Couple Tries Home Cooked Vs. $65 Pizza

Couple Tries Home Cooked Vs. $65 Pizza

– Are you sure you don’t want
some help from Patrick Swayze? This was much more romantic in my head. Welcome to Night In, Night Out, The show where we compare
a home-cooked, tasty recipe to a night out at a fancy restaurant. Today we’re going on
not one, but two dates, and then, at the end
we’re each going to pick which one was the better date. Today’s episode is pizza, so Ariel and I are gonna get cooking. – [Ariel] So we’re making
a veggie pizza right? – Well I was gonna make a meat pizza. – So we’re going halfsies? – I like Spinach, a basil maybe. – Yes. – I’m Italian
– Italian – Half Italian – Italian sausage, “Italian Blend” But is it made from imported,
organic Italian tomatoes? – Canadian bacon? – Yup! It’s not Italian. – Prosciutto is one of
– Maybe. – my favorite things to put on a pizza. It’s a fancy meat, it’s nine dollars? (buzzer) Capers?
– Maybe capers? – Maybe a little caper? – Wine?
– Wine? – Oh no that’s olive oil (laughs) – Here’s your olives. – Oh yeah, easy. They have special flower for pizza? – Well it just says pizza
on the all-purpose flour. – Oh, I see.
– So, we’ll just get that. A little bit of yeast. Active dry, that’s the only type? – Active what? – I just like looking at the options. – Oh, no I am pretty sure this is it. – Alright, we’ll see you in the kitchen. – We’re not just making
a stuffed-crust pizza, we’re making an entirely stuffed pizza. You’re just going right
into this yeast preparation. – [Ariel] Okay, yeah. – We got some yeasty water,
it smells kinda yeasty. – [Ariel] Here we go, makin’ dough. – ♪ All my love ♪ Why are you moving it far away from me? Oh yeah, oh that’s good. – What do you wanna do for the next hour? (playful music) Now I can play with pizza. – [Ned] Is it big? – [Ariel] Yeah, look at this. – [Ned] Get a little flour there. – [Ariel] Flour. – [Ned] Now we’re gonna
separate it into quarters. You ever do the Lebron Ariel? Roll tide baby. Pizza facials have many
beneficial properties. – [Ariel] Is that right?
– [Ned] Such as– (laughs) Did I put the wrong spray in? – [Ariel] You know, it’s done now. – [Ned] And now, we add the cheese. Go go go go go go go, oh no no no no, it broke. Oh (bleep) I have just the thing. – [Ariel] You do? Nice choice! – [Ned] Thank you.
– [Ariel] Okay, hold on. – [Ned] It’s a cocktail strainer, but today it’s gonna
make a fun outer crust. – [Ariel] Looks kind of like a ball sack. – You can’t beat ’em, scrotum. (laughs) – [Ned] A little olive oil,
salt and pepper, and we bake it. – [Ariel] Alright. – [Ned] Let’s put this bad boy in the oven Okay.
– Okay. – What if we made a tiny little pizza? – A Bean pizza.
– Let’s make a Bean pizza. – No food today Bean,
you’re getting pizza. He’s just going straight for the turkey. – [Ariel] He just wants the turkey. – [Ned] He’s like “I don’t know about all this other stuff you guys.” – [Ariel] Oh my gosh.
– [Ned] Oh, yeah. – [Ariel] How do you like your sauce? Do you like it heavy? Light? – [Ned] I’m thinking kind of light. It’s all about the ratios. – [Ariel] Uh-uh. – [Ned] (laughs) Get over the line. – [Ariel] Go in that direction. – Okay, now we can put it
back in, finish it off. – [Ariel] I got it. – Oh yes. – Oh my gosh. – Oh yeah. – [Ariel] We nailed it, I can’t wait to cut into it and there
be cheese everywhere. – [Ned] Alright, you ready? – [Ariel] I’m ready, do the honors. – That was very dangerous. – [Ariel] You’re not that
bad at cutting things. A middle cheese. – There’s like a whole
base layer of cheese here. – This is next level. – [Ned] And there’s cheese here, Oh my God, this is so exciting. – That’s really good. – My pepperoni is poppin’,
little spice to it. – My Kalamata olives
were an excellent idea. – I love that this is my
pizza, and that’s your pizza. – I also like that.
– ‘Cause this has all of my favorite things on it. – Me too. – And this has some (bleep) that I sometimes eat ’cause I’m forced to. – [Ariel] What does it make you think of? – It makes me think of
like ha ha ha ha ha, I’m like running through a field, but instead of wheat it’s all just cheese. Making the pizza was almost
as fun as, this is delicious. Well it’s gonna be tough to top this, with anything other than
cheese and pepperoni. – That was a quality dazzer. – Yeah I’m getting prepared. – Are you ready for the fancy pizza? – I am ready for fancy pizza. – Let’s get fancy. (upbeat music) – My outfit’s good, but your outfit’s like – No girl please, your outfit is like – Oh you’re so sweet. – We are now on our way
to a fancy pizza res– – We are not on our way,
I’m sorry I was (laughs) – So we are no on our way to
the fancy pizza restaurant. It’s called Pizzana, and
guess what, it’s Italian. – I’m Daniele Uditi, we are Pizzana in Brentwood, Los Angeles, and this is my first pizzeria in this beautiful city. – You’re 100% Italian. – I am 100% Italian, Neapolitan
because I was born in Naples so we have tomato sauce instead of blonde. My family owns a bakery in
