Discovering the Best Biryani Delivery in Delhi | Indian Street Food | Served#09

Discovering the Best Biryani Delivery in Delhi | Indian Street Food | Served#09

Today, more than ever, we depend on deliveries for our food Go to some app, press some buttons and your food is on the way! Alright, may I know your contact number, sir? 81301… …44401 Alright sir! Yes sir, what’s your order, sir? 2 non veg and 8 veg… Alright sir! It will take maximum 45-60 minutes to deliver, sir! Thank you for placing your order, sir. Have a great day sir! And if it gets a little delayed… …we tell the delivery guy – “You drive slower than my grandmother!” But have you ever wondered, how things are on the other side of your app? What it takes to deliver fresh hot food… …to your door step! That is what, I am here to find out! Today, we are at Biryani Blues and we’re going to find how deliveries are made! Come Shashank, so this is the Biryani Blues commissary This is where it all started! How did it begin? How did Biryani Blues as an idea begin? So, Biryani Blues… …well both me and Aparna… …we are the co-founders of Biryani Blues! We’re both in corporate jobs When we decided to start Biryani Blues… …it was like what every employee who wants to turn entrepreneur thinks of… …let’s do something in the food business! And us being from Hyderabad, Hyderabadi biryani, we missed it a lot… …that’s how it started! Like, you started off in Delhi only? Yes, it started in Delhi only! Let’s just go through the kitchen! First, let me show you around! Okay! Well this is where…the first step of any good biryani is to have good fried onions! So, this is our whole section which fries the onions in house! It smells beautiful, it smells divine! What about here? What’s here? So, this is the hot kitchen area What you mean by hot kitchen? When you say hot kitchen, one is the cold area where you do all the dry stuff… …like your masala, grinding and masala stuff! This is the hot kitchen area which is … …which basically does all the gravy making… …and all the premixes, frying of onions and all that stuff! So all the hot work! It’s really hot! If you don’t know, it’s very hot! So, Naveen and this is Sheikh, our head chef! They stand in 45-50 degrees all the time… …and they are the back bone of the company! It’s been only 5 minutes and I am already sweating! So, tell us what kind biryanis do you make in here? Our speciality is Hyderabadi biryani! What is your favorite from Hyderabad? Hyderabad is the true biryani… Hyderabad is the true biryani, it has been said! This is the controversial topic now and I want your opinions on this! Is vegetable biryani, biryani or is it pulao? All our biryanis are dum cooked… …which is that the meat or the vegetables are raw… …when it goes into the handi before it is sealed So, that is the first and primary way of judging whether it’s a biryani or not But, I want to ask…YOU! Is veg biryani actually biryani? Or it’s just pulao? Genuinely, what does our audience think about this? I want to know that! There has been a huge change in terms of… …how restaurants now work Yes! There’s been a huge change in the landscape because we don’t live in Mumtaz Mahal’s time anymore! We now live in an age where delivery is the king! Earlier, the food was made in front of us and then it was served… …the people used to taste it and give their feedback That’s it! That’s the end of it! But, now you are very far removed from… …you live far away from your customer So, how do you take feedbacks etc.? How is that for you? Like as a person who is now making biryani? This takes us further from understanding things… …it also throws in a lot of data because now it is… …technology wise integrated, right? So, you know every time what is his favorite order… …is this guy not ordering our other products which are good but he hasn’t tasted them! We are very well supported by… …Shadowfax! And we run a big chunk of order through Shadowfax I am going to tell you how deliveries are done! Step 1- you order the food which reaches the call center… ..the call center people transfer your order to the outlet! Step 2- your food is prepared in the outlet in minutes Step 3- then the outlet gives your order to the delivery boys Step 4- it’s now the job of the delivery boy to deliver your food to you in less than 30 minutes! Oh please wait a sec, that order is mine! Actually, I wanted to talk to you! Please come with me! Call your friends too! I want to talk to all of you! So, you all are from Shadowfax… …which is a delivery service! How did you start as a delivery boy here? There was a friend of mine, who used to deliver food… …he advised me to get into delivery services! He used to work in Shadowfax earlier so he advised me! What’s so funny, guys?! What is your daily routine like? We come here in morning… …order flow is usually less in the morning… …but at the lunch time the order flow increases Specially in Gurgaon! At night, from 7 pm to 11 pm… …there are back to back order which we have to deliver! Friday night must be really busy for you guys? Friday, Saturday, Sunday…these days are very hectic! People want to have fun on weekends… …they want to have fun no doubt, but the income in these three days is also the highest! It’s true! Apart from that, you guys work so hard day and night… …tell us some of the funny incidents Sir, I will tell you one of the rider’s story… …he had this caller tune on his phone… …customer was calling him again and again just to listen to his caller tune! What was the caller tune? “You’ve called a lion but the lion will pick up the phone only if he wants to!” (laughs) It’s so funny! I want to meet this guy! Is there any incident that ever happened which you just can’t just forget about? Sir, once I was on my way to deliver the food in the evening… …there was a lot of traffic… …I was in a hurry because the order was getting delayed… …and my bike hit a car a little The person inside the car caught hold of me and didn’t let me go I told him, that I have to go, it’s my brother’s birthday today… … but he didn’t listen and took me to the police station forcefully I spent the whole night at the police station… …they took away my phone also… …I was not able to tell my parents anything Next day, police even didn’t listen to me … …the car person must have bribed the policeman It’s a request from our side to everybody who is watching… …that sometimes we forget that the person who is delivering food to us… …they are also human beings And they also want other people to respect them Do you want to say anything to our audience? Any message you want to give? We only want our customers to be polite to us. Talk to us in a kind way, it feels good then! I want to say that at least please give us the correct address! Please give the correct address! You also tell us something? You can say this thing is the middle… …tell them to subscribe to our channel! Please subscribe to the channel guys! I’m getting my work done too! Is your order getting late, brother? Yes! Actually, this is my order only! Can I get some cutlery please, production? Let’s eat some food! Thank you! Wow! So, what we do in our show is that… …we go to different places to try their food … …and then we rate the food! So, now we will eat the food… …and we want your special comments… …you guys can eat with spoon if you want, I am going to eat with my hands! Biryani tastes better when eaten by hands! How many times do you get a chance to eat your own delivery? If the order gets cancelled, then we eat it! How did you like it? Good? It’s actually very tasty! How many stars will you give? Out of 5? 5 stars! Now, I have to try this! Should I eat or no? Should I eat? Sure? They are insulting me! Eat this mutton! The food is amazing! I forgot to tell you guys… …that how is the biryani of Biryani Blues! I really liked it, and these guys also loved it! According to me… …three… …point seven five! That is my thing! Because it’s really good for mass production… …like if someone makes it at their home… …that’s completely different then! But, even after they mass produce it, it still tastes amazing, so according to that… …3.75 almost 4 stars… …but 3.75 is very good! And they have so many outlets which means you will get deliveries immediately Biryani Blues is my go-to biryani place! That’s how much I love it! Their keema biryani is amazing and it’s my favorite order! Biryani blues – keema biryani. BEST! If you want eat here, for two people it costs Rs. 800-900 approx. My favorite comment from last week is… …whoever said, I don’t remember their name… …but there was a person who said that they love the smell of their own armpits! He loves the smell of his own armpits, that’s what he wrote in the comments! I don’t know why! That is my favorite comment till now! This is my favorite comment ever! And finally… Like, share, comment, subscribe Like Comment Share Subscribe! Okay? Don’t forget! Till then I am Shashank and you’ve been SERVED!

