Dealing With an Irate Postmates Customer 😡🖕🏻

Dealing With an Irate Postmates Customer 😡🖕🏻

What’s up all you side hustler food delivery
people out there Lakeland Lyfter here I don’t know the term is for you know
people who drive doordash and GrubHub and postmates and all that stuff you know
if you drive uber or lyft it’s called rideshare driving I don’t think that
really applies to delivering food as a you know free agent or whatever it is I
don’t know side hustler food delivery person doesn’t really have quite have a
ring anyway so you know I’ve been doing Uber and lyft for about a year and a
half and I’ve done Uber Eats you know and but very very rarely and like I decided
to sign up for doordash and post mates you know and I got the lovely hot bags and
you know since I already had experience doing Uber eats I thought it’d be
quick and easy then I started doing you know doordash and it’s like way better
than Uber Eats because it pays way more and the restaurants tend to be a lot
closer to where you are at the time and the customers tend to be a lot closer to the
restaurants with Uber Eats it’s like you’re driving miles just go the
restaurant and then miles just to get to the customer not so much with doordash
although with post mates it’s even worse then UberEats but actually which is
kind of the whole point of this story so yeah so I’ve been doing you know these
two for about a week now and I already had my first irate customer already and
this is a video to tell to talk about that story so basically you guys are
gonna get to laugh at my expense and this is the story of I’m making $6.35 it took me an hour to make $6.35 and I had
a drive I think 21 something miles in fact let me bring up this here’s a Google map
that I did so you know I was doing doordash and post mates at the same time so at
the top here where it says 8:55 p.m. caffé Positano it’s a pizza place I’m
picking up a doordash order at the same time when I’m there I get a post mates
order for Qdoba so I’m like sweet alright I’ll do that so you know if
you go to the right here where it says 9:06 that’s where I dropped off the pizza
and then I head down to Qdoba you know it’s right down the road here not too
far and then about half way once I’m way down there and doordash flashes for
China Wok which as you can see is right next door to Qdoba and the nice thing
about doordash is that it’ll show you where the restaurant is where you are
and where the customer is all in the same map and I can see that they’re
fairly close to each other so I’m like alright sweet I’m gonna kill two birds
with one stone so you know I depart the pizza place err the pizza delivery
person at 9:06 get to Qdoba about ten minutes later the thing about postmates
and doordash unlike ubereats is that sometimes like they’re not partner
companies like you’re just basically going in there and ordering food on
behalf of somebody else and it’s like it’s like if a friend texted you and
said what they wanted it’s essentially the same as that it’s like an unofficial
thing because I get there and I’m like just showing them my phone and people
these kids who work they’re like what the hell is postmates I never heard of
that and you know it’s I don’t tell them but so you know I’m there for like I
don’t know six minutes and thankfully there was nobody in line I mean this is
I mean you can see it’s like an you know nine o’clock at night exactly the rush
so you know they go they make the burrito and you know wrap it up
everything and I get the napkins and paper towels and all that stuff this guy
just ordered one burrito that’s all he ordered so I get put in the bag put it
in the hot bag put it in my car China wok is right well maybe not
literally right next door but they’re in the same shopping plaza so you just drive
over there walk into China Wok as soon as I walk in with my doordash bag the
girl sees me and like takes the bag up puts it on the counter and it’s like do
you know sign here good to go you know I grab some more napkins and you know hot
sauce and all and stuff and throw it in there I always do that so this is I
know maybe ten minutes you know so I get to you know Qdoba ten minutes later I’m
leaving China Wok and then going to the customers house you can see where it
says 9:30 for that you can see i you know delete everybody’s addresses here
you know get there a pretty quick handoff and then now I got to go all the
way down to the guy who ordered the burrito at 8:55 and by the time I get
there it’s probably about 9:50 and you can see on the Google map it says 53
minutes 21 I mean the the time might not be
accurate but the mileage certainly is that’s the exact route that I took I
have a dashcam footage of me delivering the food but because I’m so far away
you like you can’t hear any you can’t hear anything all you do is just see me
walk up and like actually you can’t even see the customer he’s just yelling so
this is where the meat of the story gets you know I walk up the guys like walks
out as I’m walking up to his driveway he’s like what the hell man it’s been a
half-hour I’m like sorry sorry I think I’m like the only driver out in the road
tonight and the guy goes bullshit I saw you after you left Qdoba you went two
miles north what the hell was that about and I go well I’m driving you know two
