David "Avocado" Wolfe on Superfoods & Longevity!

David "Avocado" Wolfe on Superfoods & Longevity!

hello everyone and welcome to fit for two TV dedicated to health I am Brock Pitkin and my wife Mike that is back behind the camera filming and we are super excited today to bring to you david wolfe are you of rock thanks so much show david is a expert in nutrition health as well as natural beauty and I'm sure there are a number of other things that I'm missing but maybe you can tell our viewers just a little bit about yourself and your journey and how you got to where you are today okay well I grew up in the east coast of North America which was New Jersey in New York City and I was completely on junk food I have my parents are medical doctors I grew up in that kind of environment which is a really weird thing the older that I get when I look back I'm like I grew up in doctors offices yeah and I guess they gave me the perspective that I have because without that perspective I wouldn't be able to do what I do because I know where it's broken and I know where works as well you know I see my dad's itch of people and save their life on the spot and that's where our medical system is really good it's really bad is correct chronic stress related disorders you know where somebody's basically developing an age-related condition and then the pharmaceuticals are brought in and it's not the best choice ever you know it's better better to approach that from diet and lifestyle and strategy and stress reduction so I got into that basically the beginning when I was about 18 from food allergy on research I realized I was allergic to dairy products and so I had to stop eating dairy products and that caused me to research what would be appropriate to get calcium and other sources of nutrients and eventually came from raw foodists within about five years and then I've been if Brock Buddhist now almost 20 years so for people who are not familiar what what is raw food and living food and why is it important to be consuming well raw foodists fresh fruits and vegetables it includes nuts and seeds seaweeds grasses like wheat grass sprouts flowers we can eat more that I think the herbs you know herbaceous stuff I was just in my garden now just after the snow melted and there it is there's a regular and time already ready to go how the surprise absolutely and and then what we call the super herbs like which is like the medicinal mushrooms of the forest right which fits into my grouping of what I like to conclude is living food and then also the super foods right so you maybe you could go a little bit more into the the super foods and the super herbs and and how much of those we should be consuming or why we should be consuming them well one of the things that I found out over the years is that it's difficult to rely on the food supply to get all our nutrients generally most people are aware of that for the most part the population people realize I should probably take supplements I can't really trust the food supply to really have enough nutrients in it but then you get the food fanatics who are like no no we don't need any of that and then what usually happens with them is that the judgment has to be broken upon problems with their teeth or break down to their immune system or break down to their tissue or osteoporosis or or some kind of a major profit of elip before they go whoa the food actually it doesn't have enough in it you know unfortunately a lot of people have to keep relearning that lesson well we learned that less a long time ago I prefer superfoods to supplements because it's food you know spirulina chlorella I'm a big huge fan obviously of cacao a big fan of maca of a big fan of goji berries of a huge fan of MC in aloe vera which are just a little bit more dense they have more tricks up their sleeve for example than lettuce has I love lettuce I grow lettuce she love tomato Road absolutely you know it's not yeah I can't guarantee you're gonna get everything from a tomato or lettuce right yeah so that's the idea now you have published many best-selling books where where would people start what would be a good book for them to pick up to learn more about this if they're you know just getting into it I what's interesting is I wrote one of my books eating for beauty over ten years ago and it's actually more popular now than ever before with all of my bugs I don't want to say this to everybody listening there every every printing is updated so every single printing of that book is updated right to the present moment and that's that's a commitment that I have to my fans so that's a commitment that that I have to do people to make sure that most update information is always represented in my in my books that are on the shelves in stores and and that are out there on the internet and so I dedicated for beauty as a good starting point I like superfoods is a good starting point because in superfoods in the beginning I kind of lay out the groundwork of what I've learned in the field of nutrition which is which is interesting 20 years as a raw foodist traveling the world meeting all kinds of amazing people and and encountering all kinds of amazing diets you kind of find out a lot about diet and that's that's really cool I have a fascination with diet and and I explore it as a gastrin on so that's an interesting term and and we're gonna go to that as a raw foodist dude do you consume animal products I might do I don't do for example I don't do any meat or fish or any any kind of thing that involves killing cuz that's a violation of my ethics right I'm not against that actually I mean I feel like we should eat mostly plants that's what the research indicates for most of us and that's that's a good safe bet but when I'm you know when I get into a situation where it's an absolute I know that if I start preaching absolutes I'm gonna get hit over the head and that's the one of the universe works there's no absolutes in this world and and there's no right or wrong when it comes to animal foods for a human being sometimes I've seen people need animal food sometimes they