Brexit Food Crisis Why Stockpile Now

Brexit Food Crisis Why Stockpile Now

Brexit Food Crisis Why Stockpile Now Preppers Coming Food Crisis Add To Food Storage Now hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper should you be prepping for no deal Brexit or for a crop crisis in US America or food shortage the answer is absolutely yes because the future is uncertain we don’t
know what can happen and if Brexit or the US American food crisis is a wake-up
call to you then you better get to the store and get a stockpile of some food
Brexit is just a wake-up call for all kinds of emergencies that could happen
that would require us to need extra food and supplies on hand you might lose your
job have your hours cut back you might have a winter storm and you can’t get to
the store someone in your family might become sick natural disasters like
hurricanes tornadoes and even volcanoes happen and disrupt people’s everyday
lives Brexit is just one of the reasons why you should be preparing the US American crop futures are another reason you should just be preparing the future is
uncertain and we don’t know what’s coming and so you want to be prepared to deal with an uncertain future no matter who you are or where you live I was
actually in London England Britain in June of 2016 when they voted for Brexit and I find it
almost remarkable that nothing has happened does that mean no other
emergencies have come along I doubt it in the last three years have you been
sick have you had tight times economically have you experienced any
kind of weather-related emergencies how about civil unrest those other
issues are why we need to be Preppers you want to be prepared to face
difficult situations what should you be stockpiling you should stock up on foods
you already eat did you hear what I said foods you already eat don’t stock up on
foods that you don’t know how to use or you don’t know what they are
or no one cares to eat if you stockpile foods you already eat it doesn’t cost
you any extra because you can rotate those foods and you continue to eat them
nothing is going to waste unless you’re wasting it yourself if you
already eat tins cans of tuna then you just have extras you can continue to eat the
food you buy and rotate it buy some more stock up on packaged foods canned foods foods that are everyday foods that you can open and eat stock up on things food think of breakfast lunch and dinner could you have a box of oatmeal a package of
pancake mix maybe a jar of syrup what about lunch could you have some tins or
cans of soup stew chili what about dinner maybe a few packets of some meat potatoes rice and beans stock up on foods that you eat have
extra food on hand and it doesn’t matter if we don’t have Brexit or it’s put off for
years it doesn’t matter if there’s an American crop failure or there
isn’t you are prepared to take care of your family on a day to day basis which
is the whole reason that we are Preppers Prepping why we prepare to take care of ourselves
and our families whether you’re for or against Brexit no matter what your
politics having the things you need is what’s paramount and keeping your
families safe and provided for there are practical reasons to be a prepper prepping one of them is convenience you can go to your cupboard you can open it up get out some food and provide a meal for your family that also allows you to save money the
prices at the grocery store are always going up if you have extra food on hand
that you bought when foods cost less that allows you to save some money it
also gives you food security you don’t need to wonder and worry will I have
enough to eat this week next week the week after that
you have the food on hand to allow you to have the food security you aren’t going to go hungry and your family isn’t going to either then if
there is an economic downturn if there is a crop failure if there is civil
unrest or some sort of a natural disaster you don’t need to be concerned
and worried because you provided the things that you need make sure you’re
storing water a lot of the foods that we store require drinking water if you like
rice and beans stock up on them they’re cheap it doesn’t hurt to have foods that
can last for 30 years if you’re worried about having the fresh fruits and
veggies stockpile some in a canned form get some dehydrated ones not having
fresh tomatoes is not the end of the world you can go to your pantry and get
out a can of tomatoes or make do with something else find a way to substitute
the things that you like to enjoy in the fresh form in frozen or canned forms the
important thing is that you have enough to eat don’t just stock up on food make sure you’re also getting things like hygiene
supplies toilet paper cleaners if you take medication maybe even ask your
doctor I’m concerned about Brexit or some future emergency maybe they’ll give
you a longer prescription for say six months instead of three so that you can
have a few extras on hand remember your pets and any special needs in your family such as babies make sure you have the things that everyone needs
so that you can move forward smoothly no matter what the future brings learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel youtube prepper prepping channel

36 thoughts on “Brexit Food Crisis Why Stockpile Now”

  1. Well said. I hope this message gets out to more people. Unfortunately, I don't think these dangers are a wake up call enough. It seems people are adverse to prepping. Did you hear about the stupidity of the people who freaked out about Scottish Police informing the public about having a "Go Bag"?

