Chinese Street Food HEAVEN in Xi’an, China – Spinach Noodles, BEST Dumplings and MUSLIM Chinese Food

Chinese Street Food HEAVEN in Xi’an, China – Spinach Noodles, BEST Dumplings and MUSLIM Chinese Food

– Alright, check it out, guys. It’s Trevor James. We just got into Xi’an, China. This is the land of Hui
Halal Chinese street food and I’m so pumped ’cause
today we’re gonna go for a huge street food adventure. Let’s check it out. This is Xi’an, home to some
of the best street food you can find in all of China. Here, the local Hui Muslims
have a super unique cuisine worth traveling solely to
eat for ’cause you can roam the back alleys and find stall after stall of delicious food and today, we’re trying five amazing local specialties
like Xi’An Jianbing crepes, delicious dumplings and spicy liangfen and at the end, we’re
going into the back kitchen to learn how to make
Xi’an spinach noodles. Let’s eat. Awesome guys. We are in the back streets of Xi’an. This is so exciting. There are street food everywhere and you can just explore
and try new stuff, chat with people, meet friendly locals. That really is what it’s all about. This looks like a special jianbing. Ooh, crepe, nihao. (couple speaking in foreign language) Oh look at this. So they put the wheat flour right on and then you can choose
what toppings you want and this looks like it’s a unique jianbing because you can just add
whatever you want here. So they put an egg on there
and oh, it looks fantastic and we’re gonna see how they make it here. I’ve never had a Xi’an jianbing before. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) And he’s just flipping it over there too. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) That should be good. And some peanuts. Oh that looks great and
a little chili paste. Nice and that’s the
one that just came off. Look at that. Xi’an jianbing. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Wow that is looking amazing. Oh yeah. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) oh look at this. So it’s fresh Xi’an-style jianbing. Never tried this before and you can see, he’s making the crepe one by one and people are just adding
on with how they want. (Trevor speaks in foreign language) Let’s try it out. Oh yeah. Wow, that is an amazing flavor. Look at that. That is such a unique jianbing. Those rice (speaks in foreign language) and then the peanut and the chili give it a bit of a crunchy spiciness. Oh and the egg gives that
bing some power and flavor oh and there’s chicken in there. After that amazing jianbing, we kept exploring the
back streets of Xi’an for more delicious street
food and found a classic Xi’an specialty: luzhi liangfen, a rice jelly noodle and more pita bread with a thick soup spiced
with Chinese five spice and topped with an amazing
chili garlic sesame combo. Now we are in a local neighborhood on the back streets of
Xi’an looking for food. This is super local and I
can’t wait to see what we find. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Awesome so this is such
a classic thing in Xi’an. You gotta break them all. She said not to break it too small and then we’re gonna give this to her. Awesome. So that’s the liangfen
there, the rice jelly. As you can see, they
just load up the luzhi on top of the liangfen. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) So it’s a rice jelly. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Awesome. And then a boiled egg, awesome. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Awesome so a little bit of. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Oh that’s like a mustard. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Sesame. Wow. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Look at this, guys. So there’s the more
bread, all that chili oil. She puts garlic, sesame paste
and then the luzhi up there which is just this big
pot of like a egg soup. She said it’s savory, not sweet and we’ve also got boiled egg, but I really want to mix it, but I’m just gonna go write in and get a bite. Look at that, and let’s try it out. Mm. (Trevor and woman speak
in foreign language) Oh look at that. Look at that half boiled egg. Oh we can just coat it in
the chili oil with sesame. Awesome, look at that. Isn’t that beautiful? It’s all about the sauce on it. It’s just so shiang, aromatic. Little nutty, little sour, little spicy. (Trevor speaks in foreign language) Next up is a couple steps down the street and before going to dumpling delight and to spinach noodle heaven,
we found a super unique stuffed and fried sweet
sticky rice dessert. It feels so good to be exploring Xi’an. Next up I think there’s
a little stall here that has some fried bings
