Build a Sweet Entertainment Center ๐Ÿ“บ Fallout 4 No Mods Shop Class

Build a Sweet Entertainment Center ๐Ÿ“บ Fallout 4 No Mods Shop Class

[Applause] what's up class so while I work on narrowing down the contestants for the base camp bill contest we're gonna pick right back up with the Nomad shop class I have a quick and fun video for you today on how to build a modern style entertainment center your settlements in Fallout or you know just starting back up with something short and sweet after my hey this baby steps you know this video was actually a request from one of my patreon after seeing it in my vault 42 bills so I'm happy to oblige by the way that's one of the perks the student council members get you can make special quests for upcoming videos and speaking of my patreon it's time to take a peek at this month's wall of fame as you've probably seen in other videos I feature the names of my amazing patreon supporters on this here Wall of Fame and here are my fantastic patreon this month I really appreciate your generosity and support every time someone joins they get a little closer to being able to do YouTube full-time so check out the different Park tiers and look into joining if you haven't already okay so I'm gonna go ahead and build the entertainment center in the student dorm here at my Jamaica Plain schoolhouse build because why not have the hook up for parties and social gatherings right so we won't be taking a school bus ride but follow me over there alright here we are you guys probably have seen some of my videos on this still working on it still trying to decide what's gonna go in the kitchen they're gonna put in some dorm beds in fact I'm gonna build some bunk beds in a very unique way that you guys haven't seen before without using mods or the creation Club so stay tuned for a video on that and not sure if I've shown this off before but I added stalls to the bathroom so there you go okay gosh I'm surprised as things haven't fallen through the shelf in a while since I've been back here but anyway let's get started so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just build the entertainment center right here but I'm gonna put it on a rug in case um want to move it around so let's head over decorations and just grab one of these large rugs should we do that one I'll just do a normal one for now okay and this way I can move this around anywhere I want if I decide to make this the entertainment area for example instead of a kitchen then that would work out perfectly okay so let's get started what we're gonna do is we're going to start off with the the base unit which is I believe what I'm gonna do since I'm recreating this from the vol 42 build I'm gonna use let's see here I can remember where it is I'm gonna use the the actual stereo unit that came with the vault-tec workshop and let me just check and see if it's in this area here it is okay so they call this a stereo and it's fine it works it's a little boring to me we're gonna spice it up so I'm gonna put that down right there and the next thing we're gonna do is get out our speakers so I'm gonna put one there for now and one there and then we're gonna get our rugs out now we're gonna do this primarily using the rug glitch and the reason for that is because a lot of times when you're building these accoutrement see here buildings you've already built the entire structure so what you would have to do to use the pillar glitch is to go outside and find an area that's not gonna group select everything because we don't want to fall through the floor here and then try to assemble it that way but in a lot of cases the rug glitch is the easiest way to go now the rug glitch has been around for a while and I'm not doing anything new here what I am doing in this video is going to show you some tips and tricks and the order that you want to place these things in so they finalized at just the right height sand it all kind of works in concert with it with each other okay so I usually try to put them on two rugs that way don't have to worry about it getting too close and hitting the red oops oh my gosh so this is foundation here let me get out of here real quick okay that was embarrassing fell through the floor could get out so I had to reload but that's a great example of why the pillar glitch is not gonna work in this situation you don't want to fall through the floor I actually have a crawlspace under here that I use for all the wiring and under lighting and things like that so and also to raise it off the ground you know you guys have probably seen my Dumbledore video you know this be the outside raises it up off the ground so I didn't have to deal with puddles that came with the terrain so let's do this again correctly and I'm gonna select a rug and what we're gonna do is we're gonna put this in at an angle and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna line it up with you know once again just to recreate what I did in ball for you too I'm gonna line it up with the fourth slat over okay I see how there's one two three four so I can even slide it in a little more just about like that see that looks good all right I may have to make some adjustments but we're gonna go ahead and pull the rug out perfect okay I'm gonna grab this rod pull it over here add another one and pop this speaker onto the rug that's close oh there we go okay and I'm gonna put this one at an angle as well worth slat over and I'm gonna leave the rug in on this one just so I can make sure I get the same distance there a little further there we go you don't want any of the cabinet's showing through even a little bit because when we pull the rug out it'll it'll pop into place so I'm gonna pull it back a little bit more and that looks out even yep okay so one adjustment here gonna angle it a little bit more and push it back okay pull that rug out it should just drop into place perfect okay so now I'm going to take this rug and we're gonna add the TV and again order makes the difference with these kind of things that's why it's not as simple as just saying you just do it all the way with the rug glitch you know otherwise things will be popping up at different angles and covering each other up and stuff so I think TVs are in furniture under miscellaneous now you can make these look junky if you want but I'm using the newer vault-tec versions and then get this TV that's sort of a bigger display radius there so it's gonna look more like an entertainment center and I'm gonna slide that in to where here let me get a better angle so you can see it alright so I'm gonna get it to where it's lined up but I don't want that cover of the old stereo the underlying stereo to show through so now I'm just gonna pull it forward until we can no longer see that and actually before I do that I want to make one more adjustment because I want the you see that slot in the middle of those two buttons underneath the screen we pull it over those are here that's where the holotapes go so I want to be able to see that so we're gonna make one more adjustment here and this is a technique that I showed off in my rug synching video and then showed in a few more of my miscellaneous videos but the way to