don't sometimes they need to get away from it and and it just depends on the very individual situation but I preach plant-based diet I myself am a vegetarian and vegan about 99% of the time and with hits and vegetarian for me is consuming things that don't involve killing so for example raw organic butter is as that's vegetarian and it can be raw not that I have those things you know I might have you know maybe a one tablespoon of that per year right but that's okay for man and I feel like that's the kind of position that I want I've just found that veganism can cause a lot of problems I'm very good at the beginning because it purifies it cleans your system out right long term not as not a very good solution and I reflect on the Hindus and their 5,000 years of vegetarianism I have friends of mine who are part of that lineage they're Brahmins they're part of you they can trace their lineage of 5,000 years of vegetarians back and they taught me a lot about sustainability of ethical and moral diets because that's part of it for me you know I love the animals and and that's part of how I feel about it but I'm okay with like if somebody needs deer antler because you know they're hormonal II broken down and they're shut down and they're they're suffering as a result of that because the deer antler can be procured without killing the animal the animal regrows the ramp or any way you you brought up a really interesting term just a couple minutes ago cat gastro astronaut yes I like that that's really cool what what's the definition of a gas grill a gastric on to somebody who explores the fringes of you are what you eat I like that yeah and that's really cool I find myself more and more attracted to other Gastronauts out there not necessarily raw foodists people who explore paleo diets people who explore really simplified diets people who do long fasting breatharians I'm a I'm a connoisseur of those kinds of people because those people were on the fringe I think have something to teach me now there was a question that I had thought of ahead of time that I wanted to ask and and it really curious on your opinion because we in the Western society live in a world that is full of of disease and cancer and all sorts of various things in your opinion what would be sort of the top two or three contributing factors to so much disease that we're experiencing today good question I think a lot of it has to do with the chemicals in our environment I've been tracking this for about twenty years trying to figure out exactly how many chemicals we've introduced into the environment since about 1940 since the baby boomer age started right and as far as I can tell it's around 77 thousand now just think about that for a second that's the pesticides the herbicides the chemicals the nuclear every all that stuff the formaldehyde the volatile organic compound what's the effect of all of this on us I think that's that's the hidden culprit between a lot of cancers and and these new diseases that show up we never get better before I think that's part of it and I think another thing that's going on is that we just eat warm or poorly in that period of time and we don't eat them you know logically and so you put all that together at least of the epidemics of health problems that we see today right if someone is watching this right now and they are experiencing a lot of issues with their health and they're maybe trying to figure out where to start and what would be the one thing that you would suggest that would be the best change they could make to get on a better path fantastic one of the things I've been doing with a great company in Los Angeles is the nutribullet project getting people to to blend basically vegetables with berries that's the underneath idea of the whole there so to drink a blended vegetable / very kind of a smoothie to get in the green vegetable to get in the chlorophyll to get in the pectin of the berry to get the color pigments into their body and to get a source of energy that doesn't contain earlier that much sugar and really does have any stimulants in it right and that's really cool now in the old days we were doing that with uses with cream which I'm still in love so much yeah and we've been basically we've been fomenting a green juice revolution for quite some time now right and and that's another thing as a first step that's really wonderful is just getting of the liquefied plant food into your body especially vegetables you know that's it's interesting you mentioned that because that's really where there was I guess a big change for us was when we started blending fruit and vegetable juices and and being able to consume kale and they in a juice form every day that's I think was a big change for us that's great yeah we we sent those message on Facebook and Twitter asking our viewers to ask you a question okay and uh it was a I believe was an ant alito Dunnington and her question was when you're traveling how do you how do you eat healthy do you do you have health if we bring it with you or if you are out somewhere what are the food you buy when you're out so you can stay healthy while you're traveling and rate question the question for you you travel all the time yeah so I mean I'm now back on the road again for quite some time I won't even make it back to my home here for five months so I gotta you know I gotta kind of suck it up and just do the job at hand but I love traveling so much and I come prepared so I have a doctor's bag you know that I got got that idea from my dad okay a black bag that has my emergency supplies in it which which is things like salt like sea salt right I get the idea of getting off salt if you have hypertension and high blood pressure because you know the tech table salt causes those things but sea salt is a totally different thing and I recommend for folks who are kind of trying to figure this out hey do the salt switch switch over from the table salt over to the sea salt right and and so that's a very important thing I found out for travelling because salt gets depleted by the constant adrenal kick of like okay