so let’s take a look. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Oh that looks amazing. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Red bean and you can get these all stuffed into little biscuits. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) And honey and rose, it’s all in there and you can see they’re
just making them one by one, stuffing them and then they’re
going right into the fryer. So this one is the brown
sugar, peanut, walnut, sunflower and then the brown one I believe is stuffed with that red bean. Oh (speaks in foreign language). Classic, super unique find here. Oh wow. (speaks in foreign language) Oh yeah. That is so unique. Look at how gooey and
soft that sticky rice is and the inside is both a
sweet, nutty gooeyness. Oh it is so soft. That is so sweet and
gooey, nutty, florally. Look at the sticky rice. What a unique specialty. Definitely worth coming
to Xi’an to eat that. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) That is what it’s all about. It has a rose, honey. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Oh yeah it’s floral (speaks
in foreign language). Next up we found perhaps
the best dumplings we’ll ever taste, the beautiful and plump (speaks in foreign language) a sour and spicy dumpling
stuffed with beef and garlic chives in a bowl of pure joy that you won’t be able to stop eating. These are worth flying
in direct to Xi’an for. Next up, we are gonna go
for one of the best things in Xi’an, the (speaks in foreign language) sour, spicy dumplings and right here at the best spot, oh yes. Let’s go order a bowl. Oh yeah this is what dreams are made of. We are buddies here so we’re gonna go right into the kitchen and see. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Wow, look at this, jiaozi heaven and you can see all of the big bowls. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Oh and this is ours here. So it’s two vinegar, sesame, chili. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) and we’re gonna get a big bowl. These are the best jiaozi I’ve
ever had in China right here and we came back to eat them. So this is the base that goes underneath all of the dumplings. So it’s basically just a spicy
sesame sour from that vinegar and then we’ve got this huge
massive pot of dumplings and then look over here. These are all of the
handmade jiaozi, beef jiaozi. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) So beef and leek and oh, they’re just boiling away
and they’re so friendly that they let us in the back kitchen. Just look at how plump the jiaozi are, all handmade and full of beef and leek and they’re just boiling
and full of delight and they’re gonna scoop
them right over top of that beautiful vinegar
chili oil, cilantro, sesame. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Wow, here we go guys. Now we are scooping the
jiaozi in, pure jiaozi heaven. Unbelievable. Wow look at these jiaozi
just bowl after bowl. The lineup of dumplings. Wow, look at these. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Oh yeah and these are ours
straight from the kitchen. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) let’s go try it out. Look at this jiaozi. Oh, it’s all about that chili oil and it’s gonna be sour,
spicy, nutty from the sesame. Mix it up, all that cilantro. These are beef and leek jiaozi. So it’s gonna be powerful and aromatic and oh it’s been a couple
years since we’ve been here and this is just bringing memories. Let’s try it out. Mm, mm. Wow. They are plump and they pop in your mouth. And juicy, sour, spicy. The cilantro gives it a real freshness. Sesame gives it a nuttiness and mm. (Trevor speaks in foreign language) Yeah really nice to be back. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) So delicious. I could just keep coming back for more. For our final meal, we went for one of the most classic meals in Xi’an, spinach noodles and we’ve got a lesson from the noodle master himself. This was a truly once in
a lifetime experience. Next up, guys, we are going to go to a famous spinach noodle joint and we are gonna get an
introduction into making spinach noodles from Chef
Le, our buddy Chef Le. It’s just right up here
and we’re early before they open so we can see. We’re going into the
back kitchen to see how they make the spinach noodles. (Trevor and Chef Le speak
in foreign language) Look at this. (Trevor and Chef Le speak
in foreign language) Oh so we’re adding the spinach in. (Trevor and Chef Le speak
in foreign language) Wow, look at that. That’s insane. So it’s wheat, dough and add spinach. (Chef Le speak in foreign language) Okay so we’re looking at the color and then you can tell
