Delhi’s MOST Famous STREET Food … | #KrishnaNagar #FoodVlog #ShrutiArjunAnand #CookWithNisha

Delhi’s MOST Famous STREET Food … | #KrishnaNagar #FoodVlog #ShrutiArjunAnand #CookWithNisha

you’ve already listened a lot about Mumbai’s famous Pav Bhaji but here we came today at Kumar Pav Bhaji corner which in Krishna Nagar, Delhi which is popular for its delicious Pav Bhaji we tried this recipe here so many times so thought to share it with you too I came here so many times with her we love this place here we’ve come up to enjoy our weekend and we placed our order for it other than Pav Bhaji so many other recipes available here like so here’s we got out Pav Bhaji yummy butter floating over it so Ankur how did you like this Pav Bhaji? its not too spicy and butter ratio is perfect Pav is so well roasted and its too soft he couldn’t be able to wait to let it cool wait a little…served hot its Masala Pav in which pavs are dipped in Bhaji so lets taste it now now where you reached doing a food vlog? so many huge shops of Night wears here in Krishna Nagar also available in whole sale and available in so many varieties my favourite is this satin one now we’re going to do Rakhi Shoping

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  1. Phla Khana muh ma jaka taste to ana do phla he expressions dena shru ho jati hoo😂😂 strange yar In nano seconds u say wah mazadar ha how

  2. Find the fruit one..👇
    Mention the name of the fruit in the reply…

  3. Hahaha kumar pav bhaji…its near to my home..and lal quater market is famous …people frm dffrnt places come here to shop …samosa hub near kumar pav bhaji is also famous for 40 dffrnt typ of samosas…pasta samosa is my fav❤

  4. Me whase hi khata hoon wha pass me meri gali hai wha mera ghar hai uske pas ik cafe hut k bhi hai or cage cafe bhi whaan zroor jana

  5. Me Krishna nagar me rhti hnu or mera beta apka fan h aapki Sari videos dekhta h agr meko pta hota to me use apse milane jarur lati

  6. you should try amantran pav bhaiji in ahemdabad, it is one of the best that you would start licking your fingers, should try it , it is jivraj park, malav talav

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