we're taking off in her plane now relented now we're over here now I got to get my butt going I got to lift the luggage I got to get through the customs I got to do whatever has to be done um another thing that I have in there is I have all my little tinctures what's your fun those are easy to travel across borders with it's hard if you have powders right they look at that like that's a white white travel across borders right so I don't do that that much I do mostly textures I have my iodine in there as well and I have you know I have like still my favorite Chinese herbs and things that I can get that are organic and I you know I do all my self mints and superfoods are all organic and then wherever I go one of the things I seek out first is a organic health food store okay and in Holland I love the ones at Holland they're called they're called natural event oh really or we call nature winkles so it's it's cool there cuz I can go into a health food store there and I can get some the key staples for me like cucumbers are real staple for me okay I really like grapes when they're in season that's a real staple for me I like oranges a lot I like apples a lot I like some of the some of the great vegetables especially onions onions are really close to me I really really live on those quite a bit and I don't do a lot of leafy green vegetables that I buy in a store I eat most of those wildly telling honestly don't really buy those not much in a store I eat mostly green leafy vegetables wild and why is that why do you stay away from store it's just they just don't have the life force and essence you know it's been trees travel to us and cut to someone about picking it fresh in your garden yeah that's it's just there's just stuff about that there's more acid I notice on your website which is really cool you are also a chocolate connoisseur yeah chocolatier chocolate here yes tell us about that movement that doesn't really mean well we innovated the whole raw chocolate movement and chocolate by the way is made out of a nut yes called the cacao it's the most widely even nut in the world that nobody actually eats interest and just so your perspective about a hundred times more people in the world eat cacao than eat almonds most of the world does even know what an almond is even when you think if I have masses of people in India and China very few of them fit even like in China you cannot get a salad you know we just things we take for granted in the West right over there it's a totally different story struck they bring it all the way back to its original food and then from there various projects of the last ten years have led me like with synchrotron but to innovate the whole process of cold processing chocolate from bean to bar like creating chocolate bars that are wrong and many companies doing that now and and that's really a lot of fun is to just do that and have fun with adding things into chocolate or better you know super foods for example you know we throw in goji berries in there we're throwing maca and they're super herbs like chaga wild chaga right into the chocolate it's fine and now not only with the chocolate but with other herbs and things as well you're kind of doing these neat movements where you're going into community sort of all over the world and and helping them create a harvest which in turn I guess we're helping these communities become sustainable is that sort of the idea behind these these projects that you're setting up absolutely yeah in fact we we do a tree planting Foundation which is our charity organization and we do actually go into places that where people are starving today and and we set up under relief sites by introducing fruit trees I mean hundreds and thousands of fruit trees and then those trees are watered by wells is usually what we have to do in that kind of environment cuz it's usually a disturbed environment basically if we didn't disturb the environment but when you cut down the trees and then the deserts show up it becomes more difficult to live so we we like to wait to bring the trees back what we do it the way that's the animals we create a double way yeah and the goal is easy Billy in the 17 billion in the gold Wow where where are you right now about we're about not half a million yeah and so we're we're gonna we're gonna hit within the next couple of years we're gonna hit a million trees we were part of responsible for directly and and you know it's like a goal that's a small goal can become a big goal if you just stick with it and and that's my that's my thinking about goal-setting is like you never know what's gonna come around to make it all happen but as long as you're gonna set a goal it might as well be a big one I like that yeah we know all about that is it over the last 16 years that you've done over 2000 lectures roughly is that it's it's actually it's been 18 years event it's getting somewhere around 2,700 events yeah Wow well I would have those I don't even know how you would remember all 2700 but what what was one of the the most memorable talks that you gave out of those thousand oh I know it's anti-skid that's a tough question some of the more memorable stuff well I think of some of the more recent tours that's probably a better way to start your and I wasn't nice in the South Africa we did nine events across the South African country you know from Johannesburg all the way to Cape Town and and in that that action of you know doing all these events eventually one of those is a gem you know sorry this one wasn't nice now actually it's just it just for the south coast of South Africa it's on the ocean beautiful spot incredibly gorgeous and I was just particularly on that night and it was just one of those nights or everything flowing the magic was there cuz pause so that sticks out for me I think about some of the great retreats we've done some of the great parties we've done some of the great chocolate parties we've hosted goodnight frat boy yeah we've done it we've done for example raw ecstatic dance chocolate parties all over the world including Bali we did one in Sydney Australia we've