Cheap VS Expensive Mentaiko Sushi  | Taste Testers | EP 48

Cheap VS Expensive Mentaiko Sushi | Taste Testers | EP 48

Wa piang, sabo sia! PD: Hi guys! Hi! Hi! Sashimi. And unagi All. Crab stick, tamago, tuna, salmon, ebi, corn. SASHIMI YAS Mentaiko N: Oh ya, Mentaiko also.
P: Ya, Ya. Oh my god, I can go emotional for that. Clearly, it’s Genki. Genki–or Itacho also have. So I just came back from Japan right, and I had dinner with a geisha. She asked me where is the best sushi in Singapore, then I told her Genki. Genki. Those that I like are all from Genki. There’s one at the… is it Cineleisure? Huhhhhh? Eh, I cannot remember la. Oh no wait, that’s Genki. Yes! P: Oh my god!
N: YAS! It looks so glorious. N: Oh my god, YAS! It looks fat. This is like quite high level, because it is not just salmon mentaiko, It’s salmon, mentaiko, and tobiko on top. There’s still a bit of that aburi roasted smell, I wish they sell scented candles with this smell, No, it will smell so gross after a while. Then my whole house can smell like that. Mentaiko scented candles, Genki candle, get on that. You can tell that it is not super fully cooked. Ah, ya ya ya. And they are very generous with the sauce. I AM EXCITED *ding* What is that “nyam nyam” thing? Ya! You get it? *makes unidentifiable action* Got the “nyam nyam” thing! A bit disappointing eh, Ya, The rice is too crumbly. Ya, the rice is not nice. It tastes like everything is together. I’m eating like a… Mashed potato, right? YA! *makes another unidentifiable sound* WHAT IS THIS?! The salmon was a bit overcooked also. Proper aburi salmon, or salmon aburi is supposed to be pink in the middle, and torched on the outside. The (fish) roe like, it bursts in your mouth like that. But that’s all leh. N: mhmmm, no more.
P: Ya. Ooooooh The sauce from the previous one was nicely but this one is just like So, to tell you the difference between a good sushi chef and a bad sushi chef, when it comes to the rice, the lousy ones or the inexperienced ones, they will just grab like a lot of rice and pack it into a super tight ball, which is super dense. But as for the good ones right, they will just pack it lightly but it will all stick together. You can see that the rice right, it’s not clumpy unlike the previous one. The mentaiko sauce looks abit more creamy, compared to the previous one, which was a bit more solidified. YAS Is there like a more glam way to eat this? This is either Itacho or Genki. The taste is super familiar. Ya It’s probably Genki actually. Even though it doesn’t have the tobiko like the first one, the mentaiko cream is better, in general This one is quite thick also like the sauce and everything. You know when you eat salmon, you’d expect it to be a smooth bite, but this is like the like the “eh, cannot (bite through) leh” The overall taste of it actually went very well together. This is like the default salmon mentaiko taste. Wow! Okay, I am impressed. This one, first of all, quite unique because you rarely see salmon mentaiko sushi with seaweed. Confirm atas one, this one. Ya And it is quite well-presented, N: Oh my god.
P: Ooooh P: You are taking that one. You can tell that the mentaiko sauce is very, very thick. It’s not stingy also. Oh, it smells good It smells buttery though. The rice doesn’t look as good as the second one. I like this one a lot. There was a lot of rice–he was right. The taste of the meat and the mentaiko was very strong, so they complemented (each other) very well. The flavour was stronger, there was more of it, and it’s thicker also, the texture. The second one was like, you could tell that there was more mayo then mentaiko. I think the seaweed gives it a more different taste. When I’m eating sushi like mentaiko (sushi) right, I would expect the salmon to be soft. But this one is more towards the fully cooked type. I didn’t like how much rice there was, it was very dense. But this one had a nicer sauce. Actually, I think this is the most expensive one so far. Hey, it looks like a dragon. It looks like a dragon, it’s so good. But this one you can tell that the salmon is not those fully cooked kind. P: Ya ya ya, correct.
N: Right, ya. Oh, the smell is good though. It smells like there is wok hei. Ya, this sushi got wok hei! Everything’s just clumped together, and it’s very slimy. Ya, that’s the word. It’s the freshest sushi so far. This tastes like the most premium one so far. I think they actually scored the salmon so they made slits in the salmon. Maybe it’s made by a very professional chef. True. Maybe he torched it already, then he score? Exactly. Okay, another thing is that the salmon taste is overwhelming everything. I didn’t even realise I was eating rice. And because it’s torched so much, it tastes more burnt than mentaiko-y. If I were to be served this in an expensive restaurant, I wouldn’t be like crazy impressed, but I would understand. Ya. Like, okay. P: Oh!
N: Okay, P: This one is nice.
N: Clean, simple, and fat. Yeah. This might be Genki eh. No, this is not Genki. Come on, This is not Genki. No, I think it might be Itach– –eh no, I don’t think it’s Itacho. No, this is not Genki. Genki doesn’t look like this. Oh my god, I know what it looks like already. It looks like a toothbrush, with toothpaste on top. It does smell okay though. It does smell a bit like Genki though. Yes, it does, it smells like number two! Ya, it smells like the second one. I feel like between this one and number two right, one is Genki, one is Itacho. Mhmm. Wah, this one not bad leh! Okay, the salmon right, got like depth one. Mhmm! I think this salmon is quite good. Ya, I think this is the best salmon out of all. Just nice; not too much, not too little. It doesn’t even taste like mentaiko, it just tastes like mayo. It’s abit sad, like the three tastes are very distinct; the rice, the salmon, and the sauce. It just feels cheap. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Wah. One piece? YEAH! $14 for a plate? HAH! Wah, that is severely overpriced eh! I guess you have a better grasp of the local sushi scene than me. Connoisseur. WHAT IS THIS?! Wah, I die eh. B I think B is definitely like the salmon mentaiko taste that we have come to love and enjoy. It’s the most familiar taste. So it’s really the default, the benchmark for us. PD: B is actually from Genki. There you go. Itacho Because I like my salmon fat, and it was fat. Yeah, I think Itacho. Because I think the salmon was in its best state. Ya, and the mentaiko sauce was just nice as well. For Genki, that plate that we had, is $2.80 for two pieces. The one that is most expensive, is $14 for two. Imagine if you see it on the menu right, you would also not order it. But you can tell that it’s expensive. really can tell from just biting. Yeah, that’s true. But not worth it la.

