9 thoughts on “Dietary Supplement Snake Oil”

  1. your rant is pointless and ironic. would not like to be one of your pacient as you "facts" are so slim for an "educated" and smart individual. you wasted 2:17 mins of my time and the time it took to write this.

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  3. These are actual studies. What can be replicated is known as science. My boy here is putting the facts on the line so your OPINIONS aren't required but welcome if you just gotta show us how unread you are and Greger's voice is BITCHIN!

  4. You are an idiot , research it, the supplement industry has caused very few deaths and to my knowledge was a supplement from China in the late 70s called tryptophan. People don't die from supplements period and tryptophan was human error. Also there is not one pharmaceutical in the market besides antibiotics that cures any disease period. Though antibiotics are even faulty because of the patenting process .

  5. OK, let's really look at the stats then.
    According to our own govt statistics, hospital and physician mishaps cause over 400 THOUSAND deaths PER YEAR!!!
    This makes it the THIRD LEADING CAUSE of DEATHS!!!!
    Dr Shill, your comments could be a joke if they weren't responsible for so much sickness and deaths by themselves.
    btw, and be careful how you malign 'fish oil'…It does contain a substantial amount of omega 3.

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