done one in Helsinki Finland we've done a number of them in Holland we've done a several of them in New York City we've done them in Los Angeles in San Francisco Bay Area we've done them in Hawaii yeah so I think about some of those that were really successful and it came off you didn't like you mentioned something about your vest and that it was really special can you tell us about yeah this is this my vest here and this is a really special thing that was given to me by very dear friend of mine and actually that this friend of mine we've known each other it's getting close to 20 years and maybe 20 years and in one day he showed me he had a melanoma great in here and I was like whoa man how'd you know you should have told me that we don't see each other that much I see him every couple years and I was like you should have told me that you know about that and so he's like basically what you know anything but I should do about this and you know he's health oriented guy always has been he's right in the heart of Orange County in his beautiful guy knee does bodywork on people and has for decades and and so we despised a strategy and we basically you know he's been going when it's that bad by the way people don't usually make it more than six months right he's been going over two years and stabilized it's not getting any worse actually getting better so okay good you know it's like a miracle really and and so him and his wife being such good friends one day they told me when I was over there you know with them on their strategies you know with the cancer they they're like you know we we distribute Rudolf Steiner Pete guard but see you familiar with this and I was like I I'm a fan of Rudolf Steiner huge fan but I don't know anything about this so they gave me all the literature by Rudolf Steiner and then they gave me this which is this is about a thousand dollar garment here and when I put this on that just something happened you know it was like whoa something this is powerful and and it felt like and it was actually exactly 90 years to the day that Rudolf Steiner had kind of channeled through his thing about that's when I was given this garment and I felt Rudolf Steiner and I felt these great teachings and one things that that I realized was what he what he did he was so incredible that he had handed this to mean for the future what this garment does it protects you from high frequency of radiation that's radio waves that's you're up in an airplane that's cellphone that's Wi-Fi signals and these garments take that high frequency radiation and they reduce it to low frequency radiation which is a little bit more amenable to your body being able to deal with them especially if you're grounded your body can deal with it completely and so I wear this garment you know in any situation where I'm in an airplane or any time I feel like I need a little bit of a protection or something right I'll wear this garment so this this is available for three of them by the way which is their website is for the love of Pete PPE 18 dotnet up or the love of Pete net and they've got bags for kids and like sleeping bags for kids hats all kinds of vest like this they've got material that you can stitch into whatever garment you want it's done the way that Rudolf Steiner had prescribed ninety years ago a friend of ours her name's Tamra and she introduced me to a mrs mm oh that I just used recently because I had a really bad ankle injury that literally after a couple uses I was out running again and so I just I was curious about your opinion of the machine and and and how that works well I think the magnetic resonance technology is an extraordinary discovery and it's a it's a discovery from space traffic basically when you get off the Earth's electromagnetic field you start to cinema there's kind of the discoveries of the 60s and 70s and they realize that you have to mimic the Earth's electromagnetic field when you're up to Hannah's estimation for example or extinction and and not led to the distance to the development of magnetic resonance technology where you could take the hearse field and kind of mimic it and then amplify the strengthen and concentrate it and get in 20 minutes what you would get from laying on the ground for 24 hours yeah and and I have an Mrs mm actually four years ago and I still use it regularly actually when I'm visiting my friend Steve over there at sacred chocolate and I stay there at the office because sometimes I you know I'm just I just camp out there at the Chocolate Factory what I'll do is I'll actually just sleep on the mrs 2000 has my bed there and it's crazy you know cuz all night long I kind of just pop it on and any paint anything going on your body any kind of sore muscle that's just gone gone yeah and there's a number of great devices like that the Beamer is another device like that and then there was the QRS I think is another one like that okay she's a very portable system system right improve their health like one thing that they can do oh great I think the number one thing you should do is go organic just make that decision to get away from the chemicals in the chemical farming and the high phosphate and nitrate I think they can get into I think it's a really important first step okay here's my question it's not some really food-related but I'm gonna just put clothes in anyway what do you like better Facebook Twitter or Instagram I like that good question what do you like that I like Instagram about okay yeah we're gonna do an Instagram here yeah you can find me at David avocado Wolfe so instagram.com diamond avocado Wolfe and it's a me OCAD oh yeah and also on on Twitter I'm David Wolfe WOL MP so there's no avocado in the middle and then on Facebook it's David avocado Wolfe so facebook.com forward slash david avocado wall or you can just find me at david wolfe comm wol ft.com perfect or made me find you to talk about or find me an ax chopping bacteria or see the health food store or hopefully see you walking through the woods wonderful well David thank you so much Brown I'm really appreciate appreciate it thanks so much

