Debunking Fake Cooking Videos 2020 | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Debunking Fake Cooking Videos 2020 | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann
Reardon and you asked me to make another debunking video. Now I thought it’s a new
year a lot of the channels we were looking at had some negative press last
year so maybe this year they will have turned over a new leaf and be doing some
good quality content … so I thought I’d only look at the new stuff they’ve put
up this year and see how we go. The first video that I looked at was
this one: 15 of the most creative pie crust designs. Now it looks to me like
this is just a repeat video of something I’ve seen before … let me just go to their
channel now if you go to any channel you can search on the channel so we’ll
search for ‘pie’ and yes, look they uploaded this exact video in September
2018 and it had 12 million views on it, so they’ve just re-uploaded the same thing
that’s just amazing I mean the algorithm shows people what they want to watch so
people must want to watch this and then have it re-uploaded and watch it again
right?? Well if we look in the comments it says the top comment with 90 likes
“seeing a video thumbnail and thinking that’s new content to watch” … watching the
video and thinking “never mind”. So they’re not impressed. Followed by the second
comment with 42 likes: “doesn’t anyone get tired of watching the same thing” and
then further down you’ve got riffki says: “I am so bored from the nonstop
repetition is there no creativity left?” Well that’s a good question for YouTube
because it’s their algorithm that is promoting all of this compilation and
copycatting and repeating and their algorithm that keeps shoving it in
people’s faces. The problem is though I guess that creativity takes time, it
takes time to think of new things and develop new things… whereas if you can
just copy someone else’s stuff it’s heaps quicker to do and in fact if you
can just re-upload your old content again that’s even quicker again so if they’re
going to reward that that’s what the YouTube platform is going to become
basically. Next lots of you sent me this video and yes they did copy my recipe
BuzzFeed did it too they copied it pretty much straight
after the original video came out after I put it up. What I think is funny about
these ones is what invented it I spent so long experimenting with all different
methods trying to figure out how I could make this work and I finally got it to
work in a way that I thought was able to be repeated by everyone else and then I
had these sugar bowls and like what am I going to put in them for the final shots
in the video and I just had some ice cream and some fruit in the fridge so I
quickly chucked 🇦🇺 that in the bowl and as I was editing I thought I wish I had have
had something nicer so that I could have put in the bowls for the final shot and
all these copycat ones all put ice cream and fruit in the bowl exactly the same
as what I did, they didn’t even improve on it … they didn’t add any creativity to it,
just kept it the same. Okay let’s look at some actual recipes this is a so yummy
one they have sweetened condensed milk in the microwave for 10 minutes and we
have easy caramel! Nope. This is not going to work I can guarantee you this is not
going to work. Well we’ll try it out anyway. Take some sweetened condensed
milk struggle to get the lid off tip it into the exact same jug that they used
in their video and microwave that for 10 minutes! Why are debunking video is always such a
mess? Look it’s bubbled and boiled over everywhere and I can hear it popping and
banging and it still got five minutes to go! I’m gonna have to stop it there I
don’t think that another five minutes will make any improvement to the outcome
here oh that’s a waft of smoky steam. Now because they copy each other
of course five minute crafts also has a sweetened condensed milk recipe but
their’s has a slight twist to it if you have a look they put their sweetened
condensed milk in a bowl but then they put that bowl inside a bowl of water and
then they put it in the microwave for eight minutes and you get caramel and
water that are clearly not even hot because you can just grab the bowl
straight out of the microwave but to be fair we should try this method too we
have a bowl add the sweetened condensed milk, put that into there well at least
that should keep my microwave clean and put that into the microwave for eight
minutes this time. Now a water bath in a normal oven ensures that there’s even