how much spinach to add and we’re so lucky to be with Le here showing us the way to make
these spinach noodles. Oh yeah there it is, beautiful. Nice. That is the spinach paste that Chef Le was adding in and we are
gonna, it’s beautiful and we’re gonna go make the noodles now and we’ll have a bowl. (Trevor and Chef Le speak
in foreign language) Wow look at this spinach dough. Look at that big mountain
of spinach dough. Beautiful. After bagging off individual-sized
portions of the dough, we began kneading and flattening it out. Okay so each little cluster
here we are gonna flatten out. Wow, that is really
coming together nicely. So this nice big dough
ball, we’re gonna turn into a bunch of spinach noodles. Wow look at this. (Trevor and Chef Le speak
in foreign language) Awesome. (speaks in foreign language) What an amazing process to watch. So we’ve just flattened
out all of the disks, eight or nine of them
and we are gonna start the final process, really nice to watch. We’re gonna take out one of the big noodle sheets and flatten it out. Here we go. (speaks in foreign language) Oh awesome. You can see we’re just making
it flatter and flatter, wider and wider until it’s a big oval and then we’re gonna cut the noodles. Wow, look at the size of that. Look at the size of this, wow. Huge Bocai sheet. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Oh so we’re just starting out
to layer it, fold it over. Just fold it over like
that and then I think we’re just gonna cut it right through and make these noodles. Oh wow. Amazing. Perfectly folded over noodles. (speaks in foreign language) incredible. (speaks in foreign language) Spinach noodles hand cut. (Trevor and Chef Le speak
in foreign language) That’s three bowls of noodle right there. Amazing. It’s so beautiful, hand-cut noodles. Wow. (speaks in foreign language) Mesmerizing watching them be cut. (Trevor and Chef Le speak
in foreign language) you’ve got to cut them
perfectly at the right width. Otherwise it’s gonna
mess up all the noodles. That is amazing. There’s just something
so satisfying about this. (Trevor and Chef Le speak
in foreign language) Yeah and you can see these are
all almost exactly the same. Wow they’re all just so perfect. You could use a ton of
different varieties of sauce to go right over top of your noodles. Soup or dry style, but I
chose one of my favorites. The (speaks in foreign language) tomato and egg along with another bowl of spicy stewed pork. And I think our noodles are ready here. Wow look at those Bocai noodles. Wow look at those noodles. Dark green pure beauty and you can see there’s a bit of cabbage in there as well and we’re gonna add tomato
and egg on top of that. So we’re getting homecooked
(speaks in foreign language). (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) So everyone can make this dish in China and that’s why we are ordering
it because it’s so classic. There we go, those are, oh yeah. Tomatoes with the skins peeled. Beautiful. In go the eggs. (Trevor and vendor speak
in foreign language) Oh and there’s the (speaks
in foreign language) right on top. Beautiful so
there’s wood-ear mushrooms, tomato, egg. We got two beautiful bowls of
(speaks in foreign language) here and we’re gonna try them out. Look at what we got here, guys. Two classic bowls of (speaks
in foreign language). So this here is stewed pork with chili. These are slices of potato. There’s carrot oh and there’s chili. She put chili in there. Oh and it looks so beautiful. Look at the color of that. And this one over here. This is the one I’m
really looking forward to. We watched her make fresh, the fried egg with tomato. She put a little bit of
wood-ear mushroom in there. I think she put in a
little chili in there too and just look at the beautiful hand cut, hand cut spinach noodles. Mm, mm, oh yeah, the noodles. They are just cooked perfectly. It gives it a bit of a spinachy flavor and oh, the (speaks in foreign language) The tomato, the egg put
over top on these noodles. So satisfying. A little spicy. Seasoned perfectly. That is amazing. Let’s get a nice big bite. So this is just pure satisfaction. Hmm, oh, the pork. It’s just slightly spicy. Oh so aromatic and soft. (speaks in foreign language) fantastic noodles here. What a beautiful day in Xi’an. I’m just stuffed. We had so much food. Thank you so much for watching
these food and travel videos. I’d love to know what
you thought of this video in the comments below. Please click that subscribe
and little bell notification button as well ’cause we’ve got tons of street food tours coming up from Xi’an and we’re just gonna be
traveling all over for you. Thanks a lot, guys.

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