prevent items from sinking down too far is to give them a little bit of artificial height before you pull the rug out so the way that you can do that without using a floor tile is to use the stack of rugs all right so I'm gonna stack up a bunch of these rugs one two three four five six seven at why not we'll just use all the ones I have stored there and we're gonna pull this rug on to the top of this rug now you have to have this rug in place otherwise you won't be able to grab the bottom most rug you can only grab the bottom most rug because that's what's gonna move this entire stack oh now we have a storm coming alright let me put this in place and then I'll go rest until we have some sunshine so now we're gonna do the same thing I'm just gonna wait a little closer line it up that looks good pull it forward until I can't see the lid anymore there we go okay so now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna quick save and then I'm gonna go rest and then we'll pull the rug out when I have some sunshine all right so give me a second here didn't even help at Overland Station but they help themselves all right so we're back we have I think was sunshine which is fine and let's go ahead and pull this rug out and see if it drops correctly into place all right perfect so you see what it did there it actually popped upwards and that's because it probably wanted to align itself with the bottom portion of this shelf when you pull up the rugs from any object using the rug glitch it's gonna try to attach itself to the nearest border of a wire mesh if we didn't have these rugs in place it would drop to the ground to the floor tile here but since we had it elevated it popped it up onto the bottom of this stereo wire mesh so now I can just store all these rugs here that worked out perfectly all right I'm gonna leave this one and we are going to add one of the final elements and that is the front covering and I believe that is now it's gonna be under tables so let's go to furniture yep here we go so it's this end table right here don't tell me it's gonna rain again and it rains too much in this game alright so what I'm gonna do is actually now you can do is either way if you want it facing forward that's fine that's fine in fact that might actually look kind of nice so it's gonna be completely up to you the way I did it in the vol 42 build was to spin it around to the backside so that I could decorate it a little bit so let's pop it up onto this rug here and then take this rug and move this right over here alright then we can slide it a little more appropriately into place and what I want is a little bit of a shelf sticking out from the front which is where I stored the holidays that's too much still just a smidge too much there we go kind of wanted it a little bit even with the end of the speakers so that'll be fine okay now I'm gonna pull this out perfect and check it out the cool thing is we can still move this whole thing on this rug alright so now from here you got a couple of different options alright here's what I did in the vault 42 build it got added a neon exclamation point made it purple to give us a little zing here yep and then I proceeded to add some holotapes right here to the top shelf we're gonna do a little bit more in this video if you want to stick around I mean that's the gist of it so if you want to leave now I totally understand but here's some other cool little creative ideas for you alright so I'm gonna take off this exclamation point just for the moment and then we're gonna go to the logic gates and I'm gonna pop a logic gate in here just to look like it has you know those RCA cable nodes to it and let me see if I can fit that in there somehow hey what I'm gonna do I'm gonna give you I actually recorded a final result of this because sometimes it's hard to recreate things exactly the same way every time when you're recording live so to speak so I did manage to capture it so I'll show you a quick snapshot of what that looks like finished there you go and then after I added the exclamation point back again I went into decorations vault went to signs and then I found this little screening sign at the very end here and just added that to the to the front of this thing right there just like that pretty cool okay then another thing you can do if you want to actually make this front the front of this shelf functional is that you can add a radio let's see like we saw of sunshine I won't skip ahead just yet so what we're gonna do is get out of stack of rugs and on this rug right here what we're going to do is place might be and miscellaneous could be in furniture too but let's go and check the end of the miscellaneous section under decoration see there's the regular radios okay but there's a nicer cleaner radio at the end here it came with the vault-tec workshop yep listen right here so I'm gonna put that on the end of the rug I'm gonna turn it on just in case I need difficulty reaching it later and then I'm gonna add that stack of rugs to the end of this one so let's do that real quick now I'm not gonna add all eight think I'll add maybe five that should be good and then put this on top there all right so we're gonna get this right into place like that now if it doesn't pop up I'm gonna add more rugs so this would be another good time to do a quick save and let's make sure it pops up into the center or closer to the top at least there we go perfect oh my gosh that's perfect all right love it when it works out okay so let's take a look at it so far that is really cool all right so you've got a radio in the middle of this front shelf here you can stack holotapes like I did I'll show you another quick shot of stacking the hollow tapes in my vault 42 build you put games in there you know not in the TV but like on the shelf as if you know this is a console to to play video games and we can decorate it a little further too just for the fun of it we can add some see here you have far harbor and you've met the children of adam' then you get these um these bottle lanterns we'll use there's like small medium large and extra-large so we'll use the the medium I'll just put that right on the shelf there you spin it around you'll eventually get it to turn blue or whatever HUD color you're using that's pretty nice all right very cool and the cool thing is is that all this is still on the rug so if I do decide that I want to put it back here and do that too that might be a little crowded in there but you guys get the idea you go back here to but once again that's a little crowded it's meant for an open space so its original location is probably best but yeah all right class that is how it's done now obviously there's many variations you can do with this this is just a recreation of the one I did in vol 42 as a special patreon request hope you found it useful and gave you some cool ideas I'll be back soon with another awesome lesson thanks for watching oh and for all your support and con comments in my last video where I've been for the last couple of months nothing like a warm welcome back to get me going see you guys soon happy building and class dismissed you

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