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  1. My god cows eat vegan diets and does anyone agree they live longer? David Wolfe clearly has just a religious belief about nature and human health. Who wants to bet me that David won't exceed the average life span of people? I bet everything on the fact that his health is no better than yours..

  2. @5:42 David Wolfe Goes Loony, Hes Way Off In Left Field In La La Land Somewhere, Absolute's Are Part Of Reality, Somethings Are Just Absolutely True Whether You Like That Or Not Is Irrelevant To The Truth Of It, The Absolute Truth Of It, @5:50 David Wolf Says There Are No Absolute's In This World, Laughable, But To That My Question Is Are You Absolutely Sure There Are No Absolute's?, He Is Right That Veganism Isn't Ideal Long Term Though, And That A Prominently Vegetarian (Flexitarian) Diet Is Best, But I'll Add Its Ok To Eat Meat As Long As Its 100% Organic, Grass Fed And Grass Finished With No Hormone's And Or Antibiotic's [email protected]:55 David Wolfe Says He Loves Animal's, Well A Lot Of People Do As Well, I Love Animal's Also, I Grew Up Around Animal's, But I Am Rational And Have Common Sense To Know That Animal's Don't Have Equal Rights And Or More Rights Than A Human Has, Human's Have A Soul And A Spirit, Animal's Have A Soul Only, The Difference Is People Can Have A Personal Relationship With GOD, Animal's Don't Have That Type Of Relationship With GOD, There Is Salvation Found In The Blood Of JESUS CHRIST On The Mercy Seat In Heaven Alone By GOD' Grace Alone Through Faith Alone In His Blood For Man To Be Redeemed/Forgiven Of Sin's, JESUS CHRIST Didn't Place His Blood In Heaven On The Mercy Seat For Animal Kind.

