100 thoughts on “Can This Microwavable Pasta Maker Make Good Pasta?”

  1. The one we have it takes 8-12 minutes. And it was a little cheaper.

    (Which clearly we got the knock off. Sorry, chef Tony.)

    It's a good little thing when you don't or aren't able to cook on the stove.

  2. The product is useless, the only difference from using another container, is the lid so you only have to wash one thing. Apart from that you would get the same result with any other container.

  3. 0:34 "The box has spaghetti on i-"
    They cut the part out where she goes on a ramble about how the spaghetti she sees here looks like the one that was on the counter as Thanksgiving and she didn't give a BLEEP because it isn't Spaghetti-o's.

  4. People taught her not to put plastic in the microwave but not to grate the ass rind of the wedge of parm thank God there was was some one to save that girl in the jumpcut.

  5. I microwave pasta in a bowl and boil it a minute less than instructions, and it works. I don't know why you need to buy something like this

  6. She’s so funny! She’s like Alix, but I can’t get too attached cuz she’ll probably quit buzzfeed in a couple months 😂

  7. You're not supposed to cook anything in plastic, or place any warm food in plastic because BPA leeches into there food causing hormonal imbalances. Like PCOS. polycystic ovarian syndrome . Not healthy at all. Plus microwaving food adds radiation to it, causing cancer & changing the molecular structure of the food. Causing cancer. Pls. Don't buy this item. Just boil in a stainless steel pot on the stove. Yes, it might take longer, but it's more nutritious. (No hate replies pls)

  8. I like the Fasta Pasta maker, personally. But only because i waste less water than if i were to use a whole pot of water.

  9. Get the Sistema Rice Cooker instead. I've had the same one for 5+ years and it cooks pasta PERFECTLY as well as rice.

  10. Meh… pasta in the microwave "shudders"
    It takes over twice as long and even the handle measurer seems worse than those sticks with 4 holes.

  11. No. Cooking the pasta longer than on a stove plus in a plastic dish. Not a fan of heating up plastic and eating my food out of it. I guess the only way this is acceptable is if you for example live in a dorm and only have a microwave but otherwise … no.

  12. this could also be good for someone, such as an older person, who has a hard time lifting heavy things—using a plastic pot with a strainer is probably a lot easier than pouring out a metal pot. and I could see using this if I had small kids—if you have to go run off to wrangle a toddler, having something on a timer without a hot stovetop could be really helpful.

  13. It takes LESS than that in a sauce pan on the stove. However I suspect this is based on 600 or 800 watt microwave. So if you have a 1200W it probably does it 4 mins. I might give it go.

  14. This is yet another plastic device that's supposed to be better than ANYTHING else for cooking pasta, when really a microwave bowl will do just as well… or you could just make it on the stove that you already have. It's really a side effect of our corrupt materials economy, where people buy things like that and 2 months later they break (planned obsolescence), or they might think it's stupid, or see an ad that changes what's in trend, which happens constantly (perceived obsolescence). Only 1 PERCENT of the materials we use are still in use only 6 MONTHS after their date of sale. It's all about corporations rolling in that tired old dough. Pure and simple, we need to change it.

  15. As a proud Italian woman, watching Americans cook pasta this way makes me want to jump off a cliff with all my compatriots

  16. It's not pARRRRsta its pAAAAAAAsta!
    Sorry I'm English and this just reeeaaaaly annoyed me. I love pAAAAAAAAsta though. LOL

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