California Sushi Roll Recipe

California Sushi Roll Recipe

california sushi roll, this video and show you how to make
california roll tomato feeling what you need is some
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grams of culture shippers over half sheet of milk i don’t moshe writes down don’t press
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that the board now if you just bring it over and press kit through the close directly relapse just what i’m mister drenching tellers correct now what you can do you come presley and use it trial that combine off just to they can use it now to get a clean-cut i would suggest i’m speaking at least
leads that of course and use plastic linkedin tubes and i think their shops might have getting some more sort of the rice and
stick to it as you just cut off and then cut in half and two more times okay al general backup i think the oval office scotland pieces
it and what up one california rule he pieces

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  1. yup , for some reason i stayed watching the whole vid… not a suchi fan, but i would suggest to talk more.. there were a lot of silent can really add a mood to the video, and it makes you look a lot more professional… in my opinion. but great video! subscribed

  2. Well done. Some music in the background might help to break up the pauses in the video and give it a little more atmosphere. I recommend something classical and light, as it tends to appeal to just about any taste.

  3. Stop being such a sadcunt.
    …Bitch, please.

  4. this is a good video, matter of fact a great one, but a channel based on sushi only is not gonna be super big, i'm going to sub anyway cause i like the content.

  5. only criticism is that the Japanese cut their sushi into six pieces because the numbers four and eight are considered omens of death in their culture. You won't often find things packaged in groups of four in Japan. They would cut the roll in half, then each half into thirds.

  6. Yeah your videos are great, I love sushi, and these are actually pretty cool, but like other people said, add some nice music in the background to keep attention going!

    Thanks for these, keep it up!

  7. as a youtube-watch-a-lot I skipped through the vid, and a lot of it wasnt talking, Id suggest adding something original, not like make it as it is, but something else than a monotone voice talking while ur doing it 🙂

  8. Tip as I just came from your reddit post: add some royalty free background music. Will make the video smoother. I have plenty of free tracks on my comp if you want to use them

  9. i subbed just now, too. these ppl are giving really good advice, eg the music, etc. i'd add to things you could do to improve: have all your stuff already prepared (don't chop for viewers…we like short videos). also, have some scripted humor. look at the youtuber "foodwishes" (get an catchy intro)

  10. No, they have not(been making this kind of food for thousands of years). Sushi is about delicate flavors and presentation, heavy foods like sour cream are the anathema of Japanese cuisine, added to make fat fuck Americans(like you and I) buy into overpriced faux Japanese food. You're an idiot, and should feel like an idiot.

  11. Wear a shirt with a funny sushi-related graphic on it! or something funny that people will enjoy and not mind during the duration of the video!

  12. Like some said about the chopping etc. Maybe do 2 videos and edit one so it's half 2-3 mins and then you could release longer unedited ones too. Most like short though. 😛

    Include background sound over the intro, or make them transparent over the video and place them on the bottom/top. Intro/Music would be good. Find someone that makes them for free for starters. Keep up the good work. 😛

  13. This is awesome but i couldn't focus on the procedure because i couldn't stop laughing with the subtitles you've got! You say "and some avocados" Subtitles say "ants and other products"!! hahaha! 🙂 Thank for sharing!

  14. i didnt know that you were Dutch! you dont have a strong Dutch accent! amazing sushi recipes 🙂 i like them a lot

  15. yer the youtube automatic subtitles are a little off, im supposed to add my own subtitles but its so much work i decided to its better to spend that time creating more better videos… sorry for the inconvenience.

  16. ok!! your chanel and website got my heart subscribed and shared 🙂 looking forward to new videos!! Cheer xD

  17. i buy allot of materials and utensils online, you can buy the same equipment as i use from my store on my website.
    then any fresh foods i buy locally.

  18. Im from California. Lived here all my life. Been making sushi for 13 years. And no one ever puts cheese in a California roll. Also. No one ever puts plastic wrap on a Cali roll. So wrong. This is not a Cali roll. It's a crab cheese avo roll. Which to me. Is gross

  19. Hot Damn!  I just made my first sushi roll and I feel like a pro!  Your instructions and method were very clear and helpful.  Thanks for this video!  I'm subscribed now, so I'll keep you updated on my progress.  😉

  20. haha oh joh je ben Nederlands! ik dacht t al te horen aan je accent, maar toen je over de aromat begon wist ik genoeg 🙂 waar kom je vandaan?

  21. Who is editing the videos with subtitles? Putting words that was never said. You should not put subtitles if thats the case. Its annoying to look at.

  22. I've noticed that the subtitles are all wrong, with your respect chef, would it be possible if your team can update them?

    BTW, your teaching metodotogy is really outstanding.  If God will permits it; I'll start working really soon in a sushi restaurant.

  23. lol according to Google Translate, your fillings are "Crabs", a "secure government", "ants" and "other products". XD

  24. check out the full California sushi roll recipe here:
    also see more of my sushi recipes here:

  25. I think, you put over water when u make sushi rice, the rice look unshine, i dont know why but May be the problem on the vinegar.

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