    It seems people have become too comfortable when they should be aware.

  2. Another outstanding video AG. Right now food is relatively cheap though rising in price steadily. A little effort in shopping the loss-leaders each week will save big money. We make it a "game", shopping loss-leaders and sale items each week to add to our food insurance policy. Toiletries can take a big bite out of any budget. Identify what you really need and shop sales accordingly. Coupons are like finding money. Several coupon sites are available online and offer new savings options monthly. Stores that offer bulk items? Split up a large purchase with a family member or friend. The money put out now on things you would normally use will save you money later…..always. Love the videos AG, love the advise. Your biggest fan in NY…..K

  3. It's always a good idea to have extra food stockpiled. We just got some cabinets installed and now have extra space so I'm looking forward to stocking up on some stuff.

  4. I just purchased food to put in two houses and will get more to stockpile because I don't want to get caught with little or none on hand. I started doing this long before I retired from my last job and have kept the pantry full of food.

  5. I keep waiting on Brexit ( I hope it really happens…….but its like waiting for Hillary to go to jail)….you always have great thoughts….stay safe my friend GBY

  6. Thank you for sharing an excellent video for stockpiling food, etc., I would like to mention one other thing that more people should prepare for, nor do many make mention of this, or how to prepare for this major crisis, and that is a wild fire or a home fire.
    Check out the Walker Fire in Plumas county CA., how large it got in such a short amount of time, it's unbelievable just how fast and how large these wild fires gets when it is so windy with extremely dry conditions are out.
    Right now there are major wild fires going on all over in CA, and I think you have several wild fires up in Alaska going on now as well, and I am not too far from the biggest in CA.

    In past years these wild fires has came within a 1/4 mile from my place, and it happens every year so it's not like it's an event that happens once in a hundred years or so, it's every year, and yet people failed to prepare for these wildfires. It gets real scary when you see a wild fire out here in the high desert out racing a vehicle going 65 mph.
    I always keep my truck dual fuel tanks full with 30 gallons of spare gas that I carry so I can get as far away from a wild fire as I can.
    I also keep spare clothes, boots, food, 30 to 50 gallons of water and food to last a minimum of 30 days and more if I have the time to load, and other values in my truck and a little covered 4 x 8 trailer that I can hook up in less than 5 minutes at all times. No body that I am aware of comes close to being prepared for a wild fire or a house fire,
    I don''t remember how many in last year CA deadliest wildfire died and/or lost everything that they owned, there was not a single person/family who had prepared just a little, for such a terrible event, most got away with only the clothes on their backs and nothing more.
    Like you mention AG, a Crisis can happen anywhere, and anytime, and no one will know just how bad a Major Crisis will be or what will happen in the event.
    Just being prepared just a little can go a long way in surviving almost any situation/crisis that a person/family may/has to face at some point in time. Thank you again for sharing with the rest of us. Very Respectfully, dd

  7. Foods that you already eat. Best advice, ever. I live in the mountains and Winter can be rough with power outages. My pantry is chock full of shelf stable foods that we already eat. I have emergency supplies, sure, but stocking for food is just basic pantry stocking. Brexit isn't a thing that I prep for. I prep for real world outages and emergencies.

