DIET COKE vs MENTOS Trick Shot Battle!

DIET COKE vs MENTOS Trick Shot Battle!

before today’s video guys make sure you
watch to the very end because I’m gonna tell you about a huge giveaway I’m doing
so so watch off to the very end yes what is the favor to welcome back to
my channel today we are doing a little bit of a diet coke and mentos challenge
has been going viral all over YouTube Caleb and I bought a bunch of that coke
and hopefully enough Mentos and we have three challenges for you today
here’s challenge number one alright Josh we’re not sure if okay we’re not sure if
the small ones actually work yeah we’re going to test it test it first
quick test before round one yeah okay alright so challenge our woman is going
to be diet coke and mentos pong trick shot pong throwing Mentos into the
little ones from across the table now we’re using the little ones for this
round we’re using mediums later and the large one at the very end and I watch
that’s amazing and they’re trick shot video with Mendota saw how hard it is so
we’re gonna start off a little bit easy we’re gonna give ourselves a little bit
of a backboard for these shots to start out just to get the ball rolling and
then these challenges are gonna get harder so don’t worry okay so our
bottles have little little collars little back boards a little bit bigger
of an opening make a little bit easier so simple pong rules first person to
clear all three of their bottles wins here we go yeah it seems easy but I
think it’s doing pretty tough oh wow oh really tough we get off we’re gonna run
out of mentos oh yes all right that is one Cassie’s gonna go what did y’all do
Oh clothes that was in summer dude no that was in your frickin papers you have
bad back you please clear your bottle I’ve actually please clear the bottle
thank you no you’re quick save that one B forgets he fixed that oh I called that one a quick game one of
a quick game Caleb the only thing that sucks about this is if the table is very
much slanted this way and all of it is pouring right on my shoes maybe you’re
at an advantage here no you you’re eight you’re higher so you are able to have a
better angle science look at science do you know why Mentos do this oh good
ready for round two whoa what if I had said that sweet line
and then made it I would have been dope guys this is pretty satisfying this is
way better than just throwing like the backboard kind of makes it cool – yeah
the paper it’s definitely more exciting than throwing ping-pong balls into cups
okay now it’s finally a game thanks for stepping up your game funny no Caleb
okay well can you fix it for me yeah fix it no no fix my backboard Oh fix my
backwards it straightened up for me just straighten it up
dang it thank you so much yes okay I win round number one okay so after challenge
number one the score is one to zero challenge number two we thought what
might be too easy so we were we were like no we thought this would be so easy
that would be most in a minute and then we went for about five minutes and
neither of us got it so this is tough it is just throwing it
up it has to be above your head and catching it in your bottle first person
and do it wins we’re gonna alternate it’s not a race where’s gonna take take
turn is a race but we’re not going like five minutes to practice you’re sitting
over here for the longest time doing that okay well okay we tied we’re going at it again Cheers that was high I don’t know why I threw
it so high uh-huh it’s kind of amazing Pat doesn’t go in
we got really lucky I literally had Jennifer I’d really got it for five
minutes before miss miss miss I was like let’s just start supposed to start going
and then yeah we both kid it we both got it okay it’s true
oh okay so I won round one and I won round two but luckily for Caleb round
three is worth a billion points well billion 1 billion whoa so it’s
anyone’s game but first today’s a Wednesday which means we’re gonna break
actually this is a new world I’m gonna set a record for longest distance to
throw and catch a Mentos into a diet coke bottle we are at 42 feet you know he just
guessed it’s 42 feet that’s incredible thank you that’s
really crazy that guest I’ve been doing world records for long enough where I
guess I’m good at estimating length okay well there’s the world record for today
it is now time for round three which is worth 1 billion points cab yeah you
ready yeah okay okay no yeah I can do 1.2 1.2 mil
but that’s it okay all right call me back when you have it done no excuses
all right so where are we sitting these chairs for are we throwing our Mentos
into the tool hitter I understand it’s not that far apart have you think it’s
easy you do it as soon as your video gonna be the first person to throw it in
will win the entire video the cap still on here we go oh this is one of the childproof Mentos
cheese why do you need seven wrappers Mentos you’re not that special I don’t
know why I made this round worth the billion points yeah yeah we’re done to a
name what’s up guys you’re looking at the sky okay cool oh you’re just okay oh
my god you’re shooting a video as we speak so ask questions this is oh so the
question from Instagram Live was did we play high school sports I played one
year of high school basketball I played four years what a great Q&A 1 billion points are
you soccer no this video is a little silly not your typical Josh Horton video
but hopefully you enjoyed it drop a thumbs up if you been Bay Bay Bay Bay
Bay levy Bailey V is our Instagram shoutout for today yes she knew my
birthday October 14 he’s you quit live before that if you’d missed that so
anyone else watching thank you for watching the hair all these people just
give shout outs nice all of them nice go follow all these people hope you didn’t
forget about the giveaway I’m a little something for Thanksgiving I
want to say thank you to all of you guys I’m doing a giveaway for five juggling
balls three juggling clubs Josh Portland’s merch or teamcast merch
of your toys and we’re throwing all of it in the top port and juggling bag but
to win go watch my Instagram story and I will explain it all we’ll see you guys
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you all ready to ensure I’m shadow so click on those videos up top we will see
you guys later bye bro how did you miss your mouth and somehow knock off your

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  1. Haha this was fun! BIG GIVEAWAY on Instagram (@JugglinJosh). Someone who likes/comments on this video could win juggling balls like Patrick fun life did last video. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! See you soon!

  2. I finally made it in the first 10 min!!! Do u still give away juggling balls? I liked, commented in the first 10 mins, and I’m subscribed. I lOVE your channel!!!

  3. The comments: first to _____
    Me: actually not it’s all different for everyone it’s Youtube because someone may of already commented,liked or whatever but you won’t see it

  4. You r the best you tuber and I wish u a happy 1 million or 1 billion in advance it will just take 1 or 2 months to u Josh to achieve that feet

  5. Hi josh I am a huge fan been a subscriber since 120,000 subs can I win the juggling 🤹‍♀️ giveaway please I don’t have instagram,please!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Brother: That was DOPE!!
    Me: 🙄no one says that anymore
    Me: turns on YouTube
    Me: watches this video
    Me: sees 3:16
    Brother: 😑🙄
    Me: completely forget what I said!

  7. Did Cassie have anything to say about using so many bottles of Diet Coke since she likes is so much too? 🤣 Until I saw That’s Amazing’s video, I didn’t realize just how hard these shots were to make. How long did y’all take to film the entire thing?

  8. Oh man, I wish I had Instagram. I was so excited at the beginning of the video when you talked about it. I’d buy that stuff if I could afford it. Is there another way to enter, I have YouTube and TikTok to check for the giveaway

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