Copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken ~ The BEST Orange Chicken Recipe

Copycat Panda Express Orange Chicken ~ The BEST Orange Chicken Recipe

This is Panda Express signature dish and
most popular meal, I’m Tess and I will show you the best copy-cat Panda Express
orange chicken recipe from start to finish. You don’t want to miss this one! I’ve tried a couple different recipes
and this homemade Panda Express orange chicken recipe, I think, is the best.
The crispy fried chicken is tossed with a thick sweet orange lightly spicy sauce.
A definite irresistible comfort food that you can make at home and it’s easy.
So let’s get started. I’m making the coating ingredients for
the chicken. In my bowl I’m adding a half a cup of flour ,1/2 a cup of corn starch,
1/4 teaspoon of salt and about 1/8 of a teaspoon of white pepper. If you don’t
have white pepper you can use black pepper. Giving that a good mix to
incorporate. In another bow I have two eggs and I’m
seasoning with salt and white pepper. Giving that a good whisk. You will be
able to find this recipe and the list of ingredients in the show more section
below. If you click on the word “show more” it will open and reveal this recipe,
links where you can purchase some of the items that I use and much much more. If
you have a chance please check it out. I have about 2 pounds of bite-size
boneless chicken thighs that I’m dredging first in the eggs and then
coating with the flour cornstarch mixture. Make sure that you coat the
chicken thoroughly. I’m frying the chicken in batches making
sure not to overcrowd the pan. These will take about three to four minutes for
each batch. Once done I’m removing and draining on a paper towel or you can use
a wire rack. If you want the pieces extra crispy you can let the chicken rest for
about 10 minutes and then re fry for another minute or until the coating is
nice and crispy. Now let’s make that gorgeous delicious
sauce! In my pan on medium heat I’m adding in a little oil, a tablespoon of
minced garlic, about a teaspoon of minced ginger and this is a half a teaspoon of
red pepper flakes. Cooking and stirring for about a minute. This amount of red
pepper flakes is a nice complement to the sweet orange. If you want it less
spicy you can use a quarter teaspoon but I wouldn’t add any more than a half a
teaspoon for this recipe. This is a half a cup of fresh orange
juice and I’m giving that a stir. I’m turning up my heat to a medium high
because I want to bring this up to a simmer. Next is a couple tablespoons of
light soy sauce, a quarter cup of rice vinegar and a quarter cup of water.
Giving that a good stir. This is the zest of an orange which is about two
teaspoons. This really adds the bright orange flavor to this dish. This is 1/3
cup of honey and you can use sugar if you like. Finally I’m adding in a half a
teaspoon or a drizzle of sesame oil. Bringing that up to a simmer and cooking
for about a minute. To help thicken the sauce I’m adding in a
slurry of cornstarch and water. I’m just adding in a couple spoonfuls at a time
to reach the consistency that I like. When the sauce thickens and does not
come together quickly when you stir, it is ready. If you add too much slurry you
can thin it out with water. Have I mentioned that this smells incredible?!! Now I’m adding in the chicken and
tossing to make sure every nook and cranny of the chicken is coated with
that delicious sauce. And it’s ready to eat! This copycat Panda Express orange
chicken is so good. Tastes just like the takeout! The chicken
is tender and has a lightly crispy coating, the sauce is just out of this
world! if you’ve ever had Panda Express orange
chicken then you know what I mean. The orange chicken reheats well and it’s
really good the next day. I even like it cold. Serving tonight with some steamed
jasmine rice and topping with some chopped green onions. You can even
garnish with some sesame seeds if you like. I have a copycat video recipe for Panda
Express mushroom chicken that is also easy and good. If you have a chance
please check it out. I will leave a link here and in the show more box below this
video. If there is another Panda Express recipe that you would like to see me
recreate please leave a comment below. I hope you give this copycat Panda
Express orange chicken recipe a try and I know you will enjoy. If you like this video recipe please hit
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  1. Thanks to everyone that tuned in for the premiere. What is your favorite Panda Express dish? Leave a comment below.

  2. ThankS Tess~😉
    Am XcitD t make this Recipe.👍 Thank~Yu SoOo much 4 SharG.
    One of My Fav's is the ChickN Chow Mein. Wuld Lo❤️e t B able t make that Dish & what Noodles t use/ buy frm the Asian Store (where I Live). As there R many t choose frm. Not sure I bot the Right 1's.🤔
    Much ThankS Tess😉

  3. Tess, could you please do a recipe video for asian black pepper chicken and green beans? My fav takeout place has that and it's to die for 😀 thx!

  4. Omg Tess that orange chicken looks so good 😍 we don’t have Panda Express here in Australia. Love this thank you

  5. Looks delicious! One of my most missed fast foods from when I lived in the States – will definitely give this a try!

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