companies at the same time I’m you know it’s just like that’s bullshit like
you’re supposed to be you should have been here 15 minutes ago so I mean I
guess there’s a difference between a 15 minute wait and a 30 minute wait and I
you know I understand and I’m literally I I’m being you know apologetic you
know contrite or whatever like I’m trying not to be and I could have been
like a total sarcastic ass but you know I didn’t really want to get punched or
something over a damn burrito and making $6.35 but you know
the guy like he’s like yeah he’s like he just like grabs the bag you know
he like rips it out of my you know hot bag like I don’t even get to hand it to
him he just pulls it out like thanks asshole like whatever he’s like you’re
not getting a tip and I’m gonna complain to post mates and if he did I haven’t
heard about it like cuz I’m sure post mates would have emailed me by now
saying you know a customer complained that you took too long blah blah blah
now that here’s like kind of the main reason that that happened is because
once I pulled him to the Plaza because Qdoba and China Wok are right
next door to each other the doordash app started flashing saying hey we see that
you’re at the restaurant but haven’t picked up the food yet what’s up with
that um and I just well I’m on my way and you know I was like I’m getting
yelled at by the doordash app so again so you know I like I went to China Wok delivered it to the other person then came down to this person
but I did go on Google Maps and kind of see what else so when if I had gone
straight to Qdoba I’m estimating that I would have left there about 9:22
gotten to this guy’s house at 9:36 it’s still a bit you know six miles about a
14 minute drive you got to kind of ignore the red and orange because that’s
during the day when I made the map and not at night when there really no
traffic so if I had done that you know I would’ve got up got to the food to him
about 9:36 I think instead of 9:50 so it would’ve saved about 14 minutes and then but
then the China wok person would have been screwed because I would have had to
take this I would have a backtrack the same way I came you know stopped at China Wok and then because like I said as soon as I walked into China Wok the
food was already ready to go which is actually kind of rare these days so that
food would have been sitting there for you know almost a half hour
yeah probably about a half hour and then I would have but and I’m estimating
that I would have gotten to that person’s place about 10:02 or you know or
something around then so is I basically would have got screamed at by the
customer that ordered the Chinese food so which one would have been better
now obviously the thing is and maybe a lot of you guys out there thinking
this is that well you should have either declined the postmates order or as soon
as you did turn off doordash or you know because it I think with doordash and
post mates and if you do I I don’t I don’t do GrubHub it’s unavailable here I
think you actually can have them all on at the same time and like still being
able to do this because like actually on the doordash and post mates
websites they make a point of saying like sometimes you will get orders where
you stop at like if these had both been doordash like instead of two separate
apps that would have been completely legit and it would have told me to take
this route but because there was two separate companies you know shit happens
so basically I don’t know I’m post mates is really pissing me off this because
like I’ve never had a post mate order that the restaurant was like reasonably
close and then the customer was reasonably close to that I when that guy
was complaining to me about how long it took to get to him I really wanted to
say dude you live like you know eight miles from the restaurant did you really
think it was gonna be a timely order but I didn’t know it just like sorry and
then I you know I again I could have you know flipped him I’m just trying to be
professional I said if you know call postmates and complain they’ll probably
refund your money and that’s all I can say so yeah so what would you have done
in that situation would you have kept both apps on at the same time would you
have taken that route would you have done the Qdoba first then the Chinese
food or would you have just told that guy to go fuck himself
I’d love to know all right so let me know in the comments and I will see you
guys later

3 thoughts on “Dealing With an Irate Postmates Customer 😡🖕🏻”

  1. Postmates deactivated me, I just started DoorDash and Postmates on the same day, I had to figure them out and since Postmates is slow in my area I couldn't get my rating back up, but DoorDash is good I raised my rating. Postmates didn't give me a chance.

  2. You did a good job. The only mistake you made was that you marked the postmates order as "picked up" and then you went and did the doordash delivery. Once you mark the order as picked up, the customer can see your location on GPS. How else is the customer gonna know that you went 2 miles in the opposite direction? You basically shot yourself in the foot lol….you probably pissed him off even more when you told him that your delivering for two different apps haha

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