Crab a la King over Red Lobster Biscuits ~ Seafood ala King Recipe

Crab a la King over Red Lobster Biscuits ~ Seafood ala King Recipe

There’s chicken a la King, turkey ala King… and this is my recipe for crab a la King. I’m Tess and I will show you how to make this easy and delicious crab a la King over Red Lobster biscuits. Stay tuned. I have a box of Red Lobster’s cheddar Bay biscuits. I’m just going to follow the package instructions. The instructions state that this makes eight to ten biscuits, so I’m making eight nice sized ones for this a la King recipe. A la King is defined as a dish containing diced meat in a cream sauce and often with sherry, mushrooms, pimentos… or green peppers. You’ll see it’s served over pasta, rice, bread or biscuits. With my crab ala King I am using onions… pimentos and peas and serving over the Red Lobster biscuits. You can use whatever vegetables that you like. My biscuits are done and the instructions say to generously brush 1 teaspoon of the season melted butter over each hot biscuit but I’m just going to lightly brush them with the butter. I don’t want to overpower the taste and take away from the dish. This is one pound of crab claw meat and you can use lump meat. I’m just going to use half of this and I’m just lightly breaking apart and looking and feeling for any unwanted pieces of shell. Another taste of seafood in this dish, I’m adding some bay scallops. This is a pound and again I’m only using half in the crab ala King. For the extra crab meat and scallops I plan to make some crab scallop burgers using my recipe in the crab shrimp burger video. I will leave a link to that video in the iCard above and in the description box below. The burgers are awesome. I’m just lightly rinsing the scallops… draining well and placing on a paper towel to absorb the extra moisture. I’m adding some olive oil in a hot pan and sautéing the scallops for about a minute or two. Just lightly seasoned with a little salt and black pepper. Removing from the pan and setting to the side. You can make this crab a la King with all crab meat or you can use shrimp instead of the scallops. And this would be great with any white fish. Next, in my pan on medium heat… I’m adding some butter and my diced onions. Giving everything a stir and cooking for a minute and then I’m adding in my drained pimentos. You can dice them up further if you wish. Adding in some black pepper and lots of minced garlic. Seafood and garlic love each other! And for a little heat, I’m tossing in some red pepper flakes, and this is optional. I’m not adding any salt because I know the other ingredients contain some salt and I can adjust later. Giving everything a stir and cooking for one to two minutes. Now i’m going to start my roux which is going to help thicken my ala King. I’m adding in some flour, stirring and cooking for one to two minutes to cook out the starch. Everything may look like it’s clumping together but don’t worry just keep stirring and cooking. Next, I’m slowly adding in my milk. I’m adding in half now and giving it a stir. I’m turning up my heat slightly to bring up to a simmer. Keep stirring and scraping the bottom to get all the bits off. As it starts to heat it will start to thicken. Once all the lumps are gone I’m adding in the remaining milk. Again, just stirring and bringing up to a simmer. For some flavor and extra creaminess I’m adding in one can of cream of shrimp. If you wanted to substitute the creamy shrimp you could use half milk and half seafood stock OR you can just toss in a teaspoon of your favorite Cajun seasoning. Giving everything a good mix, stirring and cooking 45 minutes. I’m adding the zest of hallf of a lemon and a little squeeze of fresh lemon juice. This really adds some brightness to this crab a la King. In goes my peas and giving everything a good mix and taste test. I’m adding in some black pepper, a handful of chopped fresh parsley and in goes the crabmeat and all the scallops… with all the juices. Another good stir and cooking for one to two minutes and we are done! The biscuits are really good with the bits of cheddar cheese. I’m spooning the crab a la King generously on top and garnishing with a little fresh parsley. You can serve this over toast, any pasta or rice. This crab a la King is easy and rich and full of flavor. I can taste the crab and the bay scallops are a little pop of sweetness! The lemon and garlic shine through and I love the creamy sauce. There are so many ways you can make this dish. Make it your own! I hope you give this crab a la King a try. If you like seafood I know you will like this recipe. Thanks for joining me here in my kitchen. Please remember to hit the LIKE button and SUBSCRIBE for future video recipes. Come and visit me on my Facebook page and at my website and see what I’m cooking throughout the week. And until next time, enjoy!

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  1. Very nice, Tess πŸ™‚ Great ideas! Hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas, and thumbs up as always, Norfolk Joe πŸ™‚

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    I was waiting for a recipe like this. Definitely I'll make it. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes. 🌺

  3. Looks amazing, reminds me of Biscuits and Gravy a little but I am sure for any seafood lover as myself it would taste much better. Thumbs up.

  4. Tess, I love this recipe! My ears really perked up when you emphasized that "this would be great with any white fish!" I know where I can get some! This creamy, rich, wonderful dish is irresistible, and you showed us that it isn't too hard to make! Thanks so much!

  5. Hello Tess, thanks for this wonderful dish on the end of the year, i wish you and you family a nice happy and peaceful healthy new year. i hope we see you again here with new recipes best wishes say Tom πŸ˜‰
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  6. Crab a la king? Heck yeah! Looks delicious….heck I know its delicious. For the first time I tried the box of those biscuits…..pretty darn good!

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