Chcolate Oyster Meat | Toxic Sweets Shop

Chcolate Oyster Meat | Toxic Sweets Shop

Chocolate Oysters See Below to find link on how to make them Cut a piece of Foil and grease with vegetable shortening Shape into a canoe Melting Decogel in Microwave 15 seconds Looking for decogel Still looking Finally found it! See below to purchase and learn more about decogel Melt in microwave 15 second intervals until melted Still Melting Add white gel food color Mix well with a brush Pour into the foil molds With extra the Decogel add a drop of gun metal or black food gel color Using a small brush paint the outer edges Place them in the fridge or freezer for 2 to 5 minutes until set Once they have set gently peal it off the foil Place in chocolate shell Paint the sides and edges that you missed Bring the color into the center creating a marble effect Pour the melted ivory Decogel on top and mix Using another bowl add more of the ivory Decogel and add white gel food color Mix and then add to the oyster meat Use a blow torch to reheat the deco gel if it has started to set. Be careful since the shell is chocolate Pour more ivory deocgel Pour a little more Decogel into the bowl and add white gel color Its a layering effect that we are creating Just cleaning the area Now take mirror glaze. Link provided below Having a hard time opening the decogel Finally open Add mirror glaze into a bowl Add a dot of white gel color mix and add to the top of the oyster meat Done! Chocolate Oyster Shells with Decogel meat!

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