82 thoughts on “Cheap VS Expensive Mentaiko Sushi | Taste Testers | EP 48”

  1. Let's not have the guy in the denim jacket on any other taste tester episode please. Don't think he knows much about food. Really annoying to watch.

  2. i got goosebumps whenever i see the other group bite and leave the other half of their sushi on the plate….. that's just a no

  3. Denim peeps, next time when eating sushi, try to finish with one bite, that is the way to appreciate sushi's flavours .. Feel sad for the sushi >.<

  4. To the malay dude (i think ure malay?) in denim jacket, u are being a lil too extra by agreeing to everything peps said and rly trying to hype up when not necessary lol. Mayb its ur first being infront of the camera so I forgive you but nxt time try to be better and have ur own style lol

  5. Do a "tsl (eatbbook and others) read mean comments" hahah cause damnnn the comments about the denim guy and the prev vid on old airport road for eatbook is 🔥🔥🔥

  6. do the second team know what they are talking about? just get people who really know about food since its a food channel. get the boy in denim jacket a new channel called "how to be extra" cos his dong dong dong will work perfectly there.

  7. i feel so bad but i’ve to say it. there is no balance between the 2 pairs AT ALL. those TSL people picking the talents for videos, please give it much more thought. probably can pair chris with the girl and the other 2 together. the pair of male and female is just too hard to watch.

    also. seeing them bite the sushi in half… just makes me really uncomfortable.

  8. Second group noob in eating sushi. People like literally put the whole thing in the mouth. So extra la ini manusia2

  9. Out of the four, there is only one annoying AF person. "I'm impress" clearly the viewers ain't impress with you.

  10. Hopefully Eatbook pays attention to all these comments… More than half state that Nat is annoying af and I too agree that he should stfu.

  11. Glam way? Sushi should be eaten in 1 bite! Chris & Nicholas making proper reviews, and then the other 2 knows nothing about good sushi & mentaiko. 😂😂😂 send the other group help, & a sushi class.

  12. To the denim jacket guy if u want to talk pls chew before talking and have a mind on ur own when it comes to talking lol stop agreeing with wat people say cause this makes u look bad

  13. One thing I've noticed is that some of the hosts in your videos (even in zula chickchats) keep saying "like" unnecessarily. "Okay so like another thing I've noticed is like.. It's like really…" i know it's a habit among many people but it's really annoying especially if you're doing a professional commentary. I understand when it's done out of habit but it's getting way too excessive

  14. Add-on after CSI (because Eatbook should delete that part since it is so untrue): There is no Genki at Cineleisure. There is only Genki outlet at Takashimaya and Orchard Central. Did he meant Nihon Mura Express or Suki Sushi, or did he get the wrong mall?

    A moment of thought.

  15. aiyo I sound like a hater leh but I would expect someone to actually know a thing or two of what they are supposed to review. the guy in denim n the girl (for the longest time I’ve been watching I actually don’t rmb her name), just gives reviews that are misleading n.. useless.

    (/‘: help sia

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