100 thoughts on “Can This Chef Make Chocolate Pudding Fancy? • Tasty”

  1. I cant help but to feel like she kinda cheated here. There wasnt a single component that couldnt have been made without the pudding. It should have been up front and center instead of masked by the sheer volume of other ingredients.

  2. Can we all just take a moment to notice how all the comments have the same format of:
    Literally noone:
    Rie: "insert literally anything she says here"

  3. Rie is the only thing keeping me from take a scooter to the ankle before my first round of college finals 😳😳😳

  4. Rie in literally every video: I’ve never had this before.
    Us commoners: yeah, we get it, Rie. You’re fancy. 😂🙈❤️

  5. Me: makes pancake/crepe and having the first one look terrible

    Rie: first try, ended up with perfect crepe

    Me: *shook-eth*👁️👄👁️

  6. "Did you ever watch a Michael Bay movie in film school?" LOL well actually his movies are a good example of good CGI and special effects so YES I have in fact been shown scenes of Michael Bay movies in film school.

  7. I'm uncultured and thought the Ryan guy was Ryan from Buzzfeed Unsolved.
    I genuinely froze and questioned what happened to him.

  8. I hate chopping chocolate, so I just take one of our tablespoons with a thick stone handle , keep the chocolate inside its packaging and pound it with the underside of the spoon handle. No more chopping and a bit of letting out anger on the chocolate 😀

  9. You put the pudding just so the title of the video can make sense? I am pretty sure the taste of it it got lost in the amount of chocolate you put. I am very confused…don't see where is the point.

  10. Jasmine: "I think I'm in live with you."
    Rie: hehe "…Thank you"
    Me: whew…story of my life right there.
    (Side note: Rie is too stinkin cute)

  11. I was expecting more chocolate pudding used as primarily make it fancy..but it was 2 pudding cups as a add on how was that making pudding fancy? But its still interesting

  12. OMG y'all !!!! Rie has been hospitalized due to extreme back pains from holding Tasty o her back! 1 like= 1 prayer

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