heating and that’s because the water itself doesn’t go over a hundred degrees
and it stops the outside of the bowl that the food is in from getting really
hot from the oven because it’s just kind of keeping that steady temperature but
microwaves heat very differently to a conventional oven so I don’t think it’s
going to have the same effect but we’ll just watch and see what happens.
No, that sweetened condensed milk is bubbling right up that’s going out of
the bowl and into the water … well at least my microwave is staying
clean this time Hmm, I spoke too soon and I’ve got to clean
the whole microwave again now Alright at eight minutes we have burnt
sweetened condensed milk. Now believe it or not you can actually
make caramel using sweetened condensed milk in the microwave. I don’t really
like the taste of it but just in case you wanted to know how to make it this
is how you do it: first of all you take a bowl that is big enough that it’s not
going to boil over, tip the sweetened condensed milk into the bowl put it in
the microwave and microwave it for one minute now take it out and stir it
because microwaves heat really unevenly so stirring all the way through is very
important then microwave that for 30 seconds this time and stir it 30 seconds
and stir it and do that a whole bunch of times so as you can see it doesn’t
really look super easy or super quick anymore to make caramel in the microwave
and it doesn’t really go with the nice jaunty music 🎼 Moving on now to “15 lazy girl hacks that
actually work” by blossom. How did she not react to the taste of ink in her mouth
and why did she just let it drool down onto her shirt as if she didn’t know
what was going on? This reminds me of the time that Link tried to consume edible
printer ink you know that the ink that you use to print out onto the sheets of
fondant to go on top of cakes so it’s it’s non-toxic but you’re not really
just supposed to eat it in bulk but he ate some of it thinking that was okay to
eat … “You get any?” See, that I think is a normal reaction anyway she gets the ink and wipes it off
effortlessly off her face and then gets a shirt and puts it in a bowl of milk
and the ink floats you wash the shirt and it’s as good as new!
Well what do you think? This actually works according to the title so let’s
give it a go. I’ll add some black pin ink onto the shirt then pour myself a bowl
of milk and put the shirt in and look the ink floats like magic and I can just
put it on the back of the spoon and take it out and once I’ve taken out all the
floating ink I can lift up the shirt and you can see it’s still covered in ink 😞 So
yes some of the ink floated but the rest is stuck to the t-shirt and doesn’t come
off even when you wash it. This next so yummy one was sent to me by Alexander
thank you for sending this one in. It says start the year simply with these
delicious 2 ingredient recipes. Now first of all
the first recipe in this had three ingredients but I’m just gonna skip by
that and let that one go. We’re gonna move right onto almond butter cookies.
It has almond butter add an egg stir it up put it on the trays and you make two
ingredient almond butter cookies. Interesting … can you see a problem with
this recipe? I can see a problem straight away. Well what we’ll do is
we’ll make them so that you can see what happens. So
there are two different types of almond butter there are ones like this that has
multiple ingredients in it like vegetable oil malted extra and almonds
are only 23% there, milk solids, sugar so lots of other things in there. By
comparison this one is 100% almonds with nothing else added in now the one in
their video was buy Wholesome Pantry and we know that because they clearly showed
it to us and now let me look up that brand because I can’t get it here … it
says it has two ingredients only almonds and sea salt so it’s pretty much 100%
almonds so it’s like the macro one so I’ll use that one. Add an egg to the jar
that doesn’t fit at all does it? Okay I’ve just tipped out that egg and got a
new one and I’m going to put all of that almond paste into the bowl and stir it
in a bowl. I know they like to keep it all looking simple by doing it in the
jar but it’s actually much easier to do it in a bowl. Stir it in and it’s gone
the same texture as their’s did, so it’s looking the same so far. And then I’m
going to put it back in the jar so I can get that shot that they did. Then
crisscross that with a fork and it’s time to bake them. “Biscuits or cookies… tastes like sand.” If you search up an
