Cooking Tips : How to Shred Iceberg Lettuce

Cooking Tips : How to Shred Iceberg Lettuce

To shred Iceberg lettuce, first start off
with a cleaned head of Iceberg lettuce. Next, we’re going to cut through about half way
on the head of lettuce. I’m going to put half away and we’ll cut that in just a minute.
Next, I’m going to lay this flat side down on my cutting board and go through the length
of lettuce. You can make your shreds as thick or as thin as you’ would like. That is how
you shred Iceberg lettuce.

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  1. wait what do you do with the other half? Because i heard a lot of food is being wasted in america. Do you just throw it away or what? please respond
    -person concerned with starving people in Africa

  2. Male logic: Can understand complicated theorical physics and how a source code with a massive number of possible states works. Can't determine how to cut a vegetable with 4 possible states.

  3. My dad said it had to be "as thick as a brazilian woman" (?) Can you make a video explaining what he meant

  4. glad im not the only 1 who needed this (im making tacos to impress girl, want lettuce to look like taco bell, lol)…I am a proud owner of a penis.

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