Cutthroat After-Show: Concrete | Cutthroat Kitchen | Food Network

Cutthroat After-Show: Concrete | Cutthroat Kitchen | Food Network

Well, hello “Cutthroat
Kitchen” fans. Welcome to the “Cutthroat Post
Show,” today starring Jet Tila, who was our judge for the day. Now, Jet, I thought
that I would show you really just two
sabotages that I think were really kind of pivotal. Behold, straight from the
natural history museum, this is my Stone Age kitchen
for the bibimbap round. Wow. Two chefs had to
do all of their prep and all of their
cooking right here. So they had to make rice? Everything. And they had to cut all
the vegetables with– Yes. Oh, God, I get it now. Who do you think
got stuck with it? I feel like such a jerk. Patrick, for sure.
ALTON BROWN: Chef Patrick. JET TILA: Because of
his rough knife cuts. And I think Mary. ALTON BROWN: Chef
Patrick and Chef Mary were in the Stone Age. And interestingly enough,
they were the ones that survived into the final round. Next in our exhibit,
concrete shoes. right?
[laughter] JET TILA: Yeah. ALTON BROWN: Chef Patrick, he
also wore the concrete shoes. But he said since
he was from Chicago, he was familiar with the form. Come on over, sir,
and strap these on. I think you’re
going to find them very, very, very comfortable. CHEF PATRICK: All right. So I get the concrete shoes on. And let me tell you
something, these are heavy. [groaning] Stand, stand right over here. You got it. What I thought
is that you and I have something in common today. JET TILA: Yes. We both had to face
a food that we hate. OK. So you know mine. Mine’s blue cheese. But what is– bleh. ALTON BROWN: Go ahead. Kryptonite. Alton Brown hates– [growls, hisses] Really? Rice cakes? -I hate rice cakes.
the food that’s actually a packing material. I’ve agreed that if you cook
something with blue cheese, I will cook
something with these. Butt, there are two sabotages. Oh, of course. I have, here, two cards. Now, I know that you think
that I know what they are. I do, I do.
ALTON BROWN: I’m mixing them. I’m mixing them.
Pick any card. I’m going to pull one
and make you take it. Concrete shoes. Yeah! Fine.
Fine. That’s right. So yeah, I’m going to let
you say ready, set, go. And I’ll start when you say it.
-OK. Sounds good. I’m going to go now! [mumbling] What am I doing?
What am I doing? What am I doing?
All right. ALTON BROWN: Well, you’re
on your own, buddy. I’ve never seen you
so bitter before. Ever. Today is the day.
ALTON BROWN: OK. JET TILA: All right, all right. ALTON BROWN: I’m going. JET TILA: OK, cool. Sticks. All right, I got to get started. [laughter] Oh! Shut up, Jet! [laughter] JET TILA: OK. You know what? I’m going to go easy. Because this a hard
enough situation. I think I’m going to take
the blue cheese, stuff it– (IN MOCKING TONE) Hey, I’m Jet. I’m going to make
blah, blah, blah. JET TILA: –into dates,
wrap it with bacon. You do feel for the
contestants more. No, I never feel
for the contestants. Don’t ever make that mistake. All right, so I’m
making– I’m soaking some of these
hideous dry packing discs of doom in coconut milk. And then I’m going to roll
them around in some sugar. And then I’m going to
caramelize them with something. [laughter] JET TILA: That’s
not going to work. CHEF PATRICK: These shrimp,
they’re all over the place. I’m trying every which
way to get these things to cook evenly. But I’m in a lot of trouble. This is actually a lot harder
than, I think, than that one. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Jet. Is it hard? Oh my god, this is
worse than I thought. It’s stale. The most important
part of the bibimbap is the crunchy
rice crust that you get on the bottom of the bowl. What I’m doing right
now is I’m breaking it up into small pieces. And I’m going to fry it
with some sesame oil. So hopefully I’ll get
some crisp on there. [metal clanging] ALTON BROWN: Oh my
god, this is going to be crap, complete crap. [laughter] ALTON BROWN: Are
you almost done? I’m almost done! JET TILA: I’m almost done. I’m almost done. One more to make. OK, OK, here we go. [food sizzling] JET TILA: Come here. Come here! All right, here we go. I got one for each. [laughter] OK. ALTON BROWN: This– [laughter] This is coconut rice
cake with chili and lime. Delicious. This is so good. Wow. Alton Brown made
something for me. Delicious. Let’s try that. JET TILA: It may
be a little hot. [exhaling noisily] Let’s just chalk this one
up to one of those days. Look, please keep watching
“Cutthroat Kitchen.” Because it’s usually a
lot better than this. Then afterwards, go by and watch stuff like this. Bye, Jet. JET TILA: This is your
fault. This is your fault.

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  1. Bibim bab: rice, boiled spinach, bean sprout, cucumber, carrot, sesame oil, salt, shredded beef, sesame seed, gochujang, and a soft sunny side up egg

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