Celebration Sushi Roll Recipe

Celebration Sushi Roll Recipe

Welcome back to my sushi channel, in this
week’s episode I’m going to show you how to make a Celebration Sushi Roll.
Begin by wetting your hands so that the rice doesn’t stick to them, and just place 150g
which is about 5 ounces of cooked sushi rice over a half sheet of Nori and then just spread
it out. Now what you want to do here is just cover all the edges.
If you want to know how to cook sushi rice a link will appear now on the left side of
the screen. Once you have covered it completely add some
green sesame seeds, these are colored with wasabi, perfect. And now what you want to
do is just flip over the rice and Nori sheet, add a nice piece of sushi-grade salmon and
add some slices of avocado. Now you want to roll the roll, if you want
more information about rolling sushi a link will appear now on the left side.
You simply bring one side over, hold the content with your fingers, and then just press into
a square shape, move forward one more time, bring back, press again and unroll. That’s
how you make a sushi roll. What I like to do is add some more sesame
seeds, these won’t be as pressed into the rice, they will be more airy so they will
look a little bit more alive when you present the sushi rolls.
Place a piece of cling film over the sushi roll, this will keep the rice in place when
you do the cuts and it will make for a much more beautiful cut. And now you simply just
slice the edges off. I don’t like to have un-neat edges on the sides, I want ever piece
of sushi to be exactly the same. Now you can just eat these yourself or you can throw them
away. Alright so you just cut it in half, and cut
the halves into quarters and then the quarters into eighths.
You want to keep the blade a little bit wet so the rice doesn’t stick too much.
Now to finish off the Celebration Roll, just take a piece of sushi and add a little bit
of ginger carrot sauce on top, a link will appear now on the left hand side to know how
to make this. A little blob on each and then simply add a couple pieces of popcorn. This
is something I have never seen on sushi before but it just livens the sushi roll up, and
it’s so simple. Celebration Sushi Roll done!
In this video you saw me use some green sesame seeds, that would be these here, they are
wasabi covered that’s what gives them their green color, and they taste quite spicy and
they have nice color. I bought these all from America, they come in five different flavors
— garlic, plum, wasabi, bamboo smoke, and soy sauce. While they are really nice to have
and unique, it gives your sushi a special edge compared to the competition or compared
to everybody else’s, it’s quite interesting. Go check it out, I put a link here for you
and just go to my site and you can get more information on where to get these. They are
quite cheap, I think they are about five dollars, the only problem is, if you buy them for Europe
like I did the transport will be about double — yes, so basically about ten dollars each
if you’re in Europe or anywhere else in the world.

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  1. Seared tuna please…..nice vid as always! Getting slicker, faster and to the point – yer producing great product, both in sushi and tutorial

  2. can you please please pleasee showw me how to make the carb meat that they have on all the chinese buffet outside there. California crab meat roll. I think it's intimation crab meat with mayonnaise but when i mix it, it's not the same kind of crab meat that i taste outside. If you could do that, it would change my life forever. thank u so much !!

  3. My vote is for the party sushi roll next week! Great vids, by the way, love em, keep up the great work!

  4. seared tuna sounds good. New sub here. Good effort and content, although you need to be a little more sure of yourself. I also think that technique should be your main focus as opposed to the ingredients. Showing techniques that make it as quick and easy as possible to do sounds like your best bet. (and at some point you should probably expand into other japanese sushi-related dishes)

  5. I don't want to sound creepy but your hands are beautiful, do you play guitar or something? Btw I love your videos, can't wait for the next one, greetings from Spain! 🙂

  6. Just a suggestion, maybe make a prawn avocado mayo sushi roll and I also just wanted to say that I am loving the videos so keep it up!!! 🙂

  7. it's sushi … but not a good one tho..in most of your videos… some important and delicate details(skills) missing . but thanks for your tutoring I still like it..

  8. Hi,
    just wanto say, I find your request for funding totally legitimate and hope it will help you. Unfortunately I can't help. I couldn't even afford to eat sushi but love watching you make it; I don't own a computer or creditcard; just have an old smartphone.
    So, best of luck to you!

  9. Hi , I wanted to order this wasabi sesame seeds to England but I cannot ;( do You know why maybe ?? Can You help me somehow please !

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