almond butter cookie recipe you’ll see that they are typically three
ingredients not two. Scroll down to the ingredients here and they’re supposed to
have six tablespoons of sugar in them for every one cup of almond butter even
then I imagine they’d still be pretty dry. “Just wait … want some water … yes”
Next in the same video they have a Greek yogurt bread, so they have Greek yogurt
and flour and mix it together in a food processor then roll out the dough cut it
a few times, bake it in the oven and look at rises right up into a beautiful easy bread. I’ll get back to the recipe side of that
in a minute but did you notice first of all the brand of the yogurt then? It was
Wholesome Pantry again. Surely this video must be sponsored for two clear product
shots by the same brand which I haven’t seen any disclosure for yet but if I go
right to the very end of the video it does say ‘with ShopRite’ and is that
enough disclosure? (oops spelling mistake 😣) “Hi I’m Amber Lee an attorney at the Federal Trade
Commission. Tell people about your brand relationship along with your endorsement …
put it early in the message our superimposed prominently on the picture …
again make sure to put your disclosure where people can’t miss it.
That is a whole different issue so we’re just gonna skip over that one and go
back to the recipe I want to try this one I’ll get some Greek yogurt. I’m not
using wholesome pantry because I don’t have that brand here and this whole
video is hashtag ‘not sponsored’ so we’ll put that in the food processor. It seems
easy so far shape it into a roll give it a few cuts and put it on a tray and now
bake that in the oven. For comparison purposes I’ve actually pre-prepared a
normal dough for bread which has yeast in it as well as the flour a little bit
of sugar so the yeast can feed on that and some other ingredients in there as
well that you normally have to make bread. Now I’m just going to weigh out a
piece that is the exact same weight as the Greek yogurt bread so that we can
do a side-by-side comparison of them baking in the oven. I’ll give that one
three cuts too and now we can bake them The one on the left is normal bread
dough and the one on the right is the Greek yogurt bread dough. The normal one
rises and expands as you would imagine as the yeast ferments the sugar and
creates bubbles inside the yogurt one has no yeast and know raising agents and
we didn’t need it so we haven’t developed the gluten in the dough so it
doesn’t rise much at all. Now compare that to the one in their video if we
reached at one baking in the oven it actually rose quite a lot for a dough
that had way of rising 🤔 let’s have a look what it
actually looks like inside, if we give that a break…
gosh that’s hard to break. It’s not bread texture at all it’s more like a solid
lump of I don’t know pastry maybe. I’m not even sure how to
describe this… okay let’s compare that one to the
actual loaf of bread. Put that one back together, now remember these are the same
weight this way is the same as this. This one is light and airy and fluffy and
this one is solid. Now if I break this one in two just rip that in half so that
you can see inside. That looks like bread you can see there are air holes from the
bubbles made by the yeast and by comparison this other one has no bubbles
it’s just solid but let’s get Dave to taste test this one too he’s such a
good sport 💕 “I can tell already this one is heavy, this is Lead Bread © this
is heavy. Hmmmmmm it’s sort of a little bit I think it’s meant to be like a
sourdough but it’s not really a bread texture it’s more just like Playdough
texture! Probably not meant to eat it. I’ve got a bunch more recipes here
there’s so much more I want to discuss with you but to be honest I have to be
on a flight in a few hours I haven’t even started packing it’s 1:00 in the
morning the rest of my family is asleep in bed and I’ve just got to call
it a day for today but let me know in the comments if there’s other videos or
tweet them to me if there’s other videos you want me to look at as well and I’ll
do some more debunking videos once I get back and get a bit of a chance. I just
want to say thanks to my patrons for all of your support you guys are amazing and
make these videos even possible in the first place. Thank you also to all my
subscribers make sure you do click on the bell and then click on all
notifications otherwise YouTube won’t let you know when I upload a new video.
So make sure you do that you can watch more debunking videos here.
Make it a great week and I’ll see you guys next Friday 😁

