Cheapest Sushi in the World [Tokyo Daily Vlog #46]

Cheapest Sushi in the World [Tokyo Daily Vlog #46]

That’s so cute It’s Japanese curry time again This time we’re trying this chain called Gorilla I mean, I’ve tried it before, and I like it, a lot Good stuff This shop here, it’s called Village Vanguard and it’s full of awesome stuff and geeky shit Got some shirts and some socks Buying clothes in that shop is frustrating because obviously, everything is too small for me And they don’t even have X-Large size of almost any product It just ends with large And in Japan, very often large is smaller than American large That’s the kind of shopping I like to do It took me half an hour, 2 shops I bought about 10 t-shirts, all plain 3 pairs of shorts, almost identical but different colors Some underwear and socks And in Uniqlo, I know I’m size large, so I don’t ever have to try anything on which speeds the process Ahh, I’m so happy with myself It’s mail time I’m kidding, but serioulsy, we got a package from Poland And we got two sets of attachable lenses for smartphones Might come in handy, for timelapsing It comes with a clip Let’s make a timelapse Where are we going Kasia? We’re going to get some sushi Extreme sports by The Uwaga Pies biking I like Yoyogi Park at night There’s lots of people running, cycling, doing fun stuff In Japan, if you go to the park at night, you’re not afraid that anybody is going to rob you or anything so, that’s fun Kasia This sushi place is not the usual sushi place It’s become quite famous lately in Tokyo for being super, super cheap This is the plate of sushi we got And this is buri A type of yellowtail and one piece of buri here costs 10 yen That’s 10 cents or 32 grosze in Polish The rest of the sushi pieces are normal priced and the drinks are normally priced And you have to order a drink when you come here So they’re making their money off of other things But you know, they have this special Normally buri would cost 120 yen at a cheap sushi bar this is 12 times less expensive Now to give a creative shoutout to CharlyJapan who made a video about this place before us So it’s only reasonable…. Check him out, he makes really funny videos about Japan And we hope to get him on the vlog sometime soon Another special of the place is fried corn You like it? mhm Yeah this is tempura so we can correct ourselves We made a mistake before calling katsu tempura, but this is actually tempura It’s much lighter It actually looks it’s lighter in color and everything Bye bye Well their business model works We spent 3600JPY just off feeling guilty about the cheap price of buri but I recommend the corn It’s really good Bye bye see ya later aligator Kris and I split up because I’m going to take the train home and he’ll take the bike but I also wanted to show you guys my favorite escalator at this station Yup and that’s the whole ride up the escalator very very short escalator and it’s not the world’s shortest there’s a much shorter one in Japan This dude’s about to do something Cool

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  1. I don't know why, but this vlog wasn't on my "Subscribed" board… Fortunately I checked your channel 🙂

  2. Why are you not living together? After watching you guys i trough that you are a couple. Thats sad. World is strenge. As usual awesome vlog.

  3. Wow krzysiu this vlog is so awesome i watched every episode last night and now im waiting for another… Waiting is painful for me because vlog is sooo goood. Anyway keep doing what youre doing.

    Ps. It feels the best to watch it at 3am at mcdonalds i think its because most of vlogs happen at night.

    Greetings from polish guy in scotland!

  4. I've just watched all your videos (my first watched vlog ever 🙂 ), couldn't stop! Amazing job guys! Saw also some of your videos in polish Kris but it's just not the same… you two have this energy! Never understand how you manage doing this DAILY! czapki z głów 🙂 hugs

  5. Can you make a video about places which are popular but not worth seeing in Japan/Tokio? (In yours opinion)
    I mean, when you have around one or two weeks in Japan only.

  6. Hey, is it true that you can't use a public baths in Japan when you have a tattoo? Or, when you are a foreigner, they don't mind it so badly? Are there any japanese people with tattoos?

  7. How are you so comfortable with the camera. It was hard to start filming in middle of the street? I know Kris has an experience with that, but what about Kasia? You didn't feel odd taking camera and talking to "nobody"?

  8. Kris knows what mens shopping is all about, no mucking around and do it as fast as possible so there is more beeru time!

  9. Hey guys! I absolutely love your vlogs, they're interesting and the montage is amazing! I really appreciate how much work you both are putting into every single video just to show us Japan.
    I was wondering how foreign cuisine looks like in Tokyo? How 'accurate' to 'original' is it? I heard that in Korea they put their own twist on everything and it doesn't matter if it's a Chinese cuisine, Italian or French, they adapt it to their own taste buds – even if it means creating something completely different. Is it the same in Japan? 
    Thank you so much for your effort guys!

  10. Did you order your food at the cheap sushi place in English ?

    Can you mention what restaurants are English friendly on the vlog ? It would be so awesome. Me and my bestie are visiting Japan in December and we want to try as much stuff as possible.

    Thank you. Love your vlogs !!!!

  11. It would be really nice if Tokyo Daily Vlog playlist started with the oldest episode, not the newest… 🙂 Or create a second playlist. It would be really helpful and easier to catch up with all of the episodes. 
    Have a nice day! 🙂

  12. Just found your channel (from Sharla in Japan). I'm currently making my way through your Tokyo Daily Vlogs and am looking forward to a sleepless night watching how wonderfully you have captured Tokyo. Greatest channel I've found in a very long time.
    Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your lives.

  13. @TheUwagaPies everythink is ok i like ur english channel Kris but…u know what its just my priv opinnion but i think that u show too much scenes with food in ur films

  14. Its maybe weird question , but how you make a decision in which restaurant you will eat ?  I see that u change places very often. Do you use some sites with the restaurant's 'reviews' ?

  15. I think you are in love with each other, but you won't admit that 🙂 I have seen that through all the vlogs. It's getting "worse" 🙂 hihihihi

  16. hey Kris, Kasia, how about tasting EXpensive stuff, have u seen a movie 'Jiro Dreams of Sushi'? Probably yes 🙂 If possible to book there, u could make a great video 🙂 and I'm interested how is it for foreigners, read super hard to eat Jiro's sushi. Hugs

  17. hi guys, greetings from tokio ,so where is actually this supercheap sushi bar from video ?-) can u please give me the address? best, p.

  18. I could like it only because of that you show me Japapanese people but you give me really great and funny videos also 😀

  19. your vlog has almost the same format as caseys.. but i like it cause i plan to go to japan in the future 🙂 More power

  20. Appreciate if you could tell me the exact location of this sushi place in Tokyo, also which train station it's near to? Thanks!

  21. First video watched and subscribed. Why would something like this even HAVE 52 dislikes? Irrational really, keep up the good ork!

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