Chicago’s Best Seafood: Johnson’s Door County Fish Co.

Chicago’s Best Seafood: Johnson’s Door County Fish Co.

when we’re looking for spots on
Chicago’s best we want great food great families and great neighborhoods and
Theresa sent us an email saying that Johnson’s Door County checks all three
boxes thank God for that Theresa thank God Johnson’s door county fish and shrimp a
mouthful I have to congratulate you because you guys have a pretty big
birthday coming up soon we do next year we’ll be 50 years same location same
products I’ll be coming here for about almost 30 years now about 40 years in
high school well over 30 years kind of nice to see the same people the same
faces all the time it’s just nice to support a family and not a franchise
they recognize you you recognize that it’s just kind of like a holy place why is Johnson’s Chicago’s best it’s the
quality our Cod is North Atlantic cod it’s only the loin which is the nice
thick piece you may find something is good but you’ll never find any other
better the quality of the fish is really good it’s always fresh and it’s always
good and cooked perfect thank you are you cooking with me in the kitchen
Sofia is going to be our corner she’s our youngster he’s only been here 20
years Oh only 20 years not that much so you’ve got two pieces of cod here Yeah
right uh-huh really good fish so this is our
batter if they want the inside pick it up
yep you put in the breadcrumb just kind of Tufts
yeah that’s ready won’t be fry all right let’s head over why we drop her cod in
the fryer and move on to the perfect complement we
gotta fry something some french fries now you’re speaking my language
fries are in we’re ready to go when our Cod is golden brown hot cells we top
with tomatoes lettuce and a Chicago staple Toronto bun fresh easy simple tap
a sock with our fries and then we eat Sofia the best the quality of their
product is very very good really nicely coated and has a good crunch to it very
fresh taste most of all I like the flaky texture sure beats the regular burger
bang every day one of Chicago’s best okay are you ready for some lunch
I’m ready for a nice big piece of cod ah there’s very good so sleepy the
flavor Wow you don’t want to camouflage the fish
you’re letting the fish shine on its own that’s the idea I’m gonna try one of
these holes gonna do it and you get some of our shrimp sauce with it super fresh
it’s got its crispy you guys have been doing it right for 50 years I’ve enjoyed it
I think the formula is absolutely there’s other seafood let us know you

40 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Seafood: Johnson’s Door County Fish Co.”

  1. I've eaten supermarket-bought frozen cod sticks my whole life but DAMN that cod looks exceptional! The flakiness and size of the cod is just so mouth watering…

  2. Love this place been going here for over 30 years. Support local businesses!! This place is amazing and they have the best seafood.

  3. A very delicious sandwich 👍, A very beautiful place 👍,, A very very lovely video 👌👌👌 … Thank-you 💜💛 so much .. God bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. That looks great! But that's not a seafood restaurant. Come to Louisiana (South) and you will find some of the best "Seafood Restaurants" in the country.

  5. I've been looking all over for this video! Our regulars always ask where the video is lol I've been working at Johnson's (Indiana) for two years and my mom for at least 15! Jerry and Dorothy are the most humble bosses you could ever imagine! It's not a job, it's a family.

  6. Everything looks perfect but I just prefer some sort of white sauce in my burger, apart from that seems to be a very great and homely establishment.

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