14 thoughts on “Chicken With Watermelon Recipe – Cooking Watermelon – My Food My Lifestyle”

  1. The combination of delicious chicken and delicious watermelon is really new.
    I really wonder what it tastes like.
    It looks delicious to eat. I want to eat too.

  2. Good morning from Trinidad… is that chicken you grow home.. if yes.. we call it common fowl.. it's a bit expensive here but it taste really good..i love your cooking especially to see you girls enjoy every bite

  3. Seriously different one becoz of the combination watermelon and chicken 😳😳😳😳 and why the younger girl mouth like pig

  4. La chica que prepara los alimento es muy seria la otro chica es la pone las sonrisa espero me entiendan

  5. I never thought about chicken could be cooked along with 🍉 as a meal. Only thought about watermelon dessert after chicken meal…haha 😋

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