Caserta, close to Naples, and I was like 13, 12, and
I start to clean their oven and at the end of the night
I stretch a couple of pizza and then that’s how I learned. Take one hand, play like Little by little, pizza start to do. – Look at that, it’s perfect. – My grandfather started
a beautiful mother dough, it’s called criscito, and
I refresh it every day. – So the yeast strain
has existed for 62 years. – It’s a starter so, that’s actually what makes this dough special. So we’re gonna have a base with
our beautiful fior de latte, our reduction of San Marzano, which is a sauce that we
cook for six to twelve hour. We’re gonna sprinkle a little
bit of Parmigiano Reggiano, and it’s ready to go in the oven. – This is the oven that
you imported from Italy. – Yeah, I put the first
stone on this pizza oven. – A cornerstone. – Yeah, right?
– Yeah. _ The material have come
from the Mount Vesuvius, so these volcan stone that
they preserve for the eruption that Vesuvius had long time ago, it gives you the perfect baking process because a volcan stone takes
the heat like nobody business. (laughs) – It’s just a consistent crispiness. – Yeah, because this
amber is always the same. My pizza is cooked a little bit longer, I want you guys to taste that
we use a wood-burning oven. When you bite to the crust,
you know that crunch? I like that sound. – [Ned] Oh yeah.
– [Ariel] Oh yeah. – [Daniele] Right? Basil crumb, and that’s the idea of my Neo Margherita. Let’s make a Brassica, which
is ferdinarte broccolini, which we cook in the wood-burning oven, and then pickled calabrian
shallots and sicilian pesto, which is a pesto made of sun-dried tomato, walnuts, and parmigianna. Uovo pizza, a lot of bacon jam underneath, some cherry tomato, prosciutto, at the end, we’re gonna
crack an egg on top. – [Ned] Oh yeah, that’s sexy. Oh wow look at this.
– Despite the fact that we have already had pizza today, I am starving
– I am ready for my second pizza. I can’t wait to crack this egg. Oh wow
– [Ariel] Oh my goodness. Now you’re just playing with your food. – I am just playing with the egg now. – Are you ready? – Yeah – Alright, we’re gonna
– [Ned] Neo margherita. – Cheers
– Cheers – Oh that’s good. – That’s so good
– [Ned] Oh my goodness. – In every bite you get
a little bit of tomato, a little bit of basil,
and a lot of cheese. – It’s very well balanced. – It’s very well balanced
– And I lo– Look at this, look at the
scoring on the bottom. – Can you hear that crispy? Do you hear that crispy, crispy crust? – I do, I do. – Seriously one of the
best crusts I’ve ever had. – And the dough is like a
little sweet, a little sour. – It’s just good bread. – Yes.
– I’ll do that one, you do this one
– Yes. Okay Ariel is gonna
try the Brassica pizza, with the broccolinis. And I will be trying the Uovo. Wow, you ready?
– Mm-hmm (affirmative) – Whoa, Uovo. That’s it, I’m getting
myself a hand-made brick oven from Naples, putting it in my kitchen. – There are things on this table that you can’t buy in a grocery store. – You can’t even buy in America. It’s like my tongue is just laying on a velvet carpet doing snow angels. – [Ariel] It’s that care in your craft, that I think makes this
a good, good, good pizza. – [Ned] Did we have care in our craft? – [Ariel] No. – [Ned] We had fun. – [Ariel] We always have fun. – [Ned] I don’t know if
we had craftsmanship. – I feel like we should
turn these cameras off so that I can properly stuff my face. – Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah. – Yeah? – Can we shut the cameras off? (beep) Ariel, it’s time to pick the winner. What was the better date, the
night in or the night out? – Night out. – Okay, but why? – [Ariel] Our pizza didn’t even compare. – No. – We can’t make that pizza at our house. We don’t have a brick, wood-burning oven that burns at 700 degrees,
30 years of experience. This is why you go out for
the most amazing pizza. – Even if they are costing $18 per pie? – [Ariel] I would pay $30 a pizza. – [Ned] The night in was so fun. We had this gorgeous stuffed cheesy crust. – And watching it rise. – Watching it rise was so fun
– That was so fun. – [Ned] But the night out was also like, the craftsmanship, and the
flavor combinations were amazing. I think, my winner is, the night out. The chef was more Italian than I am. – This Italian part, we come out. – Leave us a comment,
which one would you choose, the night in or the night out. And if you decide to
make our pizza recipe, please post some photos. – And if you have a Neapolitan
pizza oven in your house, – We wanna know where you live
– Let us know where you live, because we will come visit. – Well, happy date-night sweetie. – Happy date-night. Love you. – Love you. Why don’t you do it? – [Ariel] We’re on our way to– – [Ned] We’re on our way (laughs) – Oh my God you guys, I’m
making pizza, we’re on our way. (laughs) It’s perfect though
because it’s our ball sack. Oh (laughs) yes.

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