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  1. A good veg biryani is actually a veg biryani not a pulao if you eat veng biryani in small shops then it’s a pulao

  2. Brother can you please stop showing things for money(with all the respect to good eateries) ..saw your video on al Nawaz.. definitely not worth the hype you created with 5 star..if you are true foodie, please show what you really like as after having the biryani at al Nawaz, we are able to get when you are faking your foodgasms.

  3. An applause just for the part where you sat next to delivery team. Yes i too have yelled at delivery boys sometime but felt really bad soon after

  4. hi Shashank watched your video,and loved your passion for food,i am looking for little help,i want to open a take away restaurant in franchise module,could you please suggest me some succesfull chains,i have budget for kiosks or 100,200 sq feet options,please reply whenever you have time

  5. Hyderabad is the true biriyani… Very true…… Kolkata biriyani is shit… Potato with no taste only lots of colouring

  6. There is nothing like veg biryani…it's only tehri not even pulao..if there are veggies it's only biryani..😎😊

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  8. Sir, Aap Kay Video Dekh Kaar Maara Pet Aur Paisa Barbaad Kiya Hai. Plz, Binti Hai Aap Say Mera Paisa Wapis Karo 🙏 Nahi Toh Lose Motion Kaarway Nay Kay Liya Case Kaar Dunga 🧐

  9. Bro please do visit Hyderabad…you're restricting yourself to Delhi and surrounding areas
    I'm sure you'll get better episodes in Hyderabad…Be it Biryani,Paya,Nihari,Mirchi ka salan..Hyderabad has everything to offer

  10. Pulao and Biriyani me ek "dum" ka difference hai.

    Pulao simple tarike se banaya jata hai

    Biriyani low flame pe, 'dum' de kar banaya jata hai, it is rich in flavour and more spicy than pulao

  11. shashank,hai bro,there is nothing like veg briyani.its just a garb.With soyabeans in it you think of ghosht in your mind and kind of deliberate illusion is created in our taste bud.Basically we fool ourself.

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