  8. I started taking inventory of the various foods I have in the freezer and in our short, mid, and long term food storage. I wanted to see how long it would last if I had to prepare meals everyday without going to the grocery store. I think that is a realistic test for a SHTF. Adding everything up I think we, hubby and I, could manage for about four months. Now that doesn't mean I have everything. We might end up having soup for breakfast! I thought I had more than four months and I didn't take into account that we probably would be conserving food. But, I still felt I had more than I really did. That certainly made me take note. One thing I don't do is buy 25 pound of rice and dry beans. I buy smaller packages as it is easier to handle and store for us. But obviously when people say they have food for a year they must have large quantities of rice and beans, which we don't. Now I need to figure out what I should buy more of and I would like to store it differently. Maybe home canning and dehydrating.

  9. Good overall message regarding preparedness, and I believe there will be a food crisis at some point in the future for a variety of reasons…but "Brexit Food Crisis" is EU/globalist anti-Brexit propaganda.

  10. I store very little canned tomatoes products. I buy small jars of pizza sauce instead of large cans or jars of spaghetti sauce. But mostly I store tomato powder that can be used in many ways.
    I dehydrate foods, like right now and since Saturday I have been dehydrating sweet yellow, red and orange bell peppers. A small neighbor hood grocery store was running a special on fresh produce.
    Here in Oklahoma these bell peppers normally sell for 2 for $5.00. The special was you could buy a 3 pack of the tri colors or 3 of the reds, 5 of those packs for $ 9.99. I purchased 15 packs (45 peppers) for just under $30.00 they would of normally cost me $112.50 for that many peppers. I do have one 2 1/2 zip lock bag in my freezer from my last crop.
    Since I normally use only these bells in my meals it was well worth the time and effort to dehydrate them.
    I plan on dehydrating frozen broccoli florets next. Since you can't buy canned broccoli or can it. This way if some thing bad does happen we will have broccoli for our meal.
    Now a person can dehydrate canned diced tomatoes and vacuum seal in mason jar but that's a lot of work. You can dehydrate any frozen vegetable like mixed vegetables and put away for long term storage.
    Thank for sharing. Have a good week.

  11. Yes you better stockpile unless you're an illegal. They will be the first to get the government food well the citizens starve as usual.

  12. Look up Ice Age Farmer and you will see all the crops that are lost, never planted or winter will come before their harvest and food shortages worldwide. The United States has had canneries closed and the plant that make the tins have laid people off because of a decreased demand for those cans. China has closed canneries also and are buying donkeys from Africa for meat since the African swine fever has killed out almost all of their pigs. This is worldwide. Prep now becaue time is running out. We are taking our first step into the Super Grand Solar Minimum.

  13. Just found your channel, & 100% agree with you. We grow most of our own food here in Central Virginia. I am canning something almost every day.

  14. Excellent common sense advice. This is something that always makes me laugh – people stocking up on things they don't like because at least the food will be avaliable when needed. Stock up on what you like, otherwise it's a waste of money. Don't forget to also stock up on and consider rationing (if safe to do so) any crucial medications for yourself and your family. Medicine shortages are probably the most concerning thing about Brexit and we don't trust that the government will Stockpile anything well x

  15. What a load of rubbish. Britain had food before BREXIT. I know how to cook from scratch. If you only eat processed food you will be ill very soon. Doctors in England will not let you stockpile meds.

  16. I lost my job, if you want to stock more for less $ check out the book "homestead pantry" on amazon. Its show how to make all the condiments breads etc. From scratch with a few simple ingredients and spices. Save money and stock more

  17. Yes much better to be prepared no matter what the emergency or disaster is. Even though Hurricane Dorian wasn’t bad here it did hit a Dollar Tree distribution center area hard in another state. So a lot of the Dollar Trees shelves were empty or not much left. There were no candles of any kind, no batteries, flashlights and many food items were out.
    Thank you Granny for all the information and tips so we can stay safe and stocked up at all times. God bless.

  18. What the hell does she think she is?? We British people voted to leave the corruption that is the European Union and we don't need this Canadian woman to tell us about how to live or store our foodstuffs!! Sounds like she's a putting out disinformation for her corrupted government who's importing millions of uncivilized uneducated people into Canada so maybe she should address her disgusting president and keep her nose out of British people's lives and politics!! She's obviously a government shill!!!

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