100 thoughts on “Can This American Follow A Recipe In Japanese? • Tasty”

  1. They are the best combination. Nothing more to say😂😂😂. I really love them, Alix should come back, we miss her so much😍😍

  2. I watched this and thought that why doesnt she understand Rie well but I can and its official guys

    I fucking forgot Im half japanese who grew up in Japan🙃

  3. I speak fluent Japanese for the most part, but I've never done a cooking class in Japanese. This was really fun to watch! And I learned some new Japanese! (This from a guy who's done translation for Square Enix, Sega, Bandai Namco, etc.)

  4. Next episode: Can this deliberately chosen inept Japanese person cook a western dish? Well obviously with limited success, if you choose someone with limited IQ.

  5. I'm curious to see a Japanese chef make a Chinese dish or a Chinese chef make a Japanese dish because of how similar the written words are, but at the same time the spoken words are kinda different

  6. "I'll be instructing her in Japanese only"

    Proceeds to point and hand sign everything out when speaking doesn't work and then just explains everything in English….

  7. I feel like Alix is that one girl that gets a little too lit at brunch and annoys all of the other people in the restaurant.

  8. Alex: mmm (implies that its good, but doesn't know what it is supposed to taste like so copies rie) LOL

  9. my grandma would talk to me in japanese when i was younger and she would make this for me all the time and it is so good!

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