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  4. In theory bread can be made with no yeast, but it would need self raising flour and maybe kefir not yoghurt as it's a fermented product +a hell lot of kneading!

    An old fashioned recipe of rye bread I tried to make only uses a flour+water starter, but that takes 5 days to make!

  5. At least Buzzfeed's recipe's work. They just don't show how long it took them to get it perfect, unless it's Behind Tasty

  6. The Greek Yoghurt bread one is annoying. I make a flatbread with it.
    Flour, Greek Yoghurt, olive oil, salt & pepper. Mix to a dough. Then fry/cook in a dry frying pan. Makes a naan like flat bread.

    It's really cheap, filling, and easy to make.
    Came from a Jamie Oliver recipe originally I believe.

  7. That bread would rise the way it did in their video, if you put baking soda in the dough. That's pretty much how I make my soda bread 🙂

  8. I have seen a similar video for 2 ingredient bread and she used self rising flour and greek yogurt to make something resembling English muffins in a skillet

  9. These Type Videos on This Channel are my Favorites! I gave up watching all those fake just about anything video channels a long time ago!

  10. My dad makes caramel with sweetened condensed milk but leaves it in the cans and puts it in boiling water for a few hours

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  14. I commented on an older debunking video about another fake cooking channel with a "recipe" I fell for! The channel is called Spice Bangla and its for two ingredient chocolate fudge. They claimed that with just a can of condensed sweet milk and a baking chocolate bar, you can make delicious chewy fudge! Well I didn't know any better and tried it. Of course it just ended up a sticky, gooey chocolate mess that didn't solidify even after freezing. But you can warm it in the microwave quickly and pour it over ice cream:)

  15. to make easy dulce de leche use a pression cook and put the can of sweet condensed milk in there covered with water and let it cook for 30minutes lol YES ITS TOXIC. but its easy and edible

  16. I'm greek and I can tell you that NO ONE is using yorourt to make bread. This is just a shame to even watch them be so dishonest..

  17. To anyone interested, re-uploading content is against the user agreement.
    So your know, don't be a Shy Sheila around that report button.

  18. the bread one i originally saw as a bagel recipe from weight watchers and you use self rising flour. tbh the bagels made with self rising flour and greek yogurt aren’t bad but they do not taste or look like bagels

  19. I'll be honest: 1 a.m. sounds like a typical night for content creators. lol

    I do have one question, though: what is the wattage of the microwave that you used in the video to make the condensed-milk caramel?

    The microwave I use in my kitchen is a 1,200-watt microwave and I ask because I don't want the condensed milk to boil over too quickly or even burn. (not to mention: I've just cleaned it lol). Love your videos and your inspiring dedication to making tasty treats and to food education!

  20. Ann: takes a lot of time doing something orignal and neat
    Buzzfeed and 5 Min Crafts: “Hippity Hoppity this now my property”

  21. These types of channels are pretty pathetic. Reminds me of the fake news article sites that pump out trash and lies just for the clicks. I don't suppose those channels are at least dying like the news sites are?

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    PS. I love your debunking videos! ♥

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  24. Wow that's terrible, I make keto caramel with a little brown sugar swerve and butter, in the microwave because I make a keto caramel roll with an almond flour mug cake. I only cook my caramel for 30 seconds max and stir it and check it.

  25. Not ONLY do you spank them by proving that they're fake,
    but then you smack them around a bit by showing everyone how you actually do it…

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  29. I’ve saved many pairs of jeans by soaking them in milk for a few hrs and then wash it. It was a trick Abercrombie employees used.

  30. My mother made dulce de leche, by taking the can of condensed milk not opening it and left it slow boiling in water for a few hours. I thought she was insane! I told my husband she’s losing the plot! But a few hours later (she really did nothing much), she opened it and it was dulce de leche. Crazy! She said she saw this method on one of Martha Stewart’s cooking shows. I can’t comment on what may be leaching on the crema from the can, but it was certainly dulce de leche. I didn’t try it because I don’t drink leche 🌱🤷🏻‍♀️ so can’t comment on the flavor. But she said it was pretty close to authentic dulce de leche. Just be careful not to let the water steam out. But maybe this is a typical method 🤔. When I drank dairy I still hated this stuff, even fresh and authentic from South America 🤢.

  31. I do make a flat bread using Greek Yogurt but I add bicarbonate of soda to the flower and it makes a flat but soft bread, very much like a naan bread

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