    @7:47 David Wolfe Goes Off Into Left Field Again, Off In Fantasy Land, While I Believe In Being Open Minded As People Say, I Also At The Same Time Don't Believe In Being So Open Minded That My Brain Falls Out, I Don't Just Believe You Because You Tell Me Something, I Question Every Question And Am Skeptical Of Every Skeptic And There Skepticism (And I'm Naturally Biased One Way Based On Worldview But Then Again Every Person Is), I Study And Research From Many Multiple Sources But Also At The Same Time Understanding That Every Source Has Some Type Of Bias (Eat The Meat And Spit Out The Bones), You Can Learn Something From Everyone But That Doesn't Mean You Have To Believe Every Single Thing They Tell You Is True As Really True, The Type Of People Who Say We Might Not Be Here At All, Yeah You Can Ignore Those Type Of People, We Are Here.

    I Don't Mind Being A Good Steward Of The Earth But Environmental Extremism Is Insanity.

  3. Love it! Sharing his knowledge here doesn't cost anything to me, gives me food for thought and i dont need to spend any money for this info. For this i am grateful, and  thankful ! 

  4. David Wolfe is a giant money grab. Anyone with half a brain can see through his bullshit. Get the facts on what a healthy raw vegan diet consists of, I am telling you it is not comprised of cacao and avocado… and deer placenta. Yea David Wolfe eats deer placenta. If you are eating the proper fruits and veg in the right amounts you will not require any sort of supplementation to achieve optimal health and longevity. Look up Dr.McDougall, Freelee the Banana Girl and durianriders… specifically his bit on David Wolfe. Get an education. Let's start saving our health and the health of Mother Earth and all her beings!

  5. It's true that the prices in "longevity warehouse" products are too high for many people, but I believe these high end products are for people that can afford them. I am not very happy with this, actually I found products from Dr Robert Casar that are at a much reasonable price. Anyway, the free information that David Wolfe gave me by interviews or pieces of conferences is priceless and helped me heal my parents and raise immunity in my kids,etc. Best thing is that his way of presenting health science made me wanting to learn more. Cheers and thank U for this interview !

  6. Looks like you need to do some research on herbs, some "superfoods" and their attributes, along with some experimentation before you go off on someones passion of healthy living.

  7. Actually what he does is prey on people's ignorance and their weaknesses. Often the people who turn to him and his products are seeking health they are sorely lacking. But what do they get? Expensive "superfoods" that don't hold a candle to kale or broccoli. Questionable watered-down herbs. And a barrage of misinformation calculated to drive you to buy…you guessed it…what he's selling.
    Yes, everyone has a right to make a living. But we have a moral right to direct them away from snake oil.

  8. Yes I agree. I'm talking about people who are fruitarians. It's not possible to do long term in cold. These people do not eat yams (which must be cooked, really).

  9. Well…yes and no.
    If you live in a cold clime, you can easily maintain a macrobiotic diet without resorting to animal products. Investigate a little and you'll see that a macrobiotic diet includes miso, yams, rice, root vegetables, etc. All of which are great for the winter months.

  10. Many many people spend a lot of time on planes and look infinitely healthier than David Wolfe. If you want to dump your money on his super-food products, by all means, go ahead. But let's be clear: he is an expert salesman, but he is by no means an expert nutritionist.

  11. It is true for me, and what is possible for one is possible for millions! Ask yourself why salt is bad read up on it test it out for yourself. That is all you can do. Salt is a rock we do not eat rocks or need them for health.Lol

  12. How much we are making? You honestly think David paid us off? Dude, seriously? Find something better to do with your time.

  13. Thank you Marcus. Like I stated in a comment above, if people have an issue with David, they can voice it here RESPECTFULLY. I'm not in favour of censoring comments, but vulgarity will not be tolerated. Thank you for spreading some positivity amidst this sea of hate 🙂

  14. LOL, We have no control over the "dislike" count. I have removed a few comments that use offensive (vulgar) language. If people have anything against David, they are free to voice their opinion here, in a RESPECTFUL manner. Otherwise, rude and/or tasteless comments will be removed. Period.

  15. What do you mean by "sold out"? Don't you think that people deserve to make a living by promoting what they believe in?

  16. Everyone deserves to make a living, Juan. And he does so by promoting healthy products. Not so bad I think.

  17. There's no scam Maria. He's promoting what he believes in. Kale is a superfood. There's lots of research showing that superfoods like kale have an incredible nutritional value, as do many others. Where's the scam in that?

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