free alright y’all so right now in the bag I
have a lobster tail I got the shrimp and the crab legs right now in the bag so I
am going to add the potatoes corn and a sausage necks so this is the corn the
turkey sausage and potatoes going into the bad guys so yeah and then I’m gonna
go ahead and pour the sauce over see some garlic
will get stuck down at the bottom so you gotta shake it off scrape it out just to give
you a look over what it looks like right now alright this is the last part in
this video as far as the recipe and me cooking I am about to cut this oven off so this is it this is it guys if you can
see it but those are the that’s the boil right there and I’m gonna meet you guys
at the table what’s up y’all hope y’all can see all this is you know
I’m ready to dig in guys it’s about to go down up in here so let me just tell
you guys what’s been going on me Ill get in during the course of this video but
you know see I got um I got the crab got the crab and B love sauce shout out
to UM blove I got a lobster tail right here is dripping with sauce if y’all can
see that I got this sausage is I got shrimp and I got the corn I got the corn
right here it’s hot but all right I’m ready to eat guys yeah I got some
potatoes so I got this it’s about to get messy I don’t know what I want to eat
first but I’m just so excited so let’s just get I guess to the shrimp yes let’s
get to the shrimp guys so I’ll tell y’all what’s been going on me so my
husband and I went to the doctor yesterday for those of you
no we are trying to have a baby but have a little trouble and went to the doctor
a male doctor I’m sorry until male doctor oh my god this sauce it’s great
shout out to blove it tastes really good yeah it’s really good
no um I’m not going around it’s really good
oh my god but um no doctor and basically they um they did exam on
him the type of exam I don’t eat the end ends I’m from North Carolina guys
I don’t eat any ends but yeah went to the UM no doctor and they did the exam
exam the exam that men and don’t like you know gonna talk about I don’t get into
it but um my husband wasn’t excited about
that exam but it needs to be done you know so we can figure out he’s healthy them
you know everything like that about get into this crab baby was king crab she
was good with this I haven’t had crab in a long time guys oh my god um
crab is so expensive you know I have ahead in a long long time it’s so
expensive to me well that it’s worth it sometime you got to spoil yourself it’s coming
right off the shell it is so tender yeah but what was I saying oh yeah
I did that exams on him they asked him about his history you know that because
I got checked out by a female doctor and they said I was mine you know it was
nice but it was a girl in there doing she couldn’t even take my husband’s blood yo
because she was so busy caught up like you know I guess she was I can tell
you know I can just see right through people and she was like flirting with my husband
what I can’t take his blood I can’t do it I’m like but all you gotta do honey
is stick the blood in there I make stick the needle in there and
take their man blood this is your job and you can’t do your job because focus
on my husband I mean it pissed me off though it was like wow honey really oh
my god this is this is delicious you know it tastes just like the restaurant
I went to my first seafood boil restaurant herein north carolina about a month ago it taste just like it’s real good though
but um yeah chickening do our job mr. its a shame obviously he’s here he married
and you so busy caught up like that you can’t even draw this man blood and you went to phlebotomy I can’t pronounce it
it’s cool you know put the needle in the arm and draw the mans blood so it’s kind
of crazy that you can’t do your job all right
yeah call yourself being attracted to my to my man yo you know I don’t know
that’s crazy but people gonna try it anywhere you go
try it you know whatever but it’s it was just crazy I wasn’t expecting it and it
doctor’s visit no she was like let me see your arm
let me see your wrist let me see your hand why does hand got to do with
his arm up there that you gotta draw his blood that is crazy so disrespectful but
yeah call another nurse in there just to draw his blood no cuz it I’ll call her
nurse you know she’s a you know lady that draw blood so actual nurse or RN
came here to draw his blood baby turkey sausage if you are into beef and
you think beef is the next best thing honey you need try this turkey sausage
because it is poppin but anyway oh yeah somebody in there took his blood they
called back today say everything is wrong this blood cuz I guess they won’t to
make sure your hormone level everything to do his prostate obviously the chick
that did not meet yesterday so near him mmm corn is hot it’s sweet and it’s
juicy don’t tell me but um they got to do another you know I’m analyst on him
so we gotta wait about six weeks to see the doctor again see what’s going on did they say this count is real little I
don’t know why my nose is watery this is so good I mean it tastes just like the
restaurant guys it tastes just like the restaurant I’m
not lying all right anything I mean it just tastes
just like the restaurant I don’t know how she got this recipe down so right
but it is incredible I’m just like it is so good right now well huh the corn is just oh my god could you see a sweep laughs that’s
pretty much all we waiting on you know it’s kind of a shame that you
got all these girls out here having babies by me and they not even married –
I’m sorry but as a married woman that’s that’s just what I think in my mind I’m
like that’s crazy and they actually planned these babies
by um man it ain’t not married – you know it’s just crazy but a married woman
try and they have issues – life is crazy right crazy we live in a generation
where baby by marriage I mean what is cute about that I mean
cuz my you know my grandparents and stuff would’ve been like oh honey that
ain’t Joe her husband that is not cute baby but these girls right here wear it
like a badge of honor on Instagram and stuff having babies by me and it ain’t
Mary – its kind of crazy I think you look stupid if you ask me but hmm that’s just me make sure you are in a
fully committed relationship which are you know spouse mm oh girl don’t be plan
this stuff is really good you know I think my new addiction right now look
well yeah you want to bring a baby into the world like a sure they got stability great love spiritual relationship a
spiritual union you know you don’t just bring kid in this world it’s a chaotic
mess and you’re a dog mmm cuz it’s a lot of older women you know grown women you
know some older than me being on baby mamas and I just think it’s not fair and
it’s not right should thank that that’s cute at age did
you know especially good Rome you know I’m not coming on your early
20s so girl how babies by me after they
think you want eating them and all that stuff just something do and got Mira
couples out here trying and they struggle I was just crazy I thought this
world is so backwards man everybody want what they don’t have the girls that
having babies out of wedlock do want a husband but they can’t get that so they
have the baby doing the girls in Meerut just want a baby hurry oh let’s get messy up in here your own
water I know when I would hit I’ll be right
back y’all thirsty honey I’ve got my water oh my god oh my god this stuff is
so good yeah y’all gotta try this I’m not lying for real thrill fruit be love
is a genius man this stuff it’s so good it tastes just like the restaurant you
can’t lose by making your own it’s it is expensive I’m not going to
lie these two crap patch like 16 9 a piece from Walmart but I don’t go to the
you know to the seafood market you know they get the fresh seafood yeah I don’t
think they’re but well yes expensive but if you collect it and just add up I
don’t know I’ll buy something every week putting on my freezer but anyway you got
all these girls having me baby out of wedlock like his cute Instagram model
after Instagram model celebrity after celebrity regular people I’m just like I
need to stop yo I don’t think this is what God intended us to do no kids in school you know my and going back and
forth between different households their parents are you know you know what kind
of setup they got and they come to school and bring all that aggression and
just confusion because their parents got it’s a mess at home so I think we could
do better as a community of people let these girls know that this is not you
stop doing this it’s actually Mary people that try to have babies
struggling with it well I’m not saying it’s our fault
I’m jealous I never know I don’t want anybody else baby my mind I do not want
to do that I don’t want to have a baby by me and it’s not my husband could I
want to add itís a strong support of God won’t be there for me you know be in my
life my kid’s life and do the right thing one group the one household died
in the middle you know so we’re just seeing what I see online nowadays it’s
just disgusting I’m disgusted by this generation cuz they okayed everything
you can’t say nothing about this you can’t say nothing about that
oh oh oh you say something everyone huh yeah nobody but my brain what we’re
gonna pray for you hmm okay looking first like this you’re not gonna act like this all right
take me everything cute everything is not cute young but we know hopefully
they check him out everything’s dead for more fun I mean
the doctor said something that blew me away
I think so I was always calm I think this calls for an official insemination
y’all heard that time where they say they take some his sperm and the good
sperm does not all squirmy you know I guess good and I could see
under the microscope get the good stuff inside of him I was like wow that sounds
really scientific ready for something like this doctor
look like is ready for me to take it down but stuff like that you know you
don’t don’t have to go that far to do well I guess it’s like one day I do what
pushes back home and a nice lobster shells get me there
they’re got going on do this then turn around and do that to me you know ones
in this is really a Christian um you know upbringing it is
really quite different from what you ever thought you would you know to you
know I mean I know Tom’s changed since our grandparents raised us and stuff but
it’s really out there can be honest with you I’ve never thought about something
like that I know people do it all the time God mighty lobster tails are you
got a dick for that meat honey there you’re not easy
you gotta go in and get your meat honey and I had a deport it was well where did
mr. lop see I’m gonna tear this up it’s just awkward to even think about you
want to use that as a last resort because you just snap oh you pray and this is just gonna happen for me but
if it’s not happening and you keep praying you look at the doctor making
sure you’re okay you’re healthy that nothing is like crazy going on this side
of your body like crazy you know some people have a stuff going on that they
don’t even know about but everybody so it’s good to get that
physical and to make sure that you’re you know you’re really good down there
and both male and female take care of yourself
everybody get a physical once a year but do people do that mmm no I had a physical it’s just crazy
you know I hear a lot of guys don’t like to go to the doctor do get a self
checked up which is crazy everybody’s supposed to go male/female
your health is like everything that I mentioned me that ladies if you didn’t want to go doctor a
few years they did he didn’t tell me that I’m not there at least for a
physical that’s the every year damn that’s how
you know somebody don’t know the hell status let me talk about good they never
had a cold or something they just feeding that smoke – it’s all smoking
murals area bicycle – go get yourself checked up once a year that’s how you
know a lot of me and we carrying on STDs and stuff could they’ll tell you oh I’m
good I went to the dump you know I’d never been sick and he never had a cold
I ain’t never had the flu before like they’re trying to justify how healthy
they are no they do not know they just want you to you know believe that you
know some people are too cheap and pay for their own exams there are people are
people we need to be healthier for real mm-hmm this seafood is so the it obvious
enemy seen hey baby I’m telling you honey
I mean the sauce is every end at a restaurant home it’s nothing I mean yeah
yeah you got man you don’t like cook yeah but it’s worth it man this is like
I feel like I’m being spoiled like 2.0 I feel so small you guys I know life real
I am look I’m a big girl but I just don’t have the biggest appetite so small
the peoples calling me probably have a bigger appetite like I’m just getting
full so easy I didn’t eat breakfast this morning
and I’m getting full from this but I own sausage is everything it’s
everything on the turkey sausage it’s going to be not or at poor stuff but
turkey sausage it’s so good lots of tail good well-beloved
do her thing with this sauce big ups to him she ought to be a millionaire for
making this I think she in the media I think I’ve seen something about you been
here girl this is a genius I mean it’s just I just feel so small
but you know no I deserve to be spoil him so much some really well I’m back to
the baby damn thing we are working on it trying to stretch trying to live a
stress-free healthy life and do the right things you know you know the right
things drug-free stress-free you know all that health healthy stuff you know
health is wealth honey telling you good God Almighty see I like going to
the inside of these um you know I like getting deep within with these crab legs
it is it is Missy but it worked it baby I’m telling you that meat is everywhere
look at these on pause oh I know they were bite the crap out of somebody
I think brain wilderness did something where um feel like a lobster bite him he
let a crab bite him and he said a crab by it was much worse he said it was so
painful these small things don’t be playing I’ve seen them cuz I watched
something that um animal stations on YouTube I’ve seen them in the ocean they
put like some chicken legs to catch them you know crab eats chicken that’s not
playing look I catch some underneath the seat
these things were tearing that chicken leg it was raw chicken legs
cheering him up baby oh lord have mercy don’t with Tanana shaking it up with
their little paws they eat crab early me one of the get so big if you won’t put no butter in your corn
you don’t know what time it is I’m telling you it is everything so well oh
so well together my favorite from his plate honestly there’s the corn the
turkey sausage I’m like y’all but I’m just telling you Oh crazy but we gonna
have this baby I get feeling stay positive you know keep putting God first
everything will work out stay healthy you know doing the right things even
better than this I don’t like this on camera I promise I’m working on it y’all
better know a lot of things that probably not the best book but it’s all in there just just doing
the right things in life praying every day being spiritual making decisions but
people doubt me Bob Lee you know I don’t put myself out there to be involved with
too much anybody really but he’s being careful I’m I I make right choices on I hope I don’t be so weird so Marie and gently me I
just can’t imagine somebody checking me off god I’ve seen videos homie love
songs I thought they were just like no just dinner but this stuff is so
ridiculous you ain’t tried issue are bugging out yo
alright the shout out to a girl who is we love shout out me for this sauce girl
do domain my husband I love this no no no it’s good well it came out
perfect we all want someone who’s just try this
recipe y’all it worked so well who I left me Evan about 45 minutes ago it’s
sweet you know part of that natural sweetness to it it’s buttery its juicy
it’s addictive it’s everything babies everything oh yes I’m gonna get in trouble with
this I was thinking about trying at home I think it’s done blue crab I never had
that before I know a lot of I know it’s popular in
Maryland but I never had it for us I was thinking about trying it I wouldn’t know
how to eat it but it looks delicious I’m a seafood lover seafoods every day
yeah Tyler you know it’s ticking all the time you know and this is just different
for me hmm all right y’all that’s cotton wool if I was eat all this honey
I might pass out and gonna be healthy right so kind of done so y’all please
subscribe to your girl channel there’s a new channel that subscribe button hit
the like or comment below tell me tell me guys we’re talking about this video
though on the recipe excuse me I still put it down there below for you guys
that